Coffee Chat, April 2019

  Apr 25, 2019  |  #Lifestyle

Sorry for my absentness this week, you guys. It’s been a whirlwind. Let’s catch up, shall we?

Beach Recap 

So, we went to the beach last weekend like I mentioned. It wasn’t the relaxing beach experience you would imagine. Ed developed some sort of rash and I had my first clogged duct experience. And let me tell you, that is not fun. I ordered some lecithin and took that, and even saw a midwife on Monday upon returning to Charlotte. As it goes, things are okay now but I was worried for a bit.

Poor Camryn and Tater because we couldn’t give them the attention they deserved but we did get out on the beach a little. 

Tater loved running around the beach at sunset. She’s so fun to watch. 

dog running on the beach

Oh well, life with kids, amirite? It never goes as planned. But seriously, how do you care for children when both parents are sick/out of commission? It’s VERY challenging!

Family picture in porch swing


Sports Nutrition Credentials

You don’t have to have a certification in sports nutrition to practice sports nutrition, but it is an option and I think credentials are more powerful and can also help with learning. I am considering getting my CSSD (Board Certified Specialist in Sports Nutrition). It won’t be a quick process by any means. You have to acquire 1500ish hours of continuing education and what they would consider approved work and then sit for a board exam, which you have to renew every 5 years.

But, I love the science of sports nutrition and I’m also really passionate about marrying sports nutrition and intuitive eating (more on that soon). I have been reading this sports nutrition manual, and so far, it’s gold. If I developed a resource about sports nutrition + intuitive eating, would you be interested?

Fun New Snacks

I’ve shared about these on my instagram stories, but have you heard of watermelon seed butter? It may be the new seed butter! 88 Acres, a nut-free snack and granola company, sent me some samples to try. 

88 Acres Seed Butter

I wouldn’t describe the taste of it as tasting like watermelon or watermelon seeds, but it’s definitely a little different from the nut butter taste. It’s also a lighter color, but still creamy and drippy like nut butter. They have a sweetened and no-sugar added option. 

Also enjoying some fun goodies from The Safe and Fair Company who makes snacks free of the top 8 allergens and donates 3% of portions to allergy and asthma research. I’ve been loving the birthday cake granola and pea protein chips. 

Birthday cake granola

Their products are only available online right now and they are currently offering free shipping, plus you can get 20% off with the code: BLTUMMY20, or just order here. 


So, I had surgery on my toe on Wednesday, which you may have seen me talking about on Instagram. Basically, I had a weird bone growth under one of my toe nails that wasn’t necessarily painful, but instead very bizarre and awkward. So, the podiatrist wanted to take it off to biopsy it, just to be safe.

The surgery wasn’t too bad – they numbed me and gave me some anesthesia so before I knew it, I was all done.

I’ve spent the last day and a half in bed or on the couch icing and elevating. I have to try to stay off it for a few days. Luckily, I have help with Camryn and I did plenty of meal prep before so I can just heat up easy meals for the next few days! There is some throbbing here and there. 

I don’t know what recovery will look like, but I have a check in next week so the doctor can look at the stitches. I really hope I won’t be out too long for running, but it is what it is. I’ll do whatever I can to prioritize a quick recovery. 

That’s about all I have to report this week.

I’m still making my way through Daring Greatly (loving it and taking alot away from it), and I also picked up Roar from the library to read (interested in seeing what Stacy Sims has to say about physiology). 

Daring Greatly

I do have a post coming your way about carbohydrates for runners (and why I don’t recommend low carb diets).

It’s heavily research focused, so it’s taking me longer than I anticipated to put the finishing touches on it. 

Would you be interested in a resource on sports nutrition and intuitive eating?

Have you ever had surgery? How was recovery?


5 responses to “Coffee Chat, April 2019

  1. Sorry to hear about your surgery, Sarah….I’m sure you will overcome and adapt and be up & running very soon – Good luck!

  2. Isn’t anesthesia a wonderful thing!? I was so nervous before my surgery and it was a piece of cake-just like how you described. Hope you have a smooth recovery. I have a different brand of watermelon seed butter at home and I try to eat it to switch things up BUT it’s flavor is not all that pleasant on it’s own (in My opinion). I like it when it’s paired with something sweet or adding jelly. So I’m intrigued by this one because you mentioned it comes sweetened which might really make it good!

    1. Thanks for the recovery wishes! I haven’t even tried the non sweetened one yet (lol), I think the sweetened one is good!

  3. Oh my goodness this week hit you with all the things! As life does – all at once.

    What a weekend you must have had. I hope both you and Ed are on the way up and feeling more recovered, and I hope the healing process from your operation is quick and smooth.

    I think getting your specialized Sports Nutrition credential makes perfect sense. This is what you love, and one of your greatest gifts.

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