Coffee Date – September 2018

  Sep 20, 2018  |  #Favorites

Hi friends! I figured it was time for a coffee date.

What are you having? I’m going with my favorite lavendar vanilla latte with oat milk. It’s a pretty penny, but I like to treat myself every week or so because it’s my favorite coffee shop.

Work/Life Balance

If we were having coffee today, I’d tell you that these last few months have been such a whirlwind. With finding childcare and starting back at work, I feel like I’ve exhausted any last bits of remaining energy I had. I’m definitely still learning how to balance my days with Cam with my work days. I enjoy getting out of the house and seeing clients, or going somewhere to just write. I know it’s good for me to be doing things that fill my cup too.¬† I pretty much have one long day at the office each week where I try to schedule most of my in-person clients then. For my virtual clients, I have a little more flexibility for scheduling them at various times (usually early in the morning or after Cam goes down). I feel fortunate to have such flexibility and it’s working just fine right now.

And when I take those days for me and my work, I feel more rejuvenated for the days I spend with Cam. She’s at the age where we can’t just stay at home all day. She’s so curious now and I want to introduce her to new things! So, we went to our first Baby Storytime at a local library last week, and I think that is something we’ll consider again.

How is work/life balance going for you? Any tips?

Want To’s

I still have so many things on my “want to do list” that I just haven’t gotten to yet. I’m trying to stay present and accept that this stage of life is fleeting and it won’t be this crazy forever. Having some childcare has helped tremendously with giving me more opportunities to do some work, and we may be increasing the amount of hours per week, which should help.

I am thinking that my next endeavor will be starting a regular instagram live series or instagram tv. What do you guys think? I’d be taking your requests and recommendation for topics and questions to answer!

There’s also some updates I want to do to the house but it seems like every time I actually have the time or opportunity to do so, I lose interest or I’m not feeling motivated. So, TBD – not sure when that will happen.

I also want to start training for something, likely a half marathon. I have been ramping up my running and starting to feel better overall. I’m still in no rush, but I feel like since things are starting to feel better, why not?


I’d ask how you and your community is doing, if you had any impact from Florence. Last weekend was the first weekend in a while where I can say I didn’t leave the house. Well that’s not true. I did a rainy run on Saturday, which was actually quite refreshing. But, we didn’t have any need to go anywhere (and were scared of flooding anyway) so we stayed put and ate lots of good food, like cookies, granola, egg muffins and snack plate.

This weekend we will be leaving the house. We are heading to Asheville for Ed’s family reunion. Alot of Ed’s (extended) family hasn’t met Camryn so they are all looking forward to it! Speaking of Camryn, maybe it’s time to do a 5.5 month update. She is just changing SO quickly and I love her little personality more and more every day.

I’d tell you I’m starting to get the travel bug again. I’d love to start planning a trip, I just don’t know where! We have some shorter distance driving trips coming up in the next few months, so that will quench my travel bug for now. But I’m thinking next spring, when or after Cam turns one, I want to travel somewhere new! Have you traveled lately? Where have you been or where is on your list?

Intuitive Eating

I’d also tell you that there’s been a lot of talk about intuitive eating in the dietitian community lately. There seems to be some misunderstanding between those who don’t quite understand intuitive eating, or different points of view on practicing and endorsing weight loss, etc.

I think it’s important to reiterate that intuitive eating can still be used with those who practice more restrictive diets, due to food allergies/intolerances and more serious conditions that require certain eating styles (i.e. diabetes, cancer, pcos, etc). I think it’s easy to be misconstrued that intuitive eating is eat what you want all day every day, and people believe that mostly includes sweets and non-nutritious foods. But, that’s not the case at all.

Would you guys like a post about this?

Tell me:

What’s filling your cup lately?

What’s on your upcoming agenda?

8 responses to “Coffee Date – September 2018

  1. With the weather cooling down, I’m trying to be better about taking Bailey out all the time. For a few weeks there, it was too dangerous for her to be outside for long or she would start panting and her black coat would be insanely hot to the touch. Lately I’ve been trying to fill my cup with some sort of puppy out every day while I just ignore other responsibilities and my phone.

    Upcoming agenda: dog/house sitting for Alex’s parents and celebrating our 2nd anniversary!

    Enjoy the reunion this weekend!

  2. I would love a post about intuitive eating and how it can be incorporated even with chronic health issues. I’m so glad y’all weren’t hit too hard with Florence; I saw the flooding, and the deaths made me so sad.

    We’ve been praying for you all a lot, and I hope your trip this weekend goes well.

    I’m definitely getting the travel bug especially for our trip to Mexico in a few weeks. Have you ever been down to the beach in Mexico?

  3. That latte looks bomb!

    I would love a post about intuitive eating and ibs or just sensitive stomachs from running.

  4. Ahhhhh. And I feel like we just had a lovely afternoon together in a coffee shop. Until it happens in person one day, this will do! I’ll take one of those expensive lavender lattes too, please.

    Is really wonderful to hear that you feel like you are figuring out the balance between you time and Mom time. I think it’s incredibly important for you to take this time for yourself. How else will you be your best Mom to Cam? Who, by the way, looks like an absolute joy. I smile every time I see her smile.

    I have an overflowing travel bug right now. So much so that I think I may do something crazy and spontaneous in January. We’ll see. I’ve started to plan a trip to Europe for next summer with my Mother and one of our best family friends (another female inspiration to me) for my 30th birthday – a gift to myself – so as soon as I started that planning, I all of a sudden want to go EVERYWHERE.

    All those “want-tos” right?? Sounds like you may need to do a new “bucket list” post! <3

  5. I am not sure I totally understand exactly what intuitive eating is, Sarah. Maybe a basic definition would be helpful to me?

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