Cabo Fish Taco

  Feb 8, 2016  |  #Charlotte

Cabo is one of my favorite local places for Mexican cuisine – it’s a little more upscale than your authentic Mexican place, but the atmosphere screams fun, social drinking, and good food. Plus, it’s in the Noda neighborhood, full of great vibes and where the whole street is filled with eclectic restaurants and bars you can hop in and out of. The first Cabo Fish Taco I actually tried was in Blacksburg, Va., their other location, but I much prefer this Charlotte one.

What you should know:

The menu is very varied, and offers a mix of Mexican cuisine with a modern fusion. You should order fish tacos (DUH), particularly the BBQ Mahi Mahi ones. I really enjoy how they flavor their salmon dishes as well.

cabo fish taco_salmon

They also have a lengthy margarita list, if you are a tequila lover, which I assume you are if you are contemplating Cabo.

Don’t miss out on some of their great flavors, like the pomegranate margarita or their El Cheapo, for only $6!

Cabo fish Taco

The salsa that comes with the chips is very good and addicting, with their pico de gallo/corn mixture. I always get seconds and thirds.

cabo fish taco chips
Great spot for groups, beer drinking, or margarita drinking!

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