Beach Week and Eats

  Jul 2, 2020  |  #Travel

We’re wrapping up our final day few days here on Oak Island. This was a much needed and well-enjoyed beach vacation!

We took Camryn to the beach when she was 1, but it was just for a day (once to Oak Island, and she spent some time on the beach in Block Island), but it was nothing like this full week on the beach.

toddler playing in sand at the beach

Plus, she’s currently at the age where she actually understands and enjoys both the sand and the water. We had a blast!

The water temperature was very comfortable, which is saying a lot for me because I am a wimp with cold water! But, we actually spent a lot of time in the water because it felt so good. And we spent a lot of time in the sand, too 🙂

mom and toddler sitting on the beach

We brought a bunch of food with us and got a few groceries so we could mostly eat at the house. We did eat out one night at Fishy Fishy, in Southport. 

Here’s some of what we enjoyed, in no particular order. 

Shrimp in a honey soy garlic sauce with homemade russet potato fries, asparagus and salad.

shrimp with fries and salad

The best bruschetta type appetizer that my friend Emily taught us to make. Slice ciabatta bread and toast it slightly. Add a layer of goat cheese (we used a honey goat cheese).

Roast cherry tomatoes and add those when they reach your desired roastness. Then, top with a balsamic glaze. 

toasted bread appetizer on plate

We packed lots of fruit for the beach. Camryn is in a big peach phase right now. We picked some up at the Oak Island Farmers Market on Monday. 

toddler eating peach on beach chair

Pancakes, eggs and bacon. The makings of a great beach breakfast!

plate with pancakes, plate with eggs, and bacon on paper towel on a table

Watermelon, local peppers, peach, chips and sweet potato turkey burgers. With a pickle because I feel like chips and a pickle go together!

plate with watermelon, peach, pepper chips and a burger

Turkey burger with greens and some of my leftover salmon from Fishy Fishy. 

burger with salad on white plate

More fruit on the beach! Hydrating and refreshing. 

holding up watermelon at the beach

Bagel with peanut butter and banana. 

bagel with peanut butter and banana

We made lentil spaghetti one night that we brought from home, and topped it with the leftover shrimp!

pasta with shrimp and salad on white plate with blue plate next to it

These were Camryn’s chicken nuggets from Fishy Fishy. She wasn’t very into them, although she ate my salmon. So, I had them for lunch the next day paired with an orange and some grape tomatoes. 

chicken tenders, fries and fruit on a plate

There’s a great ice cream spot near the house we stayed at that we went to a few times. Although, I was pretty disappointed that when we went, nearly NO ONE had a mask on. The employees did, of course, but the people buying ice cream did not. 

ice cream in white cup

So, as you can see, lots of repurposing leftovers, and making things easy for our beach eats. Lunches were mostly sandwiches (PB&J, PB& Banana or Turkey) with chips or crackers and fruit. 

For breakfasts, we did a lot of yogurt and fruit mixes, pancakes, eggs and bagels!

Phew, a fun trip! Now, we’re mostly staying put until baby #2 makes his/her appearance in August. 

mom, dad and daughter family photo on the beach

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  1. I was so jealous when you posted pictures and stories from the beach last week. We leave for a town near Virginia Beach this weekend and will be renting a house so we won’t leave except for groceries. So disappointing people aren’t wearing masks. Just reminds me we can only control our own actions if state/local governments or businesses don’t require them. I’ll be sporting my mask when I’m out of Illinois though (they’re required here)

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