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  Jun 3, 2016  |  #Charlotte

Since I heard about the opening of 204 North in Charlotte, it’s been on my bucket list to get there for eats and cocktails. They are all about the craft cocktail scene, which is one of my dining loves. They also have 30 draft beers on tap, which is also quite impressive. They are even open for lunch now, if you work in the uptown area and need a new place to try.


The inside is absolutely stunning. It has a 20’s, speakeasy, rustic blend feel. I’m a sucker for brick walls and wooden floors so I felt right at home.

There’s a beautiful chandelier you can’t miss upon walking in and walking upstairs that was custom made in Asheville.


204 north 204 north

The bar is beautiful and is mirrored on both the first and second floors.

204 north bar
As for the cocktails, I recommend the Ballyantyne and Ed recommends the banker. Our server informed us that they are the most popular orders. Upon trying the Ballyntyne, I knew I didn’t need to try anything else. It was so refreshing with the blend of strawberry and mint!

204 north cocktailsballantyne-204-north

While waiting for your plates to come out, make sure to try the ciabatta bread with seasoned butter. The butter flavors change daily – we got to try a fennel orange butter, which was absolutely delicious. There was just a slight hint of orange – enough to notice, but far from overpowering.

bread with fennel butter

For appetizers, I recommend starting with the fried green tomatoes with pimento cheese and a cabbage chow chow. The chow chow is a delicious vinegar topping with country ham mixed it that gave the tomatoes a bit of a sweeter taste. It was delicious!


We also went with the fried oysters, which are soft fried, not greasy fried. I think they could have used a little bit more flavor. The quick pickles they are served with though, are absolutely amazing! They are quick fried. And the housemade buttermilk ranch is not to be missed.

fried oysters

204 north

The kale salad was good, but I thought it would have been better with some fresh, seasonal fruit or a fruit vinaigrette dressing. The radishes and manchego cheese were winning toppings!

kale salad

The pork chop was very succulent and flavorful. It comes served over a jambalaya type rice with black eyed peas. My favorite part was the coffee and bacon au jus. Ed loved this and wouldn’t let me grab a 2nd or 3rd bite, so I had to sneak some!

pork chop 204 north

We also tried the salmon, which came with a fennel puree and glazed beets. The beets were very tasty and glazed with honey, but the salmon was a little more oiley than I would have preferred. While the price point at $22.00 is less than other restaurants, the serving was pretty small.

salmon 2

Their dessert menu is simple: a strawberry tartelle (with black pepper ice cream – i was intrigued!), chocolate terrine cake, or a sorhgum sticky bun. We went with our server’s dessert recommendation, the sticky bun. The rye bourbon ice cream that comes with it was amazing! We got the pecans on the side (because yours truly is allergic). The only thing I would have preferred is for the sticky bun to have been served a little warmer. Look at that caramel sauce!

sticky-bun-204-north sticky-bun-204-north

All in all, we definitely love the atmosphere inside 204 North. It’s a great spot for groups or for a romantic, intimate date. They are still very new and will improve with time, but they have a great uptown location and definitely provide a different small plates dining and cocktail experience than other places off Tryon! They also offer a fabulous upstairs space that can be rented out for events.



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