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48 Hours of Food and Fun in Fort Myers

March has been a whirlwind of travel – I think I’ve stayed here in Charlotte for a total of one weekend this month. I’ll be here this weekend but I’ll be attending the SCAN Wellness Conference with other RD’s. I can’t wait to share what I learn!

Last weekend, I snuck away to Fort Myers, Florida for a little bit of family and baseball action. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I used to be a huge baseball junkie growing up.

Fort Myers Spring Training

I played baseball through freshman year in high school, and was actually the only girl on the boy’s freshman baseball team. Sophomore year I switched to softball and then that stuck for the future, but I still have a passion and love for baseball. So, when my dad thought up the idea to plan a little spring training action, I was all in.


It was a short weekend but action packed and full of great family time. On Friday, we met up with my uncle for lunch at Ford’s Garage in downtown Fort Myers. It was a neat eclectic restaurant with auto decor throughout. I split the salad and burger with my brother, and got a side of sweet potato tots. We also all ordered local beers from Fort Myers Brewing Company. We then went back to the hotel for a little bit to relax, and I got a mini afternoon run in. I was supposed to do 18 miles, but decided I would save it for Sunday.

Ford Garage LunchFord Garage Lunch

We headed to a local brewery later that afternoon before dinner. We all got flights of beer. My favorite was a ginger lemongrass flavor. Father daughter love at its finest!

bury me brewing

We grabbed dinner at The Firestone, which is a neat 3 level restaurant/bar/rooftop. I highly recommend going here if you ever visit Ft. Myers! The top level has a great view of the water and the city below. It was packed on a Friday, but we were lucky to find seats at the bar, where we could watch some of the NCAA games. We split some calamari, and I went with the salmon for dinner.

Fort Myers

Fort Myers


On Saturday, we grabbed breakfast at the hotel, some iced coffee’s from DD, and then headed to Port Charlotte, about 40 minutes away from Ft. Myers for the baseball spring training game. We had special passes so we could watch batting practice on the field. I’m still not sure how it happened, but somehow word got out that I played baseball in highschool and softball in college, and I was asked to throw out the first pitch. Of course, I said yes!

So, I headed down to the field before the game. I was a little bit nervous and didn’t get the chance to warm up but just tried to remain calm. While we were waiting, I got a picture with Evan Longoria of the Tampa Bay Rays (he is a former Rookie of the Year and three-time time all star), and the mascot. That helped keep me somewhat calm! Also, they wouldn’t let me throw out the pitch in my Red Sox tee, so I had to temporarily put on a Rays’ tee.

Fort Myers Spring TrainingFort Myers Spring Training

Eventually they announced my name and I walked out to the pitcher’s mound. Fortunately, all of my nervous thoughts about not reaching the plate or throwing a wild pitch did not come true, and I threw a pretty good pitch. It was over in half a second and all happened so fast.

Fort Myers Spring Training

Then I was able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the game (with some cookies).

Fort Myers Spring Training

After the game, we checked out another brewery, Millennial Brewing. I wasn’t crazy about their beer, but I did like the kombucha (they had a ginger lemon kombucha on tap). I guess you are seeing a trend that my family enjoys craft beer.

Fort Myers

After a quick stop at the hotel to change, we headed back downtown to walk around before dinner.  There’s a neat little outdoor congregation area that had live music playing both nights, with some neat little restaurants and bars on the outskirts. We grabbed dinner at The Standard, a cozy little spot attached to a cute little coffee shop. I went with the Black Bean Quinoa burger with a side of sweet potato and cabbage slaw. I also ordered the Blackberry Mojito.

The Standard Ft MyersThe Standard Ft Myers

Then, we grabbed a quick cocktail on the rooftop bar after dinner before heading back to the hotel.

Fort Myers

But then a few of us decided it would be great to end the night with ice cream, so we stopped in Scoops on First for a little sweet nightcap. I went with a scoop of Banana Cream Pie and a scoop of Twix ice cream. I was trying to do something other than my typical Cookies ‘n Cream and Cookie Dough. The Twix ice cream was tasty, but I wasn’t super crazy about the banana cream pie. Either way, it was fun to share ice cream with the siblings. We weren’t out too late since we had an early morning flight in the morning.

Fort Myers

ice cream

On Sunday, we were up bright and early to head to the airport. I got a bagel and decaf coffee and tried to sleep on the plane, but ended up just reading. I can never sleep on planes!

Bagel sandwich

Ever been to Ft. Myers? Spring training?

Can you sleep on planes?

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  1. what a fun weekend!! sibling time is the best.

    Twix ice cream sounds amazing.

    I’ve been to Fort Meyers before, but not for spring training!

    Also- Sleeping on planes is SO hard for me too!

  2. I have to admit; those icecream cones look AMAZING; as do the burgers! I love how you always find incredible food spots wherever you go.

  3. So fun that you got a little Florida getaway! Ford’s is awesome and that burger looked awesome! Gotta say that all the food looked delicious but I am totally a blueberry mojito girl, I perfected it at home at one point in time! So cool that you threw the first pitch! I have to say that I hate going to Ft. Myers. It is a pain in the neck drive from Tampa and my kids have soccer games down there a bunch. I’m going again next weekend! At least there is always good food on my trips down there!

  4. Wow. Okay first – your family freaking rocks. Second – Sarah! You are such a STAR!! Baha I can’t believe you were asked to throw the pitch, and just waltzed right up in all your glory and confidence. I have this feeling us blog readers don’t even know HALF of your crazy talents. Also, I’ve had this mad craving for a burger for the past week or so – a plain old real burger – and your post just made that kind of explode off the charts. So. I think it has to happen this weekend.
    Next family trip – can I come?