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22 Miles and What I’ve Been Cooking Lately

Hi, friends!  How was your weekend? Aside from Sunday’s long run, I finally got the much-needed low key weekend I’ve been waiting for. It was nice to catch up on some life things!


On Saturday, I met up with the Charlotte Food Bloggers for a Brunch and Learn event. We have these meet ups quarterly, and they are always so informational and fun. Plus, we all like to eat, so obviously there is good food to be enjoyed!

Charlotte Food Bloggers Charlotte Food Bloggers Charlotte Food Bloggers

Then, I got my hair cut and styled. It’s been wayyy too long since I’ve done so. I spent the rest of the afternoon galivanting, taking myself out for a nice coffee and doing some quiet blog work. Selfies are so awkward…


Sunday’s 22 Miles

In the morning, I headed out for my longest training run yet of 22 miles. I drove down to UNC Charlotte to run along their greenway. The weather was absolutely gorgeous – it was in the mid 60’s when I started, which is perfect for running.

I think I found the fueling plan that works best for me! I woke up and had some toast with peanut butter and banana, and a coffee about 90 minutes before running. Throughout the run, I had three huma gels, half of a tailwind, and a pack of sports beans (all affiliate links). My middle huma gel was caffeinated (mocha flavor), which I think really helped pick me up. I also probably had 36-40 oz of water throughout. Fortunately, one entrance of the greenway had a water fountain where I would keep going to refill my handheld water bottle. Overall, I felt good with the fuel. After 20 miles, though, I noticed that my whole body was starting to really tire. My legs started getting really sore, but not to the point where I had to stop.

marathon training, 22 miles

I’m really glad I felt this soreness, though. Come marathon day (5 weeks away!), at least I’ll be somewhat familiar with it. The body isn’t meant to go these far distances, so obviously, pain and mental strength comes along with it. And as Ed has repeatedly told me, it’s about getting that time in on my feet, and with yesterday’s long run of 3+ hours, I think my body will be much better prepared come marathon day. I think I’ve finally broke the mental block of running that far and long. I mentioned a month or so ago that I wasn’t sure how I could do it, mentally. For me, not focusing so much on the time and taking one mile at a time has really helped. I also think I decided on my marathon shorts – no chaffing and very comfortable!

What I’ve Been Cooking Lately

Here are some of the yummy food blogger recipes I’ve been enjoying and cooking. If you follow me on Pinterest, I have a board titled, “Completed Recipes.” I just need to be better about keeping it updated!

Kristy’s Banana Bread. I didn’t know how it would fare with all the coconut flour, but this was sooo good!

what i've been cooking lately

We’ve been going through this baked oatmeal so much lately. I’ve even used strawberries in it, too. It’s a perfect slate for your favorite fruits!

baked oatmeal, breakfast bake, banana peach oatmeal, what i've been cooking lately

Lemon Garlic Tempeh from Eating Bird Food (her picture, not mine!) Forgot to snap one. I loveeee tempeh though and this lemon seasoning was light but refreshing!


Michelle’s chocolate frosted paleo donuts. These are addicting, ya’ll. And amazing.

chocolate donuts

Cora’s sweet potato crust. This is one of my FAVORITE recipes. So easy and so so delicious. I love it with a dippy egg on top, too!


Then I made some hemp crusted tofu. Loved the crispy coating that the hemp gave! It really transforms the chewy tofu texture.


And if Alexis could come bake for me for the rest of my life, I’d be a happy gal. Seriously, her recipes are da bomb. These double chocolate cookies are like my favorite thing ever. I make them every week, religiously. I even had to teach Ed had to make them in case I got home late and would be craving one.

chocolate cookies

And her pumpkin muffins are no different. Of course, slathered with lots of nut butters.

pumpkin muffins

And, some random creations…

Burgers for burger night


Salmon Patties (recipe coming soon!)

salmon patties

Sweet Potato Pizza. Always.

sweet potato pizza

Linking up with Hoho Runs and Misssippipiddlin for the Weekly Wrap.

What’s been cookin’ in your kitchen?

How often do you get a hair cut?

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  1. Congrats on your 22 miler! I never believed people when they said running a marathon is two races: the first 20 miles then the last 6 but WOW is it true. That last 6 become a total mind game where your drive and determination get you through. You’ve go this 🙂

  2. Yayyy! I am still so happy you loved my banana bread recipe! After you posted that photo on Instagram I actually made a loaf myself 😉

    Today I baked the most successful batch of gluten free bread EVER and I am so so excited. Somehow I managed to make loaves that look and taste like real bread, hahaha!

  3. I’m such a fan of anything covered in nut butter especially my favorite blogger’s baked goods. Kristy’s paleo baked goods are really good; and it looks like the coconut flour did wonderfully in the recipe. I’m glad you got those 3 hours on your feet and that the run went well. It’s so unreal getting up to those last weeks before the marathon, but it seems like you’ve had a really good build-up. I can’t wait to see and hear how it goes.

  4. Wow so much yummy food going on in this post! Just had dinner but am having serious cravings now, especially for those double chocolate cookies. Love that you make them every week- I eat my favorite things on repeat too!

  5. I have a 22 miler penciled in for this week. I hope mine goes as well as yours! I clicked on the shorts link. I see that they’re anti-odor. Sounds good! Can you tell that there’s a difference?

  6. I’m such a big fan of all of Kristy’s recipes! I love her breads- so good!

    Last time I got my hair cut was over the summer- I cut off a lot and now I’m letting my hair grow out again for the winter!

  7. Wow, don’t you feel great after that successful 22 miler? It does sound like you’ve got fueling down! Funny you should say that about 3 weeks ago thinking you couldn’t do it. Well I say, 3 weeks ago you wasn’t supposed too, and in 5 weeks you will be able to do the 26.2 miles! It’s the process remember!
    Your doing great teaching Ed to cook your cookies, got any tips on how I can do that? lol Thanks Sarah for joining us!

    1. You’re right, Tricia. The process is so true to form, ha! I just always try to make things in extra, so we always have options for leftovers and quick, healthy snacks. Although, making extra cookies doesn’t always work in my favor 🙂

  8. I get my hair cut once a year hahaha and usually it’s because I get so hot during the summer I need to chop it. This is a cardinal sin, I realize, but my job requires hair up, so I don’t pay as much attention 😛
    Congrats on the 22 miles! I totally know how you feel, the last 6 miles of the marathon are just hard!

  9. Yay for 22 miles! Sounds like you’re in a great spot–fuel plan is ready, shorts are good to go (so important) and mental game is on point! I love your recipe list, definitely have to check out those double chocolate cookies. I made almond flour chocolate chip cookies last night and they are already gone… 🙂

    1. The shorts are sooo important. They HAVE to be comfortable! I know the feeling – cookies don’t last too long in our house, either. Except when I make numerous batches..

  10. Congratulions on your latest run, Sarah! It sounds like this training period has really been a big, and successful learning experience for you! Its great that you have been paying such close attention to your fueling to be able to find what works for you. I could never do it. But I’d wait at the end line to give you a high five….
    This post… YASS! Thank you for filling my pin boards for the evening. Those chocolate cookies!? Oh me gawwwd.

    1. Having you give me a high five at the finish line would totally make my day! 🙂 The cookies are unbelievable, especially with the extra sea salt on top. I know you would love them!

  11. Since I’ve been living in pony tail world all summer, I won’t let my hairdresser cut my hair very much. I needed to get through the summer and this race first! I do need a good haircut though. Btw, your selfie is awesome! Congrats on the 22 miles! Once you complete a super long run like that ,you realize it’s not the scary animal you created in your head. It’s a great confidence booster and you’ll be ready come race day. Your post has made me hungry. I’d definitely like to try the banana bread with coconut flour. That has to be so yummy. Thanks for linking, Sarah!

    1. I totally agree with you – mostly, it’s the fear of the unknown or inexperience that psyches us out. Truly going through the motions and doing it helps tremendously. The banana bread was so good. I bet your family would love it!

  12. Glad I ate before I read this post!

    We just had the haircut convo at dinner. My 17 year old got his hair cut today and claims he last got a haircut in June.I find that hard to believe! But I do go about 12 weeks between haircuts, so who knows?

  13. The blogger meet up looked like it was so much fun – and the food looked super yummy!!

    Congrats on your long run this weekend! I’m still working out my fueling as well and I hope to have it all squared away before the marathon in a few weeks!