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What I’m looking forward to: Pre-Baby

I haven’t done an official Friday Favorites in a while so we’re kicking it back off with some highlights from the week. I figured I’d throw in some things I’m looking forward to as well, because that’s fun 🙂 I would love to hear what you guys are looking forward to in the comments!

It seem like each day is bringing so much to the table in terms of new experiences and to do’s to cross off the list. A good friend of ours who’s due date was 2 days prior to mine had her baby last weekend (4 weeks early). As I head look into 37 weeks next week, I’m just reminding myself that it could happen any day now!

Speaking of, we’ve been super productive with getting necessary things done: Hospital bag is packed, carseats are installed, clothes are washed, nursery is just about done, big things are assembled. We had our prenatal meeting with the doula and we’re feeling much more confident all around.

I didn’t get to my weekend recap this week, so here are some recent things that have been happening.

My Sister is Engaged!

My sister got engaged! Her fiance had reached out to us a few weeks ago about how he was going to do it, and unfortunately, while we couldn’t fly up to Boston for the big reveal, we face-timed in and got to feel like we were a part of the celebration. They are coming to visit a few months after the baby is born so I will just have to celebrate in person with her then!

Friday Favorites

NC Dietetic Association Meeting

Last Friday, I spent the day at the North Carolina yearly dietetic association meeting. It’s a one day conference where dietitians get together for networking and continuing education. I was interested in all of the talks this year, and feel like I came away with some more knowledge which is always good. A few instagram followers came up and introduced themselves, which was exciting. I love meeting people in person. I felt like it was a great conference overall. I did feel a bunch of Braxton Hick like contractions in the early morning, and I joked with my friend Sam that she may have to drive me to the hospital if I went into labor there. lol. Baby girl was just really active that day.

I was so happy to see a presentation about Health at Every Size. It’s still not a mainstream idea in the nutrition world yet, but the more we can educate other dietitians about this, the more people available with knowledge and skills to help the people who are struggling with dieting. I also enjoyed a great presentation about functional medicine for treating autoimmune disease, and a presentation by Molly Kellogg on motivational interviewing. Pretty much anyone in the dietetic counseling world knows her, so it was quite a privilege to listen to her speak!

Health At Every Size


Baby Runner Clothes

As soon as I saw this Etsy shop from another runner, I headed to Etsy and placed some orders for the baby. Obviously, she’s gotta have some running attire, and I just think these are so adorable.

Friday Favorites

Things I’m looking forward to

Meeting Baby

Well, this is an obvious one. Clearly, I can’t wait for this moment. The first moment I lay eyes on her and get to hold her close. The first time I hear her cry and see her smile. I’m even excited for the first dirty diaper. I’m not worried about the sleepless nights, although I’m sure they will eventually take a toll. I just can’t wait to meet you, baby!

Friday Favorites

Returning to Running

I’m looking forward to getting back to running, eventually. I’m not going to get ahead of myself. I know my body will need lots of recovery after birth, whether it’s a vaginal or C-section birth. And I’m not going to rush anything.

But the thought of training for something gets me so excited. The early morning runs when I’m done with my miles before lots of people even wake up. The pre-race nerves and jitters that I secretly love. Talking with other runners about strategies. Meeting up with other runners for group runs. The satisfaction of washing all of my running clothes. The high after hitting that interval. I’m excited to experience all of those feelings again.

Friday Favorites


We actually have a lot of travel planned in the upcoming months – some of which makes me a little anxious, but mostly excited. Baby’s first trip will be in late June. We’re going up to Portland, Maine for my mom’s birthday and some of the family will be running the Portland Half Marathon. I don’t know if I’ll be ready to return to running by then, but am happy to be the spectator with little miss. Maine has been on my bucket list forever, so I’m excited to experience the summery sites and food there, too. We have weddings to travel to in both July and September too. And, I’m hoping sometime between then, we can sneak away to the beach for a mini vacation.

Springy Weather

The weather gets a little TOO warm for me here in Charlotte in the summer, but I love the spring. The 70s and even low 80s I can deal with. I love the sunshine and can’t wait to be outside, sipping beers at a local brewery or eating lunch al fresco.

Friday Favorites

New Website!

I know I mentioned this before but I’m excited for my new website design. Hopefully it will be done soon. I hope you guys love it as much as I do!

That’s it for now…my mom is here for the weekend to help us with preparation and getting everything in order! Nesting time.

What’s on the agenda for your weekend?

What are you looking forward to?

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  1. Congrats to your sister! I’ve never been to Maine but would love to visit there someday, so I’m excited to hear what you think! I wish we had warmer weather over here–it’s set to snow again next week! :[

  2. Love your picture by the water. First time since I had my accident to be able to have my grandsons come stay for the weekend! Love my Mimi time! Getting very anxious to welcome another Schlichter into the world! Love and blessings to you and Ed! ❤️

  3. yayyyy excitement all around! 🙂 I’m so excited for you, & can’t wait to hear the name(s) you’ve picked out!

  4. Things are happening fast, and time is flying by 🙂 Soon you will meet your little bundle of joy. The little runner clothes are just too adorable. Congrats to your sister Sarah, and enjoy the with your mom. 🙂

    Nothing much is planned on my side for the weekend, guess I will just take it as it comes.

  5. Soooo much coming!!!! And I’m excited for it all.

    Obviously, the baby first. But how you speak about running and how the thought of all those images makes you so excited is so nice to read. A true passion! It helps remind me that the things I may have to let go of from time to time will still be there, and even better when you get to reunite with them!

    That picture by the water…. absolutely beautiful. Congrats to your sis <3

  6. I love Caroline. That picture of her and Jamie is great. Best wishes for a smooth delivery. Can’t wait to see pictures of the baby! Tell your mom that Charleen’s mom says hello.

  7. I love the baby running clothes! Are you going to get a run jogger? They are MAD expensive! I’m looking forward to my LAST WEEKEND OF WORKING! I asked my boss to have weekends off for training this spring and summer and OH MY GOD she agreed! I wrote a presentation and prepared my speech lol (I had a lot of time being sick for 3 days) so this weekend is my last.
    Best to go out on a day we lose an hour of sleep =P