Dec 16, 2015  |  #Charlotte

I was actually reallllly excited to try this place having come from Portland where grain and macro bowls and fresh, organic, trendy and “diet-friendly” places like this are everywhere.

As for the environment, the customer service was great, everyone was friendly and available to answer questions. They also encourage you to try things you’re not familiar with, and they are very flexible with switching out certain ingredients for others. The inside space was clean, and their outdoor patio was nice too!


I got the Falafel market plate, which i think was a great combo of kale, falafels, raddish tabbouleh, quinoa/lentils. I would suggest adding another smaller source of protein, such as edamame in there, too. The lemon tahini dressing that they suggest with it is really good. I love any lemon based dressing and this was no different. The tahini base gives it a much creamier and thicker taste, which I think goes well with the kale and quinoa/millet mix which is so thin. Plus, it’s good for bread dipping. I also got the greek tzatziki because that always goes well with falafels, and it did not disappoint.

chopt bowl

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