What you get for $50 at Aldi

  Feb 15, 2016  |  #Running

Hi, friends!

Happy day after Valentine’s day. Did you have a wonderful holiday? Tell me about it!

We were in Raleigh/Carrboro for the weekend for some running events. Speaking of…,did anyone watch the U.S Olympic Trials for the Marathon? It was SO intense, especially the womens’ race. We watched it at a brewery in Carrboro, and it was so cool to be watching in a brewery, on a projector screen, with beer + pizza, and 40 other runners.

I may now classify myself as a little bit of a running nerd…

bbq chicken pizza


And while you may think watching 26.2 miles of running may be boring, I can assure you it’s not, especially the last 5k.

Amy Cragg was unstoppable. I think she could have kept going for another half marathon at least. Her gait was just as smooth and effortless as when she started. And if you didn’t watch, there was an amazing demonstration of teamwork between Amy and Shalane Flanagan. She pushed Shalane when you could tell Shalane was tiring from exhaustion (it was 70+ degrees in LA, yikes) and it really helps represent just how much emotion is present in running!


Photo taken from this Sports Illustrated article.

Congrats to the top 3 (Amy, Des, and Shalane) who will be representing the US in the marathon at Rio, and Galen Rupp, Meb Keflezighi and Jared Ward for the men! This is EXCITING, ya’ll!

All I can say is watching this race inspired us to go get a little run of our own on after. We had another event on Sunday, and in our free time between, we enjoyed some good food in both Raleigh and Durham. Both areas are close to Chapel Hill where I was for grad school, so it was nostalgic to be back in the area and there are so. many. amazing. restaurants.

On Valentine’s day morning, I had a beautiful blueberry lavendar waffle from Bean Traders with lots of coffee. This falls in one of the top 3 best waffles I’ve ever had. Boldddd statement.

bean traders_waffle

Switching gears a little bit…

Recently, I read an article about Aldi’s addition of more organic items, removing pesticides, and adding more stores and expanding. They are also expanding their selection of gluten free products and fancier products (i.e. artisinal cheeses, smoked salmon).  This is great news, especially for all of us who can’t afford to always shop at Whole Foods.

If you’re not familiar with Aldi, they are a large retailer that offer discounted prices. They can offer these lower prices due to less merchandising and customer service in the stores, and by requiring customers to bring and pack up their own shopping bags. Definitely worth the lower prices in my mind.

While I usually rotate between stores for my grocery trips (mainly TJ’s, Harris Teeter and Aldi), last week, I needed a little bit of everything. In these instances, I go to Aldi. I got like 80% of my groceries at Aldi…for $51.49!!!! I just feel like my money goes so much further when shopping there, and they have dietitians they work with, so that gives them lots of street cred in my book!

Aldi_brown rice pasta

I got a bunch of new-to me products I was excited to purchase such as brown rice spaghetti and spinach pasta. Also, some sauerkruat I raved about last week, was more than 75% less than it was at Harris Teeter.

Aldi groceries

A breakdown of everything I got:

Produce: Organic Spinach and Arugula, organic grape tomatoes, bananas, avocados, mushrooms, baby carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, onions, zuccini, 5 lbs bag of baby red potatoes + sweet potatoes.

Refrigerated: Eggs, greek yogurt (plain tub), unsweetened almond milk, goat cheese, parmesan cheese, peach salsa (love this stuff!), hummus

Dry: pasta, rolled oats, canned beans, canned beats, wheat thins, whole wheat tortilla wraps

I should just say…this post is not sponsored by Aldi. I just really have tons of respect for them as a chain. And if you’re interested, some of my personal favorite products (based on quality and price) are the avocados for under a buck, honey goat cheese (this stuff is amazing!), peach salsa, quinoa, organic tomato sauce, frozen salmon, plain greek yogurt, gigantic sweet potatoes, and string cheese!

I hope you have an Aldi near you so you can experience their greatness.

Lastly, the winner of last week’s HUMA gel giveaway is Mary Beth J. CONGRATULATIONS!! She has been emailed and notified. Thank you all for participating, and hopefully you get a chance to try HUMA if you have not. Don’t forget you can still get 25% off your orders at www.humagel.com with the code SHurd25.

Linking up today with the Weekly Wrap and Meghan’s Week(end) in Review.

Have you ever shopped at Aldi? Favorite product?

How did you spend your Valentine’s day?

33 responses to “What you get for $50 at Aldi

  1. The other week Aldi had eggs for 99 cent! 99 cent!! I now have 4 cartoons of eggs in my house. I probably would have gotten more, but there was a limit, understandably so. I’m always so impressed when I check out at Aldi. I’ve been trying to keep our grocery budget under $50 a week and Aldi is the only way to do it. [I’m in seriously penny pinching mode thanks to the internship next year.] I’m going to look for those pasta nests next time.
    Those waffles sound so lovely- definitely a Valentine’s day treat.

  2. I got busy on Saturday and forgot about the Olympic Marathon Trials. I’m bummed! Shalane looks so much thinner than before. I have never heard of Aldi. You would be shocked what I spend at the grocery store each week to feed my family (including two teen boys). And of course the healthier you eat, the more money you pay. I buy very little processed (aka cheap) food — no boxed mac & cheese in this house. It would thrill me to shop at a discounted market. I want to try that spinach pasta you bought. Thanks for linking with us Sarah.

  3. We have an Aldi’s in our area, although I can’t say I’ve ever been. I like to give my money to the local venues when possible: the West Side Market and Nature’s Bin. I avoid the bigger chains (cough, Whole Foods, cough) unless I’m really can’t find an item elsewhere. Maybe I’ll check Aldi’s next time.

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up.

  4. We love to shop at Aldi! Their produce seems to last so much longer than any other local to us store, and you get so much more for your money!

    We really enjoyed watching the Trials on Saturday also. It was an amazing race and I think we’ve got a really strong team going into Rio!

  5. I’m going to have a post coming up about the Trials. It was, in a phrase, the perfect representation of why I have come to love running. And we have Aldi here, but I’ve never shopped there! It is juuuuust too far out for us, and there aren’t any within walking distance for us.

  6. Mmm. Love Aldi’s honey goat cheese, that plus some sort of fancy meat is my go-to “splurge” there.

    I also love their take & bake pizzas for pizza night. Much cheaper than takeout & done faster too!

  7. I’m a big fan of Aldi’s and, like you, I do about 80% if my grocery shopping there. I am continually impressed by their offerings! And I think it’s so cool that they are owned by the same parent company as TJ’s.

  8. I LOOOOVE Aldi! You really can’t be a the price and the quality for most items. I love their cheese and hummus selection, berries, and nuts, That waffle looks amazing!

  9. This Canadian lady is feeling pretty jealous right about now. I do feel you guys have an indisputable “up” on grocery stores and food products in general. I got way too excited when I first went into a Trader Jos. It would be dangerous for me to now find an Aldi’s. Sigh. I’ll blame the cold Canadian weather.

  10. I absolutely LOVE Aldi! I have been shopping there since I bought my own groceries and fondly remember going there with my mom to help her when I was a kid. I loved having to pay for your cart and bring your own bag. That is smart business right there and ecofriendly. I think my favorite thing to get there is the $0.29 bananas they have now. I also find fun holiday products there and cheaper name-brand products after the season. I could go on about this but I think I’ve rambled enough 🙂
    I love that OMT set up! I work at a running store and we should have done that!

  11. We don’t have a Aldi. Heck we don’t even have a whole foods withing 90 miles either. I know right? Not that my family would eat anything remotely healthy I try but I think I’m losing the battle. I did not get to see the trials this weekend but I”m glad my blogging community keeps me updated. It was something to see Amy and Shalane at the end! Amazing! Thanks for linking up with us!!

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