My one word and bucket list for 2016

  Jan 11, 2016  |  #Fitness

Hi guys! How are ya this morning? I hope you had a nice weekend. Do you guys have a bucket list of goals? I think it’s something we all should have!

I’ve been thinking alot about the upcoming year and what I want to work on and accomplish, since I’ll be starting a whole new career in health and nutrition! And while I still have things I haven’t wrapped my mind around yet, I do want this to be a year of growth, new experiences, and bettering myself, spiritually, physically and mentally.


I don’t technically like making resolutions because to me, it implies that you have to change many qualities about your current self and lifestyle, when you all are great as you are! However, I do want to have a stronger mental clarity, and really hone in on certain things that I can do well.

My word for 2016 is Balance. I like having a word that I’m going to aim to respect throughout the year, and in tough times, remind myself of my end goal through achieving balance.

achieve balance

I want to maintain balance in my home and work life, in my fitness routine, in my running schedule, and in my “fun” world too. Having fun is totally part of a healthy lifestyle so it’s important to make room for it! 🙂

Last year, I didn’t really have a fitness schedule or regimen. I most often resorted to running because nothing else was planned and my schedule was rather unpredictable and hectic. I did at home workouts and push ups when I could, but there was no rhyme or reason to it. I’m debating using an App to track my strength training – I’ve read a little bit about Body Space and Strong. Has anyone ever tried either?

gym, fitness

This year, I want to listen to my body more and incorporate more strength training (2-3x/week) and yoga (1-2x/week) into my weekly workouts. I want my runs to have a purpose, so I’m signed up for the Nashville Rock ‘N Roll Half Marathon so I now have a goal date to work towards!


As far as nutrition, I do want to eat more veggies this year and incorporate more plant-based meals into my lifestyle. And like I mentioned previously, I’m aiming for every single meal to have a balanced fat, protein and carbohydrate. I also want to hit up the farmers market more often, and try incorporating veggies I haven’t bought or prepared before in new dishes (i.e. kohlrabi, cassava, purple sweet potatoes, romanesco broccoli, and dulse, which is like a seaweed that I’ve heard so much about!) So, stick around for recipes!


Aside from those mini sectors, I’ve also started putting together my bucket list (FOR FUN!) in 2016. Because a healthy life incorporates fun, and that’s what this blog lives by! Some things I’d like to try…

  • Take a photography/DSLR class
  • Run my first marathon
  • Join a book club
  • Travel to new places (places TBD, but definitely want to go to Lake Tahoe)
  • Grow the BLT blog and partner with brands
  • Go indoor rock climbing (just bought a groupon!)
  • Brew kombucha
  • Make homemade sushi
  • Have a “tea” party
  • Volunteer for a good cause
  • Have an outdoor picnic somewhere
  • Join a local team or group (softball, running?)
  • Bake bread from scratch
  • Take a painting class (just bought a groupon!)
  • Take a girls trip
  • Donate to a charity
  • Explore the “free” things in Charlotte (museums, walking trails, volunteering)
  • Check more restaurants off the bucket list
  • Go on Charlotte’s local food tour (already have a ticket; just need to plan it)
  • Get a dog 🙂
  • Continue to get more involved in the Charlotte culture.
  • Be a supportive wife and partner!


Obviously, I will need to work on doing much of these with a balanced approach. And sometimes, balance will mean slowing down. I tend to run a million miles a minute, so I’m pretty sure slowing down will do me some good. Can you guys hold me accountable?!


How do you hold yourself accountable for what you want to accomplish?

What’s your word for 2016 (if you had to pick ONE)?


31 responses to “My one word and bucket list for 2016

  1. Hello!

    First time at your blog! I read your about me page and love the idea of your blog!
    I’ve been into health and fitness for a while myself, and am just getting into the whole meal prepping and clean eating! But I always see these programs and become saddened or stressed out because I LOVE food! and I can honestly say I can’t imagine never eating certain “bad” foods again! So I’ve decided to focus more on my relationship with foods and like you say create balance! I’m also a vegetarian so I hope to incorporate more veggie recipes in my blog although I’m not a big cook so I’m afraid I’ll most likely be setting off the smoke alarm a couple of times this year too!

    1. Hi Caroline! There is no right or wrong way to eat, and I hope that overtime you find that. Choices can be flexible, and balance is the ultimate goal, though you have so much wiggle room in how one achieves balance – yours may be different from mine. I hope you continue to read. I have a lot I want to write about for meal planning 🙂

  2. I am not a fan of resolutions for the reason you sited! You chose a very good word. Since I spent the latter half of 2015 injured, I think my word for this year would be HEALTHY in mind, body and spirit. I like your fun list. One of my items is a real Sleigh Ride. Speaking of tacos, I had the most amazing fish tacos in Epcot at a stand in Mexico. OMG. It’s worth going back just for those. Thanks for linking with us Sarah!

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