Alino Pizzeria

  Feb 16, 2017  |  #Charlotte

We love the atmosphere and environment at Alinio – it’s VERY family friendly and very open.

Alino Pizzeria
You walk in and order your choice of pizza (most pizzas are $16-$20, a little expensive), and then take a seat at a wooden table anywhere.

Alino Pizzeria

You’ll likely share the table with others. They have plastic utensils and paper plates available. The pizzas come out VERY QUICKLY, within minutes, which is great if you are hungry. They use authentic brick oven pizzas from Italy. You can order bottles or beer or wine as well.

I usually prefer thin crust pizza anyway, so I love this. I do wish there was more cheese, sauce and toppings on the pizza, though. You can go up and get marinara sauce on the side.

Don’t skip out on the Italian desserts if you come here! They have rotating flavors of gelato, cheesecake and two cannolis (chocolate chip and pistachio). We tried the cheesecake and chocolate chip cannoli – both were delicious and the cannoli comes with vanilla cream coming out of both ends – a major plus for me.

Alino Pizzeria

I will definitely be coming back more often. They also have a beautiful patio for warmer weather!

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