Feb 23, 2016  |  #Charlotte

This is one of my favorite taco/tex-mex place in Charlotte. I feel pretty good about saying that they have some of the city’s best tacos.

We tried 4 tacos- the mahi, pollo rojo, pork belly and steamed bun.

The pollo rojo was by farrrr my favorite, and per the waitress, is one of their most popular tacos, for good reason. With queso fresco, white onion and a lime sauce, you can’t go wrong and the chicken is shredded, so easy to eat in taco form. Everything about this taco was perfect.

The pork belly with pineapple was also quite tasty. The pork had a chili marinade glaze which really beefed up the flavor 10 fold. The 4 inch tortillas are homemade and very yummy!


Bakersfield Tacos

Taco prices are reasonable; $4 each and $3 for a vegetarian one.

They have a few rotating taps but most of their craft beer come in bottles/cans, but have a great selection of locals with noda, birdsong and triple C.

Unfortunately, they don’t give complimentary chips and salsa like typical Mexican places.

I love the atmosphere and the garage doors that open up the outside. Beautiful wooden central bar. Bring your peeps and enjoy the pitcher margs and some yummy tacos!

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