Camryn’s First Thanksgiving

  Nov 28, 2018  |  #Lifestyle

Good morning! I hope you are feeling refreshed on this Monday morning. For me, the work week after family holidays are a little tough because I find myself missing the family time and memories. On the other hand, though, it feels good to be back to a little structure.

We had a nice week just south of Savannah, Georgia. We got to see one of my sister’s (the other one is in Australia) and my brother. My brother’s fiance (he is newly engaged) stopped by for a day, too! Camryn had a great time with family and TWO dogs. She loves Tater, but she is always in awe of new dogs she doesn’t see everyday.

I can’t even recall what we did day to day. We didn’t really leave the house much – we watched netflix, rode bikes and climbed stairs with Camryn (these are some of her new hobbies), went on lots of walks and bike rides, ate lots of yummy food and drank lots of coffee.

We celebrated Thanksgiving a few days early, so we could enjoy time with my sister before she went to see her fiance and his family.

We fried a turkey. My dad is a pro at this.

We had a traditional spread – turkey, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes (with marshmellows) and cornbread.

Here’s how I filled my plate:

Camryn enjoyed a spread of her own!

And then she had fun biking around.

And got upset when we told her we were out of pumpkin pie!

Speaking of pie, I had blueberry pie for breakfast one day.

We went into Savannah one afternoon and did a trolley tour around before grabbing dinner. Cam loved looking out the window and towards the front of the trolley.

As always, it was so good to be with family.

I hope my American readers had a nice Thanksgiving.

Ever fried a turkey? Do you prefer the white or dark meat?


6 responses to “Camryn’s First Thanksgiving

  1. Looks like a great Thanksgiving! We’ve never tried frying a turkey but my dad has talked about it before. Maybe one day!

  2. Aw yay for family time! Did Camryn have a favorite Thanksgiving food? I love her outfit…I couldnt find any Thanksgiving specific outfits this year for Aubrey and I was disappointed!

  3. I love reading and seeing pictures of “family time”, especially at such a special time as Thanksgiving. There is no better way to have a turkey than deep frying it – I have used peanut oil which is fairly expensive…
    Sarah, I think Savannah is one of the most beautiful cities in the US and have taken that same trolley tour as you. The bar & pub scene on River Street and at City Market is fantastic!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful time. So exciting that you have two engaged siblings! Seems like a really fun time for your family. Camryn and I have the same face when we hear there is no pumpkin pie left ha.

    I think we fried a turkey once but the one your Dad made looks delicious! I prefer white meat for any bird.

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