Blue Star Donuts

  Oct 12, 2015  |  #Portland

Blue Star has a great variety of flavors to choose from, including delightful flavors like chocolate ganache, creme brulee, maple bacon, blueberry basil, mexican hot chocolate, tiramisu, lemon poppyseed, strawberry glaze, coconut cheesecake, PB&J, etc. I could go on.

My first time here, I tried the lemon poppyseed with a citrus glaze and the coconut cheesecake donut. I thought I would like the cheescake one more but I actually liked the lemon poppy seed. The glaze added so much more to the flavor and it was delicious.

Blue star box Bluestar donut offerings

Bluestar_coconut cheesecake

Blue Star_lemon poppyseed

PART 2: Upon returning to Blue Star, I tried four new flavors to split among some friends. Below we have the buttermilk old fashioned, the maple bacon, the vanilla chocolate crunch (with a vanilla custard filling), and the marionberry pepper jam with peanut butter powder, a modern twist on PBJ. I loved the Buttermilk Old Fashioned (just a classic) and the PBJ one most! (top left corner)

blue star flavor four Bluestar_Marionberry with PB_Maple Bacon




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