Rainy Weekend, Pumpkin Bread and 1 Month Thoughts

  Nov 2, 2015  |  #Portland

Hello November! BLT is just over one month old! 

Well, sadly, I have less than two weeks left out here in Portland! I’m finishing up my final rotation this week for graduate school, and then I’ll have some extra time to explore before heading back to North Carolina to work on my thesis. I’m really smitten with you, Portland. I’m running out of time to eat all the food on my bucket list!!!

I originally was inspired to start BLT to chronicle my eating adventures in Portland, which is like the top foodie city. I basically set out to “eat my way through Portland,” as many of my adventures have revolved around food! I’m excited to see how this blog will transition as I enter the workforce of being a Registered Dietitian and continue to seek out new recipes and restaurants.

Let’s recap the rainy weekend: 

We hosted a little Halloween shin dig on Friday night, filled with great costumes, cute snacks, and fun dance moves. I obviously took pictures of the food, but not many of the costumes. 

I made two loaves of pumpkin banana bread, but I didn’t have chocolate chips and I think those make a worlddd of a difference. The bread was still good but definitely missing those chips. I used this recipe from Running with Spoons and have leftovers for the week- score!



I also tried some new Portland digs in the food scene this weekend. On Saturday night, I met up with some family friends at McMenamins Kennedy School, which is like an all-in-one playground for adults. It has a movie theatre, hotel, restaurant(s) and tons of bars in the setting of an old elementary school.

One of the bars is even named “Detention.” They’ve transformed the old lunchroom, and still use the elementary restrooms. It’s a pretty cool concept, and there are a bunch of branches of McMenamins throughout Portland.

McMenamins detention McMenamins Boiler Room bar

We split the tots (so delicious) and I had a salmon salad. It was so good to see some east coast familiar faces and catch up!

McMenamins tater tots McMenamins salmon salad

McMenamins with Cabey


Per usual, I also headed out to brunch, since brunch = Portland life. A lifestyle I have gotten very used to. If only places on the east coast offered brunch every day. And happy hour specials. The whole world should learn from Portland.

I tried The Hazel Room out for brunch. It’s a small cozy place. I was stumped between ordering the pumpkin pancake roll up or the homemade biscuit sandwich, which is what I eventually decided on. I had some regret after the girl next to me had the pumpkin roll up that looked phenomenal.


The biscuit sandwich was good, not great. Nothing too special about it, I guess. It was a homemade biscuit with a fried egg, bacon, gruyere cheese and apple jam, with potatoes and salad greens as sides. I also got a caramelized grapefruit as a side because I was so intrigued by it on the menu and that was pretty tasty!

The rest of my weekend was pretty much spent lounging. I kinda needed some downtime – next weekend will be busy as I have a friend coming to visit! I still got some good runs in – one at Forest Park on the trails and one on the streets that got very flooded. I basically took a bath running through the streets but it was so refreshing!



Also did a little bit of meal prep. I haven’t been grocery shopping much since my time here is dwindling but a little is better than none! I practice what I preach!


Do you like to run in the rain?

5 responses to “Rainy Weekend, Pumpkin Bread and 1 Month Thoughts

  1. Ahh so my kind of weekend – good food, good company, good sweating 🙂 That school place looks so neat!! And I didn’t know that Portland had such a reputation for food. I’ll add it to the list of reasons that I am really hoping to take a trip to that neck of the woods sooner rather than later!

    1. Yes, the food scene here is pretty top notch. The best weekends include great food, company and workouts, in my opinion 🙂 Yours looked great too!

  2. Tater tots plus a delicious healthy salad is right up my alley! I’ll take krinkle cut fries too! Bummer the biscuit wasn’t great- those toppings sound fabulous!
    That is so exciting you are so close to finishing your RD. I am in my 2nd year of grad school and I will be applying for an internship this year. I am so ready to be in those rotations!

  3. It was actually a satisfying combination! I feel like its been such a long time coming and now the end is in sight. I am definitely ready to be done with grad school and credentialed. Best of luck in internship applying! Do you know what part of nutrition you want to specialize in?

    1. My heart is really in nutrition counseling, so I’d love to work in an outpatient facility, particularly with women and teens. A public health setting would be awesome too.
      What about you?

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