Camryn’s First Birthday Party Weekend (Weekend Recap)

  Apr 1, 2019  |  #Baby

I couldn’t get this post up yesterday because this weekend was so jam-packed in the best way possible. We had family in town for Camryn’s first birthday party and then her baptism on Sunday. Despite all of the business, Camryn was a trooper throughout!

Friday started with her first year professional photos. I had bought a package with our photographer for maternity photos, newborn photos, 6 month photos and one-year photos. I can’t believe we’re already at the year mark! We went back to the park where we did our maternity photos since it seemed natural to do that – full circle a year later! We did some photos in the park with Camryn walking around (it’s very difficult to get her to sit still) and us holding her. I can’t wait to see them, especially the “action” shots that are less posed.

We ended the photo shoot with a little cake smash, which I was SUPER excited about. Camryn, on the other hand, wasn’t too into the cake. I joked with Ed if this is really my child, given my love for sweets. We had to dip her hands into the frosting and move it around for photo’s sake, but she just wasn’t that curious about digging in. This girl prefers asparagus and broccoli, I guess 🙂

baby cake smash at a park

Then, we headed back to the house to prepare for family arrival. We ordered pizza and were all in bed by 9:30 that night preparing for the weekend ahead.


Saturday, we did a fun group run to the downtown coffee shop (about 3 miles). There were 4 of us, plus Camryn and Tater (Cam=not amused). I’m sure we were a site to see. We took turns pushing the running stroller. The weather was beautiful. We got our iced coffees and a scone and walked most of the way back so we could enjoy them. Such a great way to start a Saturday!

Then, I fed Camryn and put her down for a nap so we could start decorating. We blew up some balloons and got some of the other decorations ready while the men picked up BBQ (for lunch) and some other necessities from Target. I got these monthly photo holders from Party City.

We spent most of the party time outside in the yard. It was a gorgeous day, 75 degrees. I made sure to put lots of baby sunscreen on Cam and later put a hat on her. I made a last minute birthday purchase with this water table from Amazon, and I’m so glad I did. I knew Cam would love it because she loves all things water and she’s tall enough to play in it. Let’s just say we had 3 outfit changes because she got soaked.

We came in and sang happy birthday and similar to the cake smash the day before, she wasn’t into her cupcake at all.


We had most of my family staying at our house Saturday night so it was fun to wake up and make pancakes and eggs for everyone – so cozy! Oh, and my sister who was finishing grad school in Australia surprised us at the party! We originally thought she was coming back to the US in a month but she didn’t want to miss this weekend so surprisingly booked her trip a month earlier.

As luck would have it, Camryn pretty much boycotted her morning nap Sunday, I think I got maybe 20 minutes out of her. I was a little apprehensive going into the 11:00 service where she would be baptized because I was afraid she would be cranky. However, she was her delightful and happy little self. She was “bah bahing” during the church service making her cute little baby noises. We had lots of toys on hand just in case.

baby chewing on wubanub during baptism

She did so well during the baptism, too! She was waving to the congregation and kids up at the front, which helped keep her attention.

After the service, we had everyone back at our house for sandwiches and some college basketball. After family left, I did a 7 mile run, which I thought was a nice way to round out the perfect weekend. We were all exhausted come Monday morning. Camryn’s actual birthday is Thursday, so we’ll probably just do something low key. I’m starting to write my 12 month baby and mortherhood update and hope to share that next week with you guys.

Moms, was your baby into their first cake/cupcakes?

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8 responses to “Camryn’s First Birthday Party Weekend (Weekend Recap)

  1. It sounds like you had one of those busy, full, exhausting wonderful weeks. I love how Cam did so well during her baptism. <3 That group run also sounds like a lot of fun.

    1. So funny! I can see Camryn being all about someone else’s cake too – something about always wanting what’s not theirs 😉

  2. What a great surprise to have your sister be able to make it to the party! I hope you had a great weekend. As a sweets lover I don’t quite understand how Cam wasn’t into her cake/cupcake. She must not fully grasp how delicious cake is quite yet 🙂

    1. We were all shocked – no one knew except Ed! And I’m sure her taste buds will change 😉

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