Coffee Chat, July 2017

  Jul 26, 2017  |  #Lifestyle

Hi friends,

Good morning! I feel like it’s been a while since we’ve had some time to catch up! So, what better time? Grab your coffee and let’s chat. I have some scatter brained thoughts that I think would be perfect for a coffee catch up.


I want to train again

As I mentioned, I was taking some time off from running after my May marathon. The burn out and the 90+ degree humid days just had me not wanting to run. Well, that storm passed, and I’m ready to set a goal of my next race. I may do something small and short in August, and I’ll be doing a 15k in Block Island in September.

I’ve actually been enjoying my early morning runs, which is so unlike me! But in this heat, if I don’t do it in the morning, I know I won’t do it unless I do it on a treadmill which is not my idea of fun summer running. I enjoy the treadmill for certain workouts and speed work, but not running for fun. We’ve been taking Tater for a few miles in the morning which has been a nice change of pace as well.

Life Updates

I’ve been feeling more anxious lately. I’m not exactly sure why, but I’ve been doing the Head Space app before bed and that’s helping.  After reading Alexis’s post about anxiety, I also just ordered this book. I’m so excited to read it. I have been reading lots of books for nutrition and knowledge (hope to do a post on that soon!), but I’ve been lacking some self care, fun reads. So, I’ll report back on this one.



We have a trip to Rhode Island planned to round out the summer because I love Rhode Island in the summer, and I can’t wait to see my friends/family. It’s also a nice escape from the unbearable heat and humidity here. I’m craving some RI beaches, Del’s lemonade, clam cakes and chowder and stuffies. No idea what I’m talking about? I can’t believe it’ll be our two year wedding anniversary too!

Del's lemonade

I love traveling, but I’m also craving some straight weekends at home once that trip is done. I want to experience more of the Charlotte events, plus I have a whole bunch of personal/blog related things I want to accomplish.

Charlotte things on my bucket list:

  • More time at the White Water Center
  • Have the 1lb donut at Stoke
  • Have brunch at Sea Level
  • Grab a meal at Nellie’s Southern Kitchen – I’ve heard the waitresses sing to you, and it is owned by the Jonas brothers’ dad
  • Hiking
  • Go to this Llama Winery  (how creative, right?!)
  • More time on the lake or pool. We’ve only been in the pool once this summer!
  • The cookie dough pops and everything else from Nineties

Nineties ice cream

New Burger Spot

I think I’ve found my new burger spot. There’s a new spot called The Barcelona Burger and Beer Garden just north of Charlotte. It’s owned by the same owners of the pizza place we like, Alino Pizza. Guess we’ll be hanging out here more this summer!

I chose the Cabrales with blue cheese, caramelized onions, roasted tomatoes and their secret sauce. Definitely a keeper!

Barcelona burgerAlino pizza

Ice Cream

I have no shame about my love for ice cream. And when Turkey Hill goes on sale at the grocery (Buy 2, get 3 free kinda sale), we always load up the freezer. I’m so excited to try the Campfire S’mores flavor! It’s funny because I had a client recently who said she reads my blog and said, “wow, you eat a lot of ice cream!” LOL. I will say, Ed has a big sweet tooth too, so I won’t be eating all of this by myself 🙂

Has anyone ever tried some of these flavors?

ice cream

South Africa

We’re taking a family excursion to South Africa in November! We’ll be doing a few days of Safari activities and I couldn’t be more excited. If anyone has ever been, please share! I have a lot more research to do and things to learn, but I’m so looking forward to it because we haven’t had a family trip with all 6 of us (plus significant others) for a long time!

I think I would pee my pants times a hundred though if I saw this image. Fo real???

South Africa Safari

NC Farm Tour

I went on a really cool press trip last week that included stops at 3 different North Carolina farms. We learned about making water buffalo cheese, GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) and Organic Farming, ate lots of good food and met some fun new bloggers. I even got to see what it’s like picking tomatoes – HOT and hard work!  I can’t wait to share more about the trip with you guys!

If we were having coffeeIf we were having coffee

What’s going on in your life? What would you tell me if we were having coffee?

29 responses to “Coffee Chat, July 2017

  1. Can you like to the anxiety post from Alexis that you refer to above? I’m not sure who that blogger is but also like reading different perspectives on anxiety.

  2. Oh boy! We love ice cream sales here; we always get a lot of ice cream when it’s on sale. We don’t have Turkey hill here (I don’t think), but we love Breyer’s, Dreyer’s, Blue Bell, and a few other brands.

    I know what you mean about struggling with anxiety. Lately I’ve been learning to just slow down and take in all the beautiful things God has made around me, to see His goodness in all the things around me, and it has really helped my heart rest even during the really crazy times of this fast moving summer.

    That burger spot looks PERFECT. That is one of the biggest burgers I’ve seen!

      1. I think that God’s creatures have been such a blessing to me because dogs love to slow down. They love to stop and smell EVERYTHING, and it really reminds me not to be impatient and just see God’s beauty and majesty in all of His creation. So often I just zoom through, and I think our huskies/beagles have been some of the greatest blessings to get to me to slow down and really just drink it all in.

  3. That ice cream- yum!!! Double Dunker is one of the loves of my life hahaha. Those upcoming trips all sound like such a blast!

  4. anxiety’s tough- yoga has helped me tremendously! i’m thinking about studying abroad in south africa- it’s so beautiful there!

  5. I live in Rhode island and spent the day on a paddle board with my roommate exploring Wakefield. I truly love this place in the summer and there is nowhere else I would rather be! If you’re in the Providence area be sure to check out PVD donuts. It’s out of this world!

    1. That sounds lovely – were you on the bay, or a lake? I love RI too – I’m so excited for our visit. Adding PVD donuts to the bucket list 🙂

  6. I’m sorry that you’ve been feeling anxious. I’ve been feeling that lately too with all of my life changes. Hope things look up for you soon <3
    Great lookin summer food goals! 1 lb donut?! :-O

  7. So many trips this summer and upcoming! Also, let me know when you’re in RI and maybeeee we can figure out a time to get ice cream!

  8. I looveeee coffee date posts.

    South Africa!? That is incredible!! Your family is always looking for adventure, eh! That is going to be so cool. Especially with all 6 of you (sounds like my Scotland trip this past summer).

    That is one epic ice cream sale. Of COURSE you make use of that one. Duh.

    I’m sorry to hear about your increased anxiety lately, though. That can be really troublesome, especially if you aren’t sure where it is coming from. I hope just some extended time at home with mindless things – like non work related/enjoyable reading – can help sooth it.

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