Chocolate Pumpkin Pie Protein Shake & WIAW

  Nov 4, 2015  |  #Eats

Good morning! I’m chipper this morning, enjoying my third cup of coffee and catching up on news. It was supposed to rain all week here in Portland but it has been pretty gorgeous the last few days, which makes me hopeful that this weekend (my last weekend here!) may be just as nice – hiking is in store!

So, let’s give dig right in to this week’s WIAW – thanks to Jenn and the gang for hosting! Here’s a typical day of eats for this #RD2be, but  please understand that I sometimes unconsciously pull out snacks and eat them before even I realize what is happening – this is my life. 

Today, I noticed my meals consisted of alot of bowls. That’s not abnormal with me, but weird to have 3 in a day.  I did run longer yesterday so today, my meals were a little smaller and my in-between snacks a little larger, but isn’t that the pleasure of life? Mixin it up! I always try to listen to what my body wants. For breakfast, 90% of the time, I crave oatmeal. 


1/2 cup oats/banana/1/3 cup frozen blueberries/1 tbsp chia seeds/1 tbsp cocoa powder/2 tbsp drippy pb
1/2 cup oats, banana, 1/3 cup frozen blueberries, 1 tbsp chia seeds, 1 tbsp cocoa powder, 2 tbsp drippy pb

I was starving by 10 am so snacked on some baby carrots, snap peas with hummus, and a leftover piece of this pumpkin banana bread. 

IMG_2311 IMG_2312



rice cake snacks
one rice cake with pb and 1/2 banana and one rice cake with hummus and smashed avocado


arugula salad with curried tofu, chickpeas, beets, cheese, grapes
arugula salad with curried tofu, chickpeas, beets, cheese, grapes & pineapple


In the afternoon, I snacked on some apple slices while working on some nutrition meal plans for clients that I had appointments with earlier in the day. I have so much fun figuring out their macros based on their anthropometrics and exercise levels and giving them options for foods and snacks that fit in their goals. Nerd alert.


Then, we stopped by a retirement party for an employee with lots of goodies. I had a rice krispy treat and mini lemon bar. They were very small so the perfect size for a late afternoon treat!




Nothing glamorous for dinner; just another bowl of me trying to get rid of random things I have left in the fridge- this one with a bed of quinoa, topped with tuna, some greens, broccoli, brussel sprouts and cauliflower. I had two servings along with an unpictured sweet potato.



And then for dessert, I had a piece of this lovely Banana Cream Pie from Random Order Coffee House. It was probably the best piece of pie I’ve had in my life! I wish I could say I split this with my hubby, but alas, I licked it clean myself. I love whipped cream and custards and once I dug in, I was a goner. Ending the day on a high note, right?

Random Order Coffee House Banana Cream Pie


Now I have a simple, quick, delicious, healthy, seasonal recipe for you – was that enough adjectives?  Well, how about keeping it simple: I made a delicious smoothie yesterday. Usually, I stick to the basics – frozen banana, frozen blueberries, almond milk, greek yogurt, spinach, peanut butter and sometimes protein powder. But after my run, I was craving something different. Then I spotted the leftover pumpkin puree and I knew I had to incorporate it.

I’m not proud of this and I’m still shocked by it myself, but I have yet to have a PSL this fall (gasp!). Don’t worry though, I’m definitely getting my pumpkin fixes in through oatmeal, pancakes, breads and chocolate (new fav snack is a tie between this mint and pumpkin flavor).


But I wanted some pumpkin lovin’ in my smoothie. Knowing that chocolate goes well with just about everything, it only seemed right to make a chocolate pumpkin pie smoothie. Cheers to nutrients + taste!

This bad boy is packed with protein, vitamins, and even veggies (from the pumpkin and optional greens) – it’s a winner. It’s more like a milkshake if you ask me – naturally sweet, creamy and feels indulgent (but it’s not). Using chocolate protein powder is optional but it definitely helps give it that chocolate punch. Otherwise, you could add another tablespoon of cocoa powder. I added a little more milk to thin mine out, but you can keep this as thick as you like, and eat it with a spoon if you so desire. I used plain greek yogurt because I always have some on hand and love adding it in for extra protein, but that’s optional! To make it vegan, use non-dairy milk and leave out the yogurt.





Talk to me:

What’s your favorite pie?

Do you like your meals in a bowl?

21 responses to “Chocolate Pumpkin Pie Protein Shake & WIAW

  1. Your salad lunch looks so delicious. Mmmm, arugula, tofu, chickpeas and cheese are some of my favourite ingredients. What a wonderful midday meal! I have “bowls” like your dinner all the time. Just a mix of leftovers topped with toppings – so great!

  2. Ahh so many of my favourite things in one day 🙂 I really go through phases when it comes to “bowls” – there seem to be periods where I crave everything mixed together and others that I gravitate toward “snack plates” with a bunch of separate tastes. Bowls are certainly great for using leftovers though, like you said. I love barkTHINS but haven’t tried that flavour yet. Hope I can find it!!

  3. Nothing is better than a thick & delicious bowl (or glass) pumpkin smoothie. Thanks for sharing your recipe. It sounds tasty!

  4. YUM!! This smoothie looks delicious… also those rice cakes?! YUM! What fun toppings! Love the savory and sweet varieties!

  5. I’ll take two smoothies and a piece of pie please!!

    My stomach was growling while reading!

    Time to get my eat on! Another great read!

    Thank you!

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