A Beachy Weekend

  Oct 16, 2017  |  #Weekend recap

We spent the weekend at the beach, without a care in the world.

We didn’t make it to the beach this summer, so we planned a little fall weekend, which was perfect. I don’t love super hot weather. It was high 70’s this weekend, which was perfect. We got a mixture of sunshine and cloud cover which was fine by me.

I barely turned on my computer. I finished a whole book. We watched Baby Driver (I’d probably give it a 6/10). I ate lots of yummy egg breakfasts and drank lots of coffee. We watched sunsets, slept in and wore shorts and t-shirts all weekend. It was wonderful.

Here are some highlights:



Ice Cream

Anyone else associate beach houses with ice cream?

Ice Cream




Really in an egg, bacon and toast/english muffin phase right now. My MIL makes the fluffiest eggs, so I didn’t turn them down all weekend.

Beachy Weekend

Beachy Weekend

Lazy Afternoons with a book

Beachy Weekend

Beachy Weekend

Time on the beach

Beachy Weekend

Can you tell Tater loves the beach?

Beachy weekend Beachy weekend

Do you have any family beach traditions?

Highlight of your weekend?

17 responses to “A Beachy Weekend

  1. I definitely associate ice cream with the beach! No beach trip is complete without it 🙂 And especially moose tracks, for some reason?!

  2. Our family hasn’t been to the beach very much because of living in Colorado my whole life, but when we go to the Cali beach we love to boogie board/surf. My younger sister surfs, and I love to play in the waves with my other sisters.

  3. Must ask what the KEY is to your MIL’s super fluffy eggs! I often stray away from scrambled eggs because they are either too runny or two hard. I also don’t like cheese so I am praying that there isn’t cheese in the eggs! 🙂
    Also, I am probably the only person who really doesn’t look forward to ice cream. Dairy and my tummy do NOT agree.

    1. Hi Lindsay! She adds a little bit of water into the scrambled egg batter. Crazy that that little trick does wonders. She also adds italian seasoning that makes them sooo good 🙂

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