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  Feb 9, 2018  |  #Favorites

Hi hi! Instead of the usual Friday Favorites today, I’m sharing 5 things on my mind and a little glimpse into life lately. I still owe you all a recap of the Babymoon and totally plan on sharing that next week!

1. Baby Shower Success

I’m still basking in glory after my baby shower with close friends/family in Rhode Island last weekend. My sister and mom put on an adorable shower, perfectly themed with safari animals. We were missing my youngest sister, who is studying abroad in Australia currently!

baby shower

The lighting was a little weird (it was in a small, quaint restaurant). We also celebrated my grandma’s 84th birthday!

baby shower

After feeling all the love and support and getting so much adorable stuff for the baby girl, I’m so excited to be a mom!

That being said, I’m really trying to appreciate the present.

I know that I will never get these last few weeks before the baby back. I’m just trying to enjoy the final time with Ed and Tater, before life changes forever.

We did our infant CPR class last week, which was helpful, but honestly scary!

To think about all the things that could happen to a precious little baby, and how you can’t turn your back for one second. It’s terrifying!

We have our breastfeeding class this weekend, so I think I’ll feel a little better once I learn more about that.

2. Secrets From The Eating Lab

I recently read the book, Secrets From the Eating Lab: The science of weight loss, myth of willpower and why you should never diet again, by Tracy Mann. And honestly, I have mixed reviews about it.

Secrets from the eating lab

The first half was great, with research about how weight/BMI doesn’t correlate with health, and all of the other things that can affect weight, aside from what we eat. Things I remember from my public health degree, like the social environment, access to medical care, access to grocery stores, social support. She analyzes the research well, and explains many of the studies she has conducted on eating habits, which is fascinating.

However, she then goes into achieving your leanest weight with some dieting tips, which felt like it didn’t really fit in with the first half. She concludes with talking about non-diet things again, but it felt inconsistent.

A good read (especially the first half) if you’re interested in this work. I’d love to hear if any of you guys get the same gist!

3. Business Ideas Post Baby

People have asked me what life will look like after the baby. I honestly don’t have a set plan yet, and will just see how the first few months ago. I’m fortunate that I have freelance work that I can do on the side and from home, so I’ll probably start there. I also want to start focusing more on my own private practice with BLT clients (expect a website redesign coming soon)! Psss, I added a new testimonial feature to the site!

I have so many business ideas that I’m excited to start researching and putting into practice.

4. Youtube workouts

Can I just say I’m actually enjoying low key workouts lately? Parts of me miss the grit of training for something and doing intervals, but a bigger part of me is just enjoying this downtime without stressing my body.

I am really loving Bodyfit by Amy prenatal workouts on Youtube – I’ve been doing a few a week and loving the recent focus on strength. Still doing some running too.  My OB told me I can continue running as long as it feels okay – I was expecting her to say stop at 37 weeks, or something like that, but she said it’s good for the baby!

5. Monthly Goals

I’ve started setting monthly goals through my passion planner this year.  I feel much more focused on daily and monthly goals rather than these large, inanimate goals I never really chip away at.

I love how each week has a daily focus, weekly goals, plus some quotes. There’s also a space for “brainstorming,” where I often draw a web of ideas since I’m very visual.

Passion Planner Passion Planner

This week’s tip was:

Done is Better Than Perfect.

What’s something you’re into lately? Or, a high from the week?

14 responses to “5 Things (Life Lately)

  1. What a perfect baby shower!

    I totally understand what you mean about the CPR course. I did one when I was nannying and I feel like it made me more scared – especially because I had someone else’s precious baby’s life in my hands!

  2. Looks like a fantastic baby shower, Sarah…and a GREAT picture of you with your Mom and sister! Congrats.

  3. That planner looks great! We took an infant CPR class a few years ago when my SIL was pregnant with our niece. Its crazy to think about how scary it would be if something happened! Glad you had a nice baby shower!

  4. YouTube workouts are some of my favorite things ever; I’m not really a gym gal, but it’s so fun having the ability to do a workout of almost any kind straight from home.

    I’m so glad you had a wonderful baby shower; it’s SOOO fun to shower new mamas with presents and see the expectation as baby’s delivery date gets closer. I love your pretty baby shower dress.

    Praying for peace for you as you get closer and joy in the present!

    Also thank you for sharing that book; I’m hoping to go get it/read it.

  5. Awww Safari themed! That’s so perfect!! Glad to see you had such a lovely time at your shower. I can see both CPR and breastfeeding classes being very overwhelming, in their own respective ways.

    I’ve been searching for a planner just like this one – one that has room for goals and to do lists and focuses etc. Going to look into it – thank you!

  6. Can’t wait to hear about your baby moon! I remember being a little freaked out after baby CPR as well, it’s good info to have though and everything will be great. Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. Okay my little sister is studying abroad in Australia right now. What a coincidence!! Your mom and sister are so kind for putting on such a fun shower for you. Also that cake is adorable and perfect with the theme!

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