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  Jun 14, 2018  |  #Favorites

Hi guys, sorry to disappear on you this week! My computer cord charger broke so I couldn’t charge my laptop. I ordered one off Amazon that was a bust and didn’t charge, so now I’m waiting for a new replacement. I’m using an old laptop that is basically on it’s last leg too :/

Rather than the typical favorites this week, I thought I’d just share some random thoughts I have this week.

Favorite Baby Apps

I have two baby apps that I love. One, called Baby Nursing, is great for a mothers sanity. It helps record wet/dirty diapers, sleep schedules, breastfeeding time and duration (and which breast), weight/length, ounces pumped, and bottles fed. It’s like my own Camryn spreadsheet. But it kills my battery since I use it to much. I also love the Wonder Weeks app, which helps identify when the babies go through their “leaps” (basically a big milestone and change in cognitive development) so mom’s can be on the lookout for signs and personality changes. I also just downloaded Baby Sparks to help explain more milestone stuff but also offer ideas for entertaining and playing with the baby.

Favorite baby apps

Flight anxiety

Cam has her first flight next week (!!). We’re flying up to Rhode Island and then driving to Maine. Eeeek I’m so nervous about it. My plan is to feed her before takeoff (even during takeoff if needed) and pray that the air pressure doesn’t bother her too much. I need to call the airlines to verify everything I’m bringing is ok. Does anyone know if a diaper bag counts against your allotted carry on items?

Weird identity

I love being at home with Cam, don’t get me wrong. But it’s almost like I miss my old identity sometimes- the freedom to just go out to eat for media events or with food bloggers, to just drive to a trail to run and to go hit up a wine bar whenever. Life is not like that right now. It definitely helps to get out and make plans, but not too many plans where I feel overwhelmed. It’s a production to go somewhere – have to try to time it with feeding, make sure the diaper bag is packed, put her in her car seat, pack the stroller in the car, etc.

I do miss my work too. I’m fortunate that I’ve done some freelance writing from home but it’s realllllly hard to balance work with a newborn. I’m kind of itching to get back to a part time work schedule (seeing clients and such), because I feel like that’s part of my identity! I love being a mom but I want to find a way to balance the two. We’re still trying to finalize our childcare time frame so I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing for now!

5 Thoughts as a mom

Longer run

I ran 4 miles the other day! That is my longest run since probably mid pregnancy. I actually felt pretty good, considering. Dropped Cam at the Y daycare and pounded it out on the treadmill while listening to this podcast.

5 Thoughts as a mom

Also, anyone else love treadmills that do course views? I was running on simulated trails and that helped the time go by so much quicker.

Confession: Sometimes I don’t eat intuitively.

I feel like I’m scarfing food all day long but not really “enjoying” it. Ed has been gone all week which makes things even tougher trying to take care of a baby on my own all day and night. There’s no way I could sit down and enjoy a homemade meal. So I resorted to lots of easy things (oatmeal for dinner), eggs and toast and chicken sausage and cous cous (seriously lived off that this week). My favorite easy meal was tempeh (baked in the oven for 20 minutes) with BBQ sauce over tempeh and veggies.

I know this is a debated topic but I have been cutting down dairy. I haven’t gotten rid of it all together (I really love ice cream). I’ve decided it’s basically impossible for me to avoid it all together but I really have noticed a difference in Cam’s symptoms (less mucousy green poop, tmi?) when I eat less of it. So I don’t know how long this will go but we’ll see. I mean, I gave up alcohol for 9 months during pregnancy so I can do this. I do have the occasional yogurt/ice cream and will be monitoring her symptoms but it’s not worth her uncomfort to me. I’ve found a few non dairy items I really like – this coconut creamer and these ice cream sandwiches! I’ve had the dairy free Halo Top and it’s meh – there’s nothing that can compare to my favorite ice creams.

We have a few things on the agenda today so I better get to it.

Any favorite non dairy treats or foods?

Any tips for flying with a baby?

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  1. Congrats on running 4 miles! I love being able to follow a course when I run on my treadmill. It makes the time pass so much more quickly. Good luck with your travel plans next week!

  2. I really like nutritional yeast as a cheese substitute in cooking/baking. I am trying to go gluten/dairy free. I do not have celiac, but my stomach does not tolerate gluten or dairy very well.

    1. I’ve used nutritional yeast for a while here and there, but will probably be more consistent with it now. Thanks Angela!

  3. YAY for running 4 miles! I had a c section too and I remember being SO excited to run again once my dr cleared me.

    My only tip for flying with a baby is don’t forget her birth certificate. Most airlines require a birth certificate even for lap children who don’t have their own ticket. I just happened to learn that the first time we flew with our son when I checked the airline’s website for something else. Phew!

    Oh also, I recommend buying a travel bag for the car seat. Makes checking it so much easier and cleaner.

  4. I fly a ton and have seen both “good” and “bad” parents when dealing with security. My biggest tip is that if you bring a bottle for Cam (if she takes a bottle at all, that I’m not sure!) make sure you tell the TSA agents. They just need to do a special scan but it’s totally allowable to bring your child’s food through security. The agents are much nicer if you just tell them instead of keeping it into your bag since then it sets off the alarm since it’s so big. Again, I have no idea if that applies to you at all but just wanted to share the tiniest bit of flying with a baby knowledge I have haha.

    If cutting dairy is better for Camryn then get rid of it for a bit! It’s better that she’s digesting things well and nothing is upsetting her than you drinking cow milk.

  5. I have no tips for flying with a baby…but the dairy free stuff, I GOT YOU!
    Yes, Halo Top is meh, except for the Salted Caramel flavor. I stick to Ben and Jerrys or Coconut Bliss. There are tons of options for ice cream! They also make ice cream bars and such.
    Kite Hill Greek yogurt is very similar to the thick style yogurt most people seem to like. If you prefer regular, Daiya and Silk are my favorite yogurts. The strawberry is delightful. I don’t eat much vegan cheese, but I enjoy the Tofutti brand and WayFare brand cream cheese as a spread on my sandwiches.
    Try Oat Milk for the best milk substitute. It’s CRAZY CREAMY!

    Good luck on the plane!

    1. I should have known to ask you, Ellie! Great reccs – I haven’t tried Kite Hill, but will keep an eye out for it. And I actually had oat milk in my coffee last week – it was delicious!

  6. “I love being a mom but I want to find a way to balance the two.” —> This has got to be the absolute hardest part about the massive shift of becoming a mom. I know I would very much struggle with this, and there is NOTHING to feel guilty or ashamed about having these thoughts, either. Of course you are going to miss your old “identity.” But there will come a time when you do find a way to marry the two together. I’ve told some Moms I know before, I so highly respect when I see a mother living her OWN life, practicing her own passions, giving time to herself, and not JUST feeling like she has to be “mom” 24/7. You are all still people, and the more “you” you are, the more your children will grow up knowing this is okay. It will come, I’m sure, but I absolutely feel how difficult a feeling it must be right now as you figure it out. <3

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