5 Things & Weekend Recap

  Jan 7, 2019  |  #Weekend recap

How was your weekend? We had a pretty good weekend here. Ed has been sick so we stayed close to home and pretty low key. It was so nice to see the sun – we had rain EVERY day last week. Literally every day. It totally affected my mood and productivity, and I was so so happy to see the sun and warm weather this weekend.

5 things (weekend recap)

1. Better Than Dieting Challenge

I’m starting a free challenge today. It’s called the “Better Than Dieting” Challenge and will mostly take place over on Instagram. While New Years is popular for throwing out “New You, New You” statements and making us feel that we have to change our body size, this challenge is to remind you that there are other options. There are other ways to improve our health and behaviors. This challenge will have a new prompt each day focusing on things to do for our health that are better than dieting.

Please join us! You can sign up here.

2. Church Childcare

We have been trying out a newish church the last few weekends, and putting Camryn in the childcare there so we can enjoy the service. I won’t lie – I was a little apprehensive at first, thinking she may cry the whole time. But, she is very interested in other kids right now, so I think having other kids to look at and play with has totally eased the transition. She has done great so far! We hope to do her baptism in the spring (close to her first birthday).

I cant’t believe we’re at the 9 month mark!

5 things (weekend recap)

3. Brunch with Food Bloggers

On Saturday, I met up with some of the Charlotte Food Bloggers for a lovely brunch at The Asbury, complete with mimosas. I love the food community here in Charlotte and though I’ve been absent from it as of late, it felt so natural to get right back into it.

5 things (weekend recap)

I ordered the squash toast for my meal, a fun (and beautiful) spin on avocado toast.

5 things (weekend recap)

4. Fajitas and Football

Our friends came over on Sunday afternoon to watch some football. We made fajitas with chicken, shrimp and salmon. We also had a cilantro avocado and chipotle aioli, and had peppers and onions and pickled onions and avocado for toppings. Soo good and satisfying. On the side, a cilantro coleslaw, and corn salad. Most of this food is courtesy of my friend, Deb. That woman can cook!

5 things (weekend recap) 5 things (weekend recap)

5. Joyful Exercise Vs. Forced Exercise

I’ve been thinking alot about the differences between these two things and I think I’m actually just going to write a post on them. I see many active individuals in my practice, and we often talk about uncoupling exercise from our being. Sometimes it can be difficult to intuitively learn to exercise if you’ve been following a strict regimen and routine for so long. Typically, I like to bring up the question, “How does your day or mood change if you aren’t able to exercise?” And “Would you continue to do that exercise if it had 0% chance of changing your body or burning x amount of calories?”

Usually those two questions are a great way to start the conversation and can yield some answers that provide more clarity.

Tell me something about your weekend! What was the best part and best thing you ate?

10 responses to “5 Things & Weekend Recap

  1. I would love to read more about the joyful exercise VS forced exercise. Movement and exercise is truly something that I feel is an essential part of my day. My husband always jokes that he can tell the days I don’t workout or move much because I’m a grouch 😉 I just feel like the sweat, movement and energy it gives me makes my day so much better!

  2. I’m so glad the church child care is working out so well! 🙂 I love joyful exercise vs. forced exercise. Lately I haven’t been having as much joy in lots of regular running, so I’ve been doing more weight lifting. 🙂 I love how we go through seasons of different movement; it’s so cool how God created us!!!! And I love your New Year’s challenge. I’m excited to draw something today.

    1. So glad you are participating in the challenge! And I’m so happy you have realized that maybe you need a break from running and choosing another form of exercise.

  3. Those last two questions when contemplating exercise…. bam. Those are so powerful and can tell you so much about your possible relationship with exercise. Thank you for reminding me of these questions.

    That fajita party. WHOA. This Deb woman sounds like a genius in the kitchen.

    Looks like it was a lovely and delicious weekend my friend. Thank you for your words on my post today. I will be responding to them separately but want you to know now how much they meant to me. I very much look forward to continue reading your blog, supporting your work, and watching your beautiful daughter grow <3.

    1. You would love Deb, and don’t worry I will arrange a meeting for when you come visit. <3

  4. I love what you said about the joyful movement idea. I think that’s what held me back from enjoying any type of movement for so long! Now I only spend time doing movement that I enjoy!
    I’m happy you guys had luck with the church childcare! Aubrey always cries and then they have me come get her so I haven’t been able to sit through a church service in forever!

    1. I am seeing it more and more often and receiving many questions, so I think a post could be helpful! And childcare can definitely be hit or miss, depending on her mood that day. Hopefully it will continue in our favor!

  5. I signed up for the challenge last night right before bed and can’t wait to read the emails and participate.

    The best part about this weekend was seeing Bailey! We missed her while on our trip so this weekend was all about getting stocked up on food (I’ve never been so happy to fill me fridge with veggies) and running again.

    1. Yay, so happy to have you! Hope you are enjoying them so far 🙂 I bet Bailey was also so happy to see you guys!

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