4 Thoughts (Pumpkin Picking, Calorie Thoughts and Babies and Food)

  Oct 1, 2018  |  #Weekend recap

Hi friends! Sorry for disapperaring on you last week. I had some unexpected things come up that I had to deal with which left very little time for blogging but hoping to be back to the regular MWF schedule this week. I love reading random thoughts from other bloggers so I felt like this would be a great way to start the week. It’s kind of like a mix between coffee chat and weekend recaps, so I hope you enjoy these!

Thoughts on my Gym Membership

So I cancelled my gym membership this weekend. Or, I should say I put it on hold. It was bugging me that I wasn’t really using it and I almost felt compelled like I had to go to workout classes or plan around my day to get there to get my money’s worth. But truthfully, right now, there’s just not a place in my life for the gym. I run when I can and that’s my favorite part of exercise. I can do that now with Cam in the jogging stroller. I can do some light weights at home sometimes.

The gym day care just hasn’t worked well because Cam cries the whole time (I suspect this will improve as she gets a little older) and I feel guilty, so all of these feelings just weren’t producing a positive gym experience for me. So, I put the membership on hold. I want movement to be a positive thing that we look forward to! And I realize that will sometimes look different as life ebbs and flows, and that’s okay.

Now, I’ll look forward to trying new classes wherever I can when my schedule allows and I actually look forward to them. I already feel more free-er knowing I can choose from a variety of classes. Even if I’m paying a little more per session, there’s just overall less pressure. Can you relate?

Anyway, did my longest run to date this weekend and it felt good!

Defining Fall

We were scheduled to go apple picking yesterday. But, after Hurricane Florence, we learned that there would be no more apple picking for the season! So, we picked pumpkins instead! Now, I officially declare it fall. And yes, Cam and I are matching which was only semi-planned 🙂

I know the days are starting to get shorter because now it’s dark for Cam’s bedtime when it used to be light. It’s not as hot and humid as it has been in Charlotte (finally!) Those are starting signs of fall, but c’mon…now that I’ve picked apples pumpkins, it’s officially fall. I even had my first sip of pumpkin beer!

How do you define fall? Is it the leaves changing, the weather cooling, apple/pumpkin everything?!

Baby Thoughts Around Food

I’ve mentioned this before here and there and in Instagram posts, but I’m really adamant about culminating a positive experience for Cam around food. That means being a positive role model, and neutralizing all foods in front of her. Right now, it doesn’t mean too much, but babies are observant. So, I want her to watch me eating food and see that it is an enjoyable experience.

Mooresville Farmers Market, 4 weekend thoughts

We’ve started having her sit a the table with us (in her high chair) when we eat so we can be part of the experience. And we’ve just started introducing solids. We are going to be doing baby led weaning, with probably a combination of purees/spoon feeding. I’ll be planning to share some posts on introducing solids once we get the hang of it but since she turns 6 months on Thursday (WHAT!), we are just beginning our journey.

I also enjoyed taking her to the Farmers Market last week! I think she had a great time seeing all of the different foods and colors and textures. This is something I want to do on a regular basis with her. Maybe it will increase her interest in food and where food comes from? Too early to tell, but for now, it’s mostly for fun!

As she gets older, I realize I can’t shun her from all the diet talk. But I want to do my best to promote positive feeding experiences, and showing that there are no “good” foods and “bad” foods. I’m curious if any of you moms have any advice as to how you’ve gone about this, in setting up positive feeding experiences for your children as they grow?

Reframing Calorie Thoughts (& Thoughts on Nutrition Labels)

Many of my clients get stuck on worrying about calories. They read nutrition labels up and down and will not eat more than the serving size states for many foods. I try to explain that while the nutrition label originated as a way of bringing awareness to serving sizes, it doesn’t specifically apply to them. Especially during this phase of their life. A serving size has no idea how hungry YOU are or how much food you need throughout the day. It’s a snapshot in time, while we are fluid humans who’s needs are changing every day. Some days we’re hungrier than others. Other days, we have less of an appetite. Eating by external cues won’t help us tune into our internal cues.

Serving sizes, in my opinion, do have some role and purposes, like those who are in serious training and need to ensure adequate macronutrient intake. Or, older adults who need to prioritize eating enough protein to prevent muscle breakdown. Or, even someone with diabetes who is carb counting and trying to balance carbohydrate intake with insulin injections. In those situations, it is definitely important to be aware of serving sizes and how much something is providing.

Now that I’m writing this, I”m thinking I could do a whole post on it…is that something ya’ll are interested in?

Share some “things” or “thoughts” that you’ve had recently!

8 responses to “4 Thoughts (Pumpkin Picking, Calorie Thoughts and Babies and Food)

  1. Hi, Sarah! I just found your site and I look forward to exploring. I couldn’t resist commenting on the children and food. I am a mom of three, grandmother of three, and great-grandmother of four, so I have an opinion on this issue (and, honestly, many other issues, lol). I suggest making food a part of life. Let me explain. We are humans, we eat and move as part of our daily life, and children need to learn this in a positive way. For my children (and now the great-grands who are 2 yrs to 8 yrs) we purchased and prepared foods together as much as possible. And we tried to stay active as a family. I love that you take your daughter to the farmer’s market! We often make that a multi-generational outing to enjoy the outdoors, explore new foods and meet the people who grow our food.

    One piece of advice, let food be a neutral. We liked to try new foods with our children. Some we liked, some we didn’t, and some we tried again later (sometimes prepared differently). We had two “rules” about food. First, you have to try a bite. You can’t say you don’t like something if you haven’t tasted it. Second, each child was allowed to have one food that they didn’t like and didn’t have to eat. Maybe we don’t all have the same taste buds, or like the same foods, but we couldn’t let it get crazy. I couldn’t fix different meals for everyone or eliminate entire food groups from our meals for one child. For years my daughter didn’t like tomatoes. She didn’t like the texture. That changed when we grew our own tomatoes, by the way, when she was eight. But we never made it an argument, we just acknowledged her dislike, encouraged her to try again occasionally, and let it go.

    Finally, before ending my probably too long reply, your choice to put your gym membership on hold was so smart.
    We simply can’t do everything in life, and we should certainly enjoy exercise. I am now in my sixties and working on taking better care of me. I have the time to exercise and eat right. And time is the key. Just do the best you can. Now I am off to explore your site.

    1. Hi Deborah – thanks so much for your insightful comment! I love so much of what you said here, especially having your children purchase and prepare food with you and making it a whole family thing. I definitely have ambitions of having Cam help in the kitchen when she’s old enough. LOVE the part about food being neutral too! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. It definitely makes sense to put the gym membership on hold! I ended up quitting the gym last year after feeling like I was forcing myself to go there. The only real benefit was that there was a pool but it wasn’t even a good one (only 3 lanes and not really deep even for pool running). Its nice that you have the option to put it on hold!

    1. It is a nice option – I feel like just having some more time to figure out if its a priority for me or it just doesn’t work right now is nice to have!

  3. The matching outfits are SO cute!! I love that you’re already thinking about how to create a positive food experience for Cam even though she’s only 6 months old. It’s never to early to start!

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on nutrition and the labels. I do think they serve a great purpose for those who medically need to know carbs (diabetics) or if someone has had a doctor say they need X grams of fat or protein in their diet. It’s not worth it to measure out everything at a time in my opinion because who has time for that when you’re out living your life.

    1. I think relying too much on nutrition labels can be a slippery slope. They are a good initial source of awareness for many, and can be important for some with chronic conditions. And agree- never too early to start!

  4. I agree – pressure and stress is just not worth it for me at this stage in life. I hope to feel a release now that I’ve let that go for the time being. I like that idea for a post too. I’ll see what kind of feedback I get!

  5. It sounds like putting the gym membership away for now is the absolute perfect decision for you. The stress of having Cam there and happy in the daycare must have been really hard to actually enjoy your workouts. I know exactly what you mean in terms of having something that is just causing you unnecessary stress – I’m finding this more and more these days. Anything that puts even that slight bit of added pressure in your thoughts is, to me, not worth it. Those extra bits of pressure can be really big!!! And it’s amazing how much release you can feel when you get rid of them.

    Your perspective on how to raise Cam around food is inspiring and wonderful. I don’t think its ever too young to begin to expose her to the beauty of food. In a couple years I can just see you two strolling the farmers market, taking about where everything comes from, chatting to the farmers etc etc. Even I would be really interested to hear what feedback you receive from other mothers and parents in terms of how you raise a child to have a positive outlook on food. If you get some good discussion going with other parents – that would be a great post!!!

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