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Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies, Runners and Health Enthusiasts

Happy Friday! I’ll be back next Friday with the usual Friday Favorites. But, I’m excited for today’s little fun gift guide! It was fun putting this together when thinking about some of my favorite products from this year. Plus, some I’ve been eyeing myself.



Meal Delivery Services

I have to say I love Hello Fresh the most (code for $40 off your first meal), but there are so many to choose from now – Blue Apron, Sun Basket, Home Chef, etc. My clients love these because it helps them still eat healthy during a busy week. I think they can be great for people who want to start to learn cooking, and need to streamline the process. Plus, pregnancy has me not wanting to cook very often, so Hello Fresh has been a lifesaver.

Koffee Straw

I’ve posted about these before, but I love them! I mostly use them for iced coffee, but they work for hot coffee too, to help prevent staining on the teeth 🙂

Gift Guide

Milk Frother

I actually just bought one of these for myself. Whenever I order an Americano or coffee at a coffee shop, I always ask them to steam the milk. It’s not as much milk as a latte, but I like that top milk steamed. Now, I can do it at home and save wayyy more money. Totally worth the $7!

Instant Pot

This is on top my list. If you’ve been living under a rock, the lure to instant pots are that they speed up cooking by 2-10x, and use up to 70% less energy. You can get rid of/give away/sell all your old separate things because this does it all – pressure cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker, slow cooker, steamer. You can even find countless recipes for instant pots.

Or, if you’re not willing to splurge, definitely get a crockpot. One, so you can make my pumpkin crockpot chili. But also, because it you can have your meals ready for you when you come home from work. Meal planning at it’s best.

instant pot

Fun Clothing

These are made by an RD and I really hope Santa brings me one this year! You all know about my food beliefs and nutrition philosophy, which these shirts basically summarize.

Holiday Gift Guide

Letter board

I have been seeing these letter boards everywhere and I have to say I love them for food quotes and inspirational sayings. I may even use them for the little baby!

Gift Guide

Water bottle

Always need a good water bottle! I love the Swell bottles and the Life Factory bottles for sturdy and durable options. I swear, water bottles in our house tend to disappear, so I always welcome new ones as gifts.

Holiday Gift Guide

Foodie Snacks

These would be great for stocking stuffers, or for blind gift exchanges because they are fun and tasty food options. I love to include:

I heart keenwah dark chocolate puffs

Nuts n More chocolate maple pretzel peanut butter (lots of other yummy flavors too)

Health Warrior Chia Bars

Kodiak Cake Mixes (A must for pancake lovers!)

Our weekend pancakes are so epic thanks to Kodiak 🙂

Kodiak Cakes

Feel Good Health Reads

If you haven’t been a reader for a while, you’re probably aware of some of my favorites. I have tons of favorite health book recommendations.

Gift Guide

Intuitive Eating <– START HERE. I tell all my clients and friends to read this book. It’s a must read for all who are interested in health and your relationship with food. The workbook is also great if you like hands on activities to think through.

Health at Every Size

Body Kindness

Peak Performance

Run Fast Eat Slow

Gut <- Just finished this one. Interesting read about your gut health and all that encompasses it.

Life Tidying Magic of Tidying Up <— Not exactly a health book, persay, but the author explains how clutter in our house can affect our overall mood and well being. Still going through this as we purge lots of unnecessary items getting ready for the baby!

And some entreprenour type books on my list: Good to Great, Deep Work, You are a Badass at Making Money



Running Box Subscriptions

I think these can be such a fun way to become aware of new running products. I’ve heard great things about the Runner Box and Stride Box.


Garmin Watch

This was probably my most favorite running purchase this year. First of all, I LOVE the color, but it’s functional too.  Also, this picture was taken in April before my marathon in May. It predicted my marathon time as a high 3:31. I’m so amazed at how accurate it was. My true marathon time was 3:31.05.

Aside from the race predictor, I also love the wrist based heart rate and how it automatically updates to Garmin Connect and Strava. They also have a watch faces feature but I haven’t tried it yet.

Holiday Gift Guide

Compression Socks

As runners, we should all have a pair (or two) of these for recovery.

Magazine Subscriptions

I like Women’s Running, Runner’s World and Women’s Health. You can get these pretty cheap and they are fun before bed reading. Plus, the photos are great.

Holiday Gift Guide

Race Entry

How about a fun race entry for someone? Maybe it’s a destination race they’ve been wanting to run, or one they run every year. Save them the hastle and money and buy it for them! I recommend the Ogden Marathon, where I qualified for Boston! I love the experiential gifts like this.


I think the process of shopping for certain people can be so fun! Some are harder than others though.

Do you have all of your Christmas shopping done? 

Are you more of a tangible or experiential gift person?

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  1. That milk frother sounds awesome–I love that it’s only 7! :O Definitely wouldn’t mind a Garmin in my stocking this year either! 😛

  2. Those shirts about eating are right on; I love that they’re done by an RD. Also, we just love our Instant Pot; that plus our Vitamix are probably two of our favorite kitchen tools.

    And foodie snacks are always favorites for me.

  3. I love fun clothing and that tank you posted is adorable! This is the first year I have all of my shopping done which is shocking to me. Depending on the gift, I go back on worth on tangible gifts and experience gifts but I love giving both.

  4. Great ideas. I’m so mesmerized by this whole instant pot thing. I STILL don’t really understand how they work, but according to everyone I talk to and everything I read, they are simply a piece of magic. I also love asking for a bit of steamed milk for my americano! It’s amazing how you need so little to give it that latte feel.

    1. Me too. I don’t quite get it. But I asked a friend and she says that you can “brown” meats in them and then slow cook so maybe that’s the difference. I dunno but people are crazy about them.

  5. What great ideas! If someone got me any of these things I would be so happy…especially a meal delivery service! Those might be your best friend when you have a newborn in the house haha! Thanks for sharing such awesome ideas!

    1. Come the new year, I’m going to be all about meal delivery services. I just don’t feel like cooking much and they can be life savers. Especially when you have a baby!