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  Feb 5, 2016  |  #Charlotte

Well, this has been on the bucket list for quite some time, as a high quality, well known restaurant in Charlotte. BLT is located in the Ritz hotel, and is somewhere you go for a special event or romantic evening. Restaurant week, offering 3 courses for $35.00, is a great opportunity to try out BLT, which is just what I did!

While the menu offerings for Restaurant Week are much more limited, you can still get an idea of the quality of the food. I chose to start with the cauliflower risotto (risotto with charred cauliflower on top). We also tried the butternut squash soup. I found the risotto to be really delicious, creamy and a perfect touch of milk/cheese flavor.

cauliflower risotta
I had the salmon for my entree, which was beautifully presented. It came with couscous and some chopped kombucha squash. This was good, but I think the salmon could have been a little more flavorful and seasoned, as it seemed a bit dry. We also tried the hanger steak. Having had BAD hanger steak in the past, I know just how important it is to get the right texture and avoid chewy and flavorless cuts. BLT knows their steak though, obviously, because this was more than flavorful and so tender, not chewy. Even the french fries were delicious!

salmon_BLT hanger steak_BLT

For dessert, we both got the peanut butter chocolate mousse, which needs no description. Peanut butter + chocolate = heaven. And the texture was perfect – so moist. Plus, accompanied with ice cream to soak it all up. Such a great dessert!chocolate peanut butter cake
I hope you get a chance to try BLT for a special occasion because it’s one of those dinners out that is truly a memorable experience.

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