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  Sep 19, 2016  |  #Lifestyle

Hello, friends!

I welcomed myself to the 30 and over club last month, and I thought it was a good time to re-evaluate my bucket list. After all, I’m a girl with a long bucket list, which was obviously part of the inspiration behind this blog.

In the reader survey, a large number of you mentioned liking the day in the life and personal style posts. So, here’s a little insight into some of my proudest personal accomplishments and bucket list “check offs.” And insight into what I still want to see, do, and accomplish! I want to get to know YOU better too, so please leave a comment below and share something on your bucket list. Linking up with Amanda for Thinking out loud!

Bucket List

Also, thank goodness for Facebook. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have so many of these old gems available. But, some of these experiences are before Facebook was available, and now I’m motivated to find the original copies of some of these older memories.


30 Things I’m Proud Of (And Crossed Off My Bucket List)

1.  Snorkled in the Great Barrier Reef

2. Explored the Italian wine country and ate pasta in Italy (a must do!)


3. Completed 4 half marathons

running, bucket list

4. Carried the Olympic Torch through Providence, RI in 2002 (wish I had a picture!)

5. Was an All American High School Athlete

6. Went to the Indy 500

Indy 500

7. Explored Yellowstone National Park

8. Bought a house!

9. Got a graduate degree from UNC Chapel Hill


10.  Won a Division I Conference Championship in softball (this was at Fordham University, in New York)


11. Been on tv! (in commercials)

12. Won a high school state championship

13. Married the man of my dreams


14. Had recipes published in Fitness Magazine (here, here and here), and have also done some local write-ups in the Charlotte Agenda (here, here)

15. Was the first ball girl for the Pawtucket Red Sox (AAA of the Boston Red Sox)

16. Been a big sister to three amazing, highly accomplished siblings

family siblings

16. Moved 1,000+ miles away by myself on two occasions (RI to SC, where I would later meet Ed, and NC to Portland, OR)

17. Talked to Roger Clemmons on the phone

18. Worked onsite at Nike for 3 months

nike campus

19. Met Ken Griffey Jr! (My athletic idol)


20. Sold a car (from the dealership lot)

21. Donated hair to Locks of Love

22. Busted out a surprise, you-tube worthy breakout father-daughter dance


23. Learned to surf in Australia (circa 2007)


24. Threw a hundred person surprise 25th Anniversary party for the rents

25. Ran races in Nashville, Massachusetts, Virginia, NC, SC, and soon I can add Georgia to that list

26. Hiked two 14-ers (14,000 foot mountains) in Colorado


27. Been to major league ballparks in Boston, New York, Houston, Cincinnati, Detroit, Florida, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Arizona, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles

philliy redsox

28. Been to 7 James Taylor concerts, including a memorable one at Fenway (hoping for a few more!)

29. Started this blog (my first post!) It has evolved so much and I know it will continue to evolve. THANK YOU for reading!

30. Had a picnic in the park (everyone needs to do this!)


30 Things Still on My Bucket List

1. Run a marathon (SCHEDULED November 5th)

2. Start my own Private Practice

3. Go sky diving

4. Hike part of the Appalachian Trail

5. Go on a 50 mile bike ride

6. Host an epic dinner party

7. Start a garden

8. Try cross country skiing

9. Do a sprint triathalon

10. Brew my own kombucha (Has anyone tried one of these scoby’s?)

11. Stay in a bed and breakfast in Maine and explore Acadia National Park

Acadia, Bucket List

12. Take a hot air balloon ride (over somewhere pretty, like here)

13. Drive across the country

14. Make pasta from scratch. Gotta do it once, right?

15. Go deep sea fishing

16. Have kids

17. Make my own sushi

18. Adopt a rescue dog

19. Food tour in Charlotte (crazy to think I haven’t done this yet)

20. Visit Alaska, Bora Bora, New Zealond, Switzerland, Ireland, Greece (and many more).

21. Do a marathon in another country (perhaps this one).

22. Visit a farm and interview a farmer (hope to do this for the blog soon!)

23. Say YES for an entire week (Isn’t this a challenge, but fun to think about?)

24. Go sailing

25. Improve my photography

26. Take a cooking class

27. Learn more about wine (We should all have some appreciation, right?)

28. Reteach myself to play the piano (I used to perform in recitals when I was younger)

29. Be a mentor to someone

30. See the Northern Lights


Some of my favorite life lessons:

Don’t take anything (or anyone) for granted.

Don’t push things back, in case you never get a chance to travel or experience them. Live it up while you can now!

live your life

Write down your goals. It really makes them so much more real.

Enjoy good food (OBVIOUSLY). Focus less on the day to day “diet” mindset, and more on the big picture. If you have a chance to eat a great steak or a homemade cheesecake, do it! And, don’t do cheat days. 

Get out of your comfort zone.

Don’t take your health for granted. To be able to experience things on your bucket list, you’ll want to be healthy, and diet is one thing you have control over!


Challenge yourself. Don’t settle.

Do what makes YOU happy (I switched careers three times before I found nutrition).

The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Be proactive more than you are reactive.

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So, tell me. What are you proud of doing and accomplishing, and what’s still on your bucket list?

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59 responses to “30 for 30 Bucket List

  1. It is perfect time to make some plans for the future and it’s time to be happy. I’ve read this post and if I could I wish to suggest you few interesting things or suggestions. Perhaps you can write next articles referring to this article. I wish to read even more things about it!

  2. I love Acadia! My husband and I are teachers here in NC, so we did a “northern US” road trip last summer during our break. We stopped in Mystic, Provincetown, Martha’s Vineyard, Bar Harbor and Springfield, MA. We looooved Maine the most, so we flew back this year and spent 5 days in Acadia/Bar Harbor. Acadia is gorgeous and there are so many beautiful trails to explore.

    If you’re looking for a GREAT bed and breakfast near Acadia, look into the Coach Stop Inn. The innkeepers are phenomenal and the food is beyond delicious. My husband and I have already decided we’re going back for our third trip next summer. 🙂

  3. I have a crazy long bucket list that I’ve basically divided up into my every-3-ish-years 101 in 1001 lists. 😛 That’s so awesome that you’ve already done so many amazing things!

    I’d love to hike in Colorado and also do part of the Appalachian Trail…+ explore Maine and pretty much all your travel ones, haha. Also hoping to adopt a rescue dog someday too! <3

  4. I also turned 30 this year! I was able to celebrate that milestone in Greece with family so it was amazing. Sounds like we have some similar goals and bucket list items. The Great Ocean Road marathon would be awesome! I studied abroad in Australia and that was one of my favorite places!

  5. I love this idea of making a bucket list and celebrating accomplishments. I will be over 30 in a year and half, so I should really start thinking about these. I would love to travel a bit more before I’m 30 and learn more about health and fitness, maybe change careers.

  6. Such a good reminder of how empowering and exciting it is to get goals down on paper!! Can’t believe how much you’ve done and love your list of ‘to-dos’. Hope you’re feeling awesome about the marathon! xo

  7. Love this!! You have really done so much! I lived and taught English in South Korea it was an experience of a lifetime! I’m still hoping to go to many places but I’d especially love to travel to Hawaii with my husband!

  8. I LOVE ALL OF THESE Sarah! I love how you looked back on the blessings that you’ve had over 30 years, and you’re looking forward with anticipation to the future. And I can tell you; skydiving is AMAZING!!! I can’t wait to hear about when you go. 🙂 And amen, we should never take anything for granted. I admit that I still do sometimes, but this reminded me again that every moment, every thing, little and big is a blessing. And I can’t wait to see you interview a farmer, and if you go to see the Northern Lights, maybe I’ll sneak into your suitcase? 😀

  9. I LOVED this post <3 You are such an inspiration for living a full life and relishing the moments.The picture of you holding the berries is lovely,
    You make me want to do more things and travel more. I'm so excited for that post grad life. I think your adventures in Portland are especially cool. You're going accomplish all the 30 things and more!

  10. You have accomplished so many great things!!! Oh wow on not one but two hikes in Colorado! I too want to do a great hike like over several days and I’ve been looking at the Appalachian trail, well part of it! Seeing the Northern Lights is a must on my Bucketlist too!!!

  11. What a great list. It’s funny that I never even viewed Northern Lights as a big deal. I’ve been so lucky to see them my whole life and some people would do anything to see them once. They are as spectacular as you imagine.

    1. I think I was the same way about living on the water growing up. It was so cool and beautiful, but not as big a deal to me since I saw it everyday. I’m glad to hear they aren’t all hype 🙂

  12. You’ve done a LOT! Love the James Taylor concerts. He lives in Jamestown in the summer now so my mom is constantly stalking him haha so much Rhode Island love in this post!! And SO COOL that you worked at Nike for a few months!

  13. Oh my! Jealousy might not be a desirable emotion but I’m seriously impressed by all you’ve done in life already. More than some people achieve in their lifetime, I’d guess.
    All accomplishments in my life I can think of right now would pale in comparison here yet I can say I made my own sushi, went sailing (as a chilm thiough), went skiing and took a cooking class :).

  14. Love it! I am super focused on international travel right now since I have the money (and am making time) but I am excited to visit more of the US again. I’ve been to 48 states, but am excited to do more hiking & exploring now that I am older. Hiking a 14’er is DEFINITELY on my list!

    But a few things I’ve crossed off my list so far that make me proud include : Running a marathon, hiking Kilimanjaro & riding my bike cross country!

    1. What 2 states haven’t you been to? You can definitely conquer a 14er. It’s a fun, whole day experience! That’s so awesome that you’ve ridden across country. I’m so intrigued – you should write a book! 🙂

  15. Great list!! Congrats on all of your accomplishments! Very impressive! Lots of good stuff on your bucket list as well! Love your life lessons! I’m pretty proud of summitting Mt. Rainier and on the bucket list to get up Mt. Kilimanjaro and Machu PIcchu.

  16. Is there a video of the father daughter dance? I’d love to watch that! I love wedding dance videos! AFV was my favorite show growing up

  17. What a great way to start off my monday. Seeing all your accomplishments and your goals for the future is giving me serious motivation to do the things I love!!
    You should be proud of all these accomplishments, there are pretty dang impressive!

  18. Oh my gosh, Sarah, this is AMAZING. My favorite post of yours yet. I was feeling kind of down this morning and honestly this post has perked me right up and made me excited…for life? That sounds cheesy but hey, whatever.
    You are one kick ass lady and I’m so glad I’m getting to know you – now even better – through this blog world. You have my heart with all your travel accomplishments and goals and your constant desire to adventure and experience the world. Not everyone has this desire but it is what makes life so worth living! On my bucket list is to do a road trip through the states – or at least the west coast – and hike/camp at some of the many amazing national parks – Yellowstone, Arizona and northern British Columbia being a few.
    Ps I’d argue your #29 goal is coming to fruition with your clients and your readers.

    1. Oh, Cora, my friend, you are too kind. I appreciate all of your kind words. I really hope you do take that road trip through the states and come visit! Part of living a full life (to me) is seeing new parts of the world, embracing the culture, and enjoying the food!

  19. Love this! You inspire me to write more down. I too have traveled to Paris, Rome, Venice and the Amalfi Coast. Other than more international traveling, I really want to drive through the Redwood Forrest!

  20. I love this! It’s not often that we look back at things we’re proud of and things we’ve already crossed off our bucket list. What a great list of things accomplished, and things to do in the future!

    My list of adventures, places to go, things to explore and eat is ever-expanding! Haha. Traveling to the some of the national parks in the US is definitely high up there – Yosemite, Yellowstone, Oregon. Probably a big goal for 2017 fitness wise is to run a 50 km trail race!

    1. I think our bucket lists are always growing and can never be satisfied because that would take away part of the whole “living.” A 50k?! You go girl, that is amazing. I can’t wait to hear about the Portland marathon.

  21. Wow, you’ve done so much! I really didn’t have a bucket list until I was in my 40s. Still working on it.

    BTW, I have that same pix of me standing in front of the sequoia! We were in Yosemite this past spring after I ran Big Sur Marathon (huge bucket list item!)

  22. Love this post! Just look at all the things you have accomplished while yet there is still so much more you want to experience in life ! I have always loved James Taylor and his super smooth voice. I listen to his music to keep me calm while running! I bet that father-daughter dance was epic! How fun. One random thing on my current bucket list is to go for a ride in a one horse open sleigh. Thanks for linking, Sarah.

  23. You have lived a very full life at such a young age! Fabulous 🙂
    See the Northern Lights is on my bucket list! and I have hiked some of the Appalachian, but I want to do a big chuck of it!

  24. Great post!! Congrats on all of your accomplishments! My bucket list is too lengthy to mention in a comment such as this… but a big one is to run a race in every state (not picky on the distance, but preferable a 13.1 or 26.2 (you know, something that comes with a medal for a keepsake). 😉

    1. Thank you Kimberly. I think running a race in every state is SO COOL. I bet only a small percentage of people can say they’ve done that! And think of all the cool possibilities of things you could do/make with your medals 🙂

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