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Coffee Chat, March 2019

Happy Monday!

Let’s catch up over a cup of coffee, shall we? I’m having my favorite (an oat milk latte), and I’ll probably order a soft cookie (if we’re at my favorite coffee shop too) because they’re freshly baked and sprinkled and who doesn’t want one of those?

I didn’t mean to disappear on you last week but I came down with the flu. I started having chills and then felt really hot all of Monday night, to the point where I didn’t get much sleep. Tuesday I went to the doctors for my toe, and they ended up taking my temperature and I had a fever. So, they tested me for the flu, which ended up coming back positive. I did get a flu shot last fall, though I know it doesn’t 100% prevent the flu. I pretty much never (used to) get sick. I’m convinced that once you have kids, your immune system changes.

So this post is sort of a Friday Favorites and sort of a life catch up!

Thoughts on Rest

I just didn’t really have any energy at all last week and there was one day that I basically was in bed all day. I actually don’t enjoy just laying in bed all day not accomplishing anything so it played a bit of a mental game on me. It was almost like I had to retrain myself that it’s okay to not be productive and to rest. I had to uncouple rest with sleep, and remind myself that my body just needs plain old rest, just sitting, laying, doing nothing, expending very little amounts of energy (mental and physical). So, that’s what I did. I took so many baths (the muscles aches were real), and once I felt up to going outside, the fresh air felt wonderful and slow walks were great.

How do you like to “rest” if you’re not sleeping?

Camryn’s First Birthday

We’re throwing Camryn’s first birthday party in a few short weeks. How is she already one you guys? Remember when we brought her home? I actually haven’t re-read her birth story since then so I’ll probably read that again. We have her one year photos (with a fun smash cake I’m so excited for), and a low-key family party at home that weekend. She will be getting baptized that weekend too, so it actually will be a busy one that I will make sure to recap!

Coffee chat

For all my mom’s, what did you do for your little one’s first birthday? Theme?

Planning for Summer Travel

Our spring/summer and even fall travel schedule is going to be a little crazy. We’ve had some downtime but I know things are going to ramp up real soon. We have three family weddings coming up (Camryn is in two of them!), I have my sister’s bachlorette party, a girls weekend trip for my mom’s birthday, a 4th of July trip and more coming up. I’m excited but just a weee bit stressed about the logistics of everything.

We’re heading to Georgia this week because we’re having some work done on our house and just figure it’ll be easier to spend the week with my parents there!

summer travel

Do you have any summer travel coming up?

Bed Time Reading

Before bed is really the only time I use to unwind and read. While I prefer to read fictional stories, right now I’m actually into two books that are completely different. I’m reading Sick Enough, which is written by medical doctor and ED Specialist, Jennifer Gaudiani, which talks about patients suffering from and recovering from anorexia nervosa from a medical standpoint. So far, the book is easy to read and talks about everything medical but in an easy to digest way. It’s a little pricey but the information is spot on. I think it’s a great read for anyone in the medical field or working with eating disorder/disordered eating clients and wanting to learn more, or just someone wanting to learn more about what happens to your body as a result of eating disorders.

Sick Enough

The other book is more of a motivational one that I am enjoying so far, The Dark Side of the Light Chasers. (PS – I had a really bad habit of reading multiple things at once. Sometimes it’s hard to decide what I’m in the mood for so I like options. This can be problematic when I never actually finish a book and hop onto a new one so not necessarily sure I recommend it).

Do you like to read more than one book at once?

Current Shows

Well, you guys, I will say I got caught up in this season of the Bachelor. Now that it’s over, I’m looking for a new show. I love A Million Little Things on ABC, but I’m all caught up on that. We’ve started The Good Doctor on Hulu but I’m not 100% in just yet. This past week, I finished Working Moms (a netflix show) and really enjoyed it but was sad there was only one season.

What shows are you into currently?

I’ve got a busy day today. I have a therapist appointment, Camryn’s swim class, and then we have a checkup with her doctor later today. Have a great week!


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  1. Wow that ‘Sick Enough’ book sounds really good and sobering. I’m hoping you’re feeling better soon; I love resting by reading, listening to music, sometimes doing a gentle stretching routine, writing, watching a good movie. 🙂

    Camryn is so adorable. I love the sunglasses picture. She’s so cool. 🙂

  2. Time flies by! My sweet little Charlotte is turning 1 on April 27th… I can’t believe it. We’re going with the theme “One in a Melon” and having a watermelon theme. Super simple & cute ☺️

  3. The flu is the worst. It stinks the flu shot doesn’t 100% prevent the flu and it’s almost a guessing game (although I’m sure much more scientific) to try and figure out which strands of the flu to put in the shot.

    I can’t believe Camryn is almost 1! I feel like you just posted that you were pregnant. Some fun themes could be Crayola (my cousins did this one year), water/fish, or something simple with just a few colors that you can easily decorate with.

    You’re going to have so much fun on all of your trips! So far the only things planned for summer are a trip to Chicago for a big party to celebrate two of my siblings graduations and a trip to Vermont with Alex’s family. I’m sure something else may pop up though.

    Enjoy your time in Georgia and I hope you are feeling better!

  4. Oh man. When I need to rest, I literally just need to sit like a total zombie. Usually that’s what I do for my first 5 minutes at a coffeeshop. Just sit there starting at absolutely nothing. That’s almost as good a reset as a nap. Almost.

    I am alllwayyss reading more than one thing at once, aha. I just have zero attention span or focus to only have one thing on the go. Takes me longer to get through anything but I feel like I have options depending on how I feel in the moment…. ya know?

    Sure hope you start feeling better. And have a lovely time in Georgia this weekend!