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  May 13, 2016  |  #Favorites

Hello, happy friday to all of you lovely people!

Something really cool happened this week –> I was published in the Charlotte Agenda for a post about 6 great salad spots. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m really trying to ingrain myself more in the Charlotte culture. Baby steps!

Now that it’s mid MAY (whattt?), I felt like it was an appropriate time to check in with my bucket list.

2016 BLT bucket list

Back in January, I made a bucket list of things I wanted to do this year, and I thought it was an appropriate time to check in on some of those goals and adventures! My one word was balance. I also really wanted to focus on following up with things I said I wanted to do, and actually doing them. So, how am I doing there?

Workouts: I definitely feel more balanced in my exercise routine. I’ve tried so many different workout classes and have become much more consistent with strength training. Nothing can replace my love for running, but I love having supplements and options for cross training.  I was doing yoga consistently for a while (a week straight!) but that faded when the weather warmed up. I do enjoy some yoga videos for light stretching. I’m actually pretty happy with my overall routine, so I think I’ll save money on going to a yoga studio and rather, continue to do random videos at home here and there. I’m currently on my 4th day straight off from running. Ed and I decided it’s probably best to take a couple weeks off to allow my hip to heal. I’m actually loving all the cross training though!

HSM Core 2

xtend barre

Nutrition: I had made goals to incorporate more plant-based options into my diet and lifestyle and I can say 100% that I have done that. I’m probably having meatless meals 3-4 nights/week. My intake of eggs has gone way up, and I’m buying tofu and tempeh on the regular. Our favorite meat choices are chicken sausage and ground turkey, so we do always keep those on hand! I’m still working on the buying local mindset and supporting local farmers, and the Produce Box is definitely helping expose me to new farms and products!

The Produce Box

Farmers Market


  • Begin to grow BLT and learn more about blogging —> Done, way more than I even planned on doing in 5 months. I’ve learned more about SEO, social media, working with brands, networking, etc. Still way more to be done, but it’s a start! I’m no longer ashamed of sharing my blog with others.
  • Go rock climbing – DONE

rock climbing

  • Take a painting class – DONE

wine and paint

  • Explore more Charlotte restaurants (obviously, I was going to accomplish this, no brainer) – DONE
  • Join a book club – I haven’t quite done this but I am reading so much more! I love love my amazon kindle and with prime, I can “rent” one book each month for free, and they have daily deals and great reads for less than $2.00!
  • Get more involved in the Charlotte local culture – YES! I’ve had lunch with local bloggers, gone to Skillpop “pop up” classes, gave talks at local running stores, dinner events with food bloggers, and joined some local professional groups. I didn’t expect to immerse myself so much so quickly (I’m an introvert) but I’m so glad I have!
  • Have an outdoor picnic – DONE!

picnic foods

Some that are in the works:

  • Traveling to a new place (potentially a big trip planned this summer)
  • Take a photography DSLR class (next month – all signed up!)

Still on the bucket list:

  • Brew kombucha – I’m intimidated. Help?! Really, I need help. I spend alot of money on booch.
  • Join a local team. Still would love to join a softball team!
  • Take a girls trip
  • Donate to a charity (that has meaning to me)
  • Get a dog!
  • Run my first marathon (hopefully this fall!)

Also, while I haven’t baked bread from scratch just yet, I did make cinnamon buns from scratch, so I see that as a step in the right direction!

I have many professional goals, but for now, I’m trying to enjoy the ride, and really develop meaningful relationships with my clients and become a well-versed, competent nutrition practitioner. My job allows the one-on-one counseling aspect, which I love, but also offers opportunities for group talks, grocery store tours, lunch and learns, and corporate wellness presentations, which are great for reaching more people. I love how we can communicate information to others.

sugar sugar

At times I’m feeling overwhelmed with learning all the skills and keeping up with it all, but experience is truly the best teacher. I’ve really spent some time and money investing in my nutrition career so I can develop my weaknesses, and eventually turn them into strengths.

There isn’t anything that can’t be done. If you’re willing to spend some time and put in the effort, you really are capable of learning anything, acquiring a new skill, or reaching a new goal.

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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve felt uncomfortable while attempting new things, starting awkward conversations, going to networking events, feeling more confident, trying new skills, etc. But when you look back on it with an overall lens, each experience and opportunity has really veered me further along in my desired course.

I guess what I’m trying to say is…don’t be afraid to branch out!

Have you checked back with any 2016 goals? Are you where you want to be?

Tell me about your bucket list.

36 responses to “Bucket List Check In

  1. I am an animal eater FOR SURE – but oddly enough, I have sort of cut back a tad bit on it… Nothing crazy, but sometimes I just supplement vegan protein powder into the mix … Cause it tastes AWESOME mixed with coconut milk and made into ICE CREAM! 😀

  2. There’s a famous line from the movie Caddyshack that basically emphasizes taking positive control of your life and making the things you want to happen….to happen. BE THE BALL….
    You are doing that Sarah. Keep it going!!!

  3. You’ve done a lot!!! Kombucha – doooooo it! I’ve had my scoby for 4 years. It saves SO much money. You can grow your own, but I think it’s easier just to buy one. This is all you need: http://amzn.to/1Wyxrcq. Look at the frequently bought together underneath and get that big glass jar too. Then you’re in business!

    Do the softball too! I play every Sunday. Well, not this week because KNEE. But whatever. We’ve met some great friends playing… and that’s how I first met Vegas. Not that that’s applicable to you… LOL!

    1. Ahh ok you are making this really easy for me – thanks for all of the tips! I love softball leagues – I have played in a few but it’s nice how liad back they are, compared to the intensity of softball in college!

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