5 Thoughts (Costco, Halloween Candy & Race Prep)

  Oct 29, 2018  |  #Weekend recap

Good morning friends! I hope you had a wonderful weekend with some good eats! I don’t have to much to report in terms of weekend adventures, so let’s go over some random thoughts!

1. Lazy Weekend

To some extent, I enjoy lazy weekends and feel like it was necessary after last week’s travel. But, the other part of me gets a little antsy and feels like I should be taking Camryn out more. We made it to the playground and on a few walks/runs, but most of the time was pretty low key.

My brother and his girlfriend were in town for a wedding, so we spent some time hanging out with them too. It was beautiful Sunday so we enjoyed some donuts on the porch.

2. Family “6 month” photos

I just love this family photo from Cam’s 6 month shoot – captures our family perfectly. A distracted dog (probably looking at other dogs on the street), a curious baby, and an overenthusiastic mom.

Family photo

3. Race Prep and Thoughts

I definitely don’t feel as prepared for Saturday’s half as I have in the past. Part of that is pretty obvious – I just haven’t been running as much. But, the larger part of me is excited to get back out on a race course. And run with lots of other people. Pretty much all of my runs these days, with the exception of a few, have been solo or with Camryn. I’m really craving some comradery and running in a pack. My biggest goal at this point is to not get caught up in the race and competition, though. I have to run my own race and not get ambitious with pace or anything, because I haven’t worked on that. I’m not my fittest and I’m just doing this for fun!

I’m going to do a post after the race with more details about my training and balancing everything but for now, I’m just going to go with it.

4. Costco Delivery

Does anyone live in an area where Costco does “same day” delivery? Unfortunately, we don’t. But we do live in an area with two day delivery, and it’s free if you spend over $75, which is pretty easy for us. I just ordered a bunch of our pantry staples, tissues, tp, paper towels, etc. And their almond butter is my favorite, so I load up on them too. Other staples: maple syrup, peanut butter, crackers, baking cocoa, chocolate chips, dark chocolate, coffee, diapers and wipes!

I haven’t tried the Costco brand of diapers, but we’re having one too many blowouts with the current brand we’re using so maybe these will be better?

5. Halloween Candy

What’s your favorite? I love milky ways, swedish (definitely had to look up how to spell that lol) fish and sour patch kids. Oh, and reese’s pieces. I actually have lots of fond memories of Halloween growing up, and collecting candy in pillow cases or homemade “candy bags.” And my siblings and I would empty our bags at the end of the night and swap candy. Yeah, I probably ate too much on Halloween, but I learned what didn’t feel good. And I never obsessed about candy after that day.

Yes, dietitians eat and give kids candy! I know that some parents probably feel that people shouldn’t be giving candy to kids (and there are “healthier” options). Or, that candy should be “limited.” But, what goes for anything else with “rules” and “restriction” also goes with Halloween candy – you tell kids its off limits, what are they going to do? Probably eat more of it. Or hide it and binge on it. I know parents have good intentions by trying to convince kids to trade off their Halloween candy or stash it away. But, doing so can actually backfire because then kids aren’t allowed to self regulate and you’re telling them certain foods are “bad.” This is a great article by RD Abby Langer about why parents shouldn’t try to replace Halloween candy with other things, like fitness passes.

Instead, just don’t make a big deal out of it. Halloween is Halloween and it’s only one day a year. If you don’t give Halloween so much attention, kids will move on and forget about it soon after. I guess another part of the equation is that if kids are only “allowed” to have sweets on Halloween, or Easter, then it makes sense that they go a little crazy. Instead, show them that it’s okay to enjoy these foods in moderation throughout the year. I have some ideas for posts on this once we get to that stage with Camryn. But for more information, I highly recommend Ellyn Satter and the division of responsibility when feeding children.

So, that being said, here’s the candy we’re handing out this year.

What do you have going on this week? Cam starts swim lessons tomorrow and I’m so excited!!


What was your favorite Halloween costume you ever had? Favorite Halloween candy?

Do you like to do races for fun or as a competition?


13 responses to “5 Thoughts (Costco, Halloween Candy & Race Prep)

  1. I love what you said about racing; I do love the energy and just how much people motivate each other. I’ll be praying for race day for you! Also, I really appreciate those thoughts about candy. Candy is such a gift from God, and I’ve learned that it is a good thing to love it and be grateful for it. I love anything peanut themed like Snickers, Reese’s, peanut M&Ms. I’m not so much a Milky way gal, but it does have chocolate, so I do like that too. 🙂

  2. Loved this 🙂 Cam is gorgeous.

    Just think of Sweden! Swedish fish are originally made by Malaco, which is a Swedish co!

  3. aw your six-month photos are adorable, what a sweet family!

    enjoyed this post and love your race mentality. I hope it’s a fun day!

  4. I have the best memories of Halloween growing up. I was never even a big candy girl – I hardly ever put a dent in my pillow case full of candy (such a waste looking back…) but it was the dumping out the bags in the living room with my friends, organizing it all and trading it off like one big trade show. And your right – I never remember my parents demonizing the candy we got or feeling restricted with it at any time, so i never felt crazy around it come the holidays. Absolutely a healthy way to parent and there could be lots of articles written about this!

    Happy Halloween to all of you!

    1. I think alot of parents are doing the best they can with the knowledge they had! It’s great that your parents never demonized foods or candy, that may be more of the exception than the rule. Feeding children is not an easy task!

  5. I have no idea if Costco near us delivers or not but it would be nice on those busy weekends where you can’t make it to Costco but need some things.

    My favorite Halloween candy is anything Reese’s! Give me all of the peanut butter and chocolate please and thank you.

    I think the “issue” with Halloween is kids get so caught up in having all of this candy that is there’s that they just want to eat all of the candy right away and that’s not good and kids can get sick which is no fun for parents. In all of the excitement, kids won’t be as good as listening to their body to know when to stop or when they’re satisfied. Growing up, we could eat as much as we wanted on Halloween and then could take some in our lunches and have it for dessert after dinner as long as we left it where my parents could see it (and probably steal some ha) instead of keeping it hidden in our rooms where they couldn’t monitor how much we ate. It seems fair and probably led to not feeling bad in the days after by overeating candy.

    1. I think it’s even worth paying more for delivery to avoid the large crowds at costco! But I am not a crowd person 🙂 Definitely agree with not letting kids hide candy in their rooms – never want them to feel like they have to sneak eat.

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