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Confessions of a Dietitian & Runner

Hi guys! I hope you are having a GREAT week so far! Today, I’m sharing a light hearted post about why I’m not perfect – haha. I’ll just come out and say it. 🙂 I’m linking up with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud!

As RD’s, we are known as the “food experts.” People think we don’t (and shouldn’t) eat ice cream, eat more than 1 cookie at a time, or order fried foods. Or, they think we would never in our dear life drink soda, or eat WHITE rice (gasp).

Jeffs Burgers

Well, let me tell ya, I do/eat/drink all of these things, and many other RD’s do, too. In fact, I hung out with a bunch of them this weekend at SCAN Symposium, and we were all filling up on honey butter biscuits before our meal, and ordering beers with our dinner. We are normal people!

Here’s a good read from my friend, Cara, over at Street Smart Nutrition about ordering truffle fries. She talks about how often times, while people think we as dietitians are judging them based on food choices, it’s usually others judging US about what we’re eating.

People think that we eat perfectly and have it all together.

What does that even mean? Kind of like my hate for clean eating and cheat days. ABOLISH THEM! And processed food can have a purpose.

I’m telling you things that go against what society tells you, right? They tell you to eat by the book, count your calories, eat less than two tablespoons of peanut butter at a time, limit your sugar, don’t eat any processed foods. While each of these things may have a purpose for us at a different time, we don’t need to follow every guideline all the time. HOW EXHAUSTING WOULD THAT BE?!

Fort Myers

So, I’m sharing some of my real life confessions. These are not meant to brag about eating sweets, or show that a lifestyle void of fruits, veggies and nutrients is ideal. It’s not. But, I am showing that being laid back about your choices, not stressing about eating enough veggies one day, and not exercising is okay.

I haven’t bought appropriate groceries or meal prepped in the past two weeks

I’ve eaten out alot, from breakfast bagels, to lunch sandwiches and wraps, to sweets and desserts. I definitely preach not stressing about planning meals, but my wallet reminds me that I need to reign it in a little bit and do some cooking and prep at home.

bagel sandwich

Ford Garage Lunch

sweet potato fries sandwich wrap


I love eating out

As a dietitian, I’m supposed to cook every night, right? Gah, I’ve been so sick of cooking, which is probably why I’ve been eating out so much. Sometimes you need a break!

Confessions of a Dietitian and Runner

Confessions of a Dietitian and Runner

I carry a jar of peanut butter in my purse

This is the truth. I almost don’t even notice this, but when I asked Ed if he had another other things I should mention, he said I should share this one. So, GUILTY AS CHARGED.

As much as I know I should prioritize sleep, you’ll still find me staying up later than I should

Note: Sleep is one thing you shouldn’t skimp on. I myself need to do better. I need to work on time management, and less blue light and screen time before bed. I’m going to keep saying this in hopes I can cement it into my routine.

White rice is delicious

Have you tried it lately? My gosh, it’s way more flavorful and fluffy than brown rice. And sometimes, that’s just what you need.

Earls Grocery

Non mindful eating

Rather than politely and peacefully making myself a bowl of ice cream, I’ve been eating it out of the carton standing in the kitchen, rather than mindfully eating it bite by bite. I’m definitely enjoying each bite, but totally guilty of not eating slowly and mindfully.

Confessions of a Dietitian & Runner

And I definitely call myself a runner. But, uh, do I do all the things I should? Not always.

I haven’t been foam rolling

AH! This is a huge one for me, because I am feeling it by not making the time to do it. On the agenda for this week is a bath and good foam rolling session. Like my clients, I need to re track my priorities.

Confessions of a Dietitian & Runner

I haven’t been consistent with my long runs

With all the travel this month, it’s been difficult to fit them in. With my mud run a few weeks ago, I came up about 8 miles short of the mileage I needed that day. And then with other travel, I’ve been forced to do my runs at ill-opportune times. I am committed to getting them done though. Life can just be messy sometimes!

Confessions of a Dietitian & Runner

[Tweet “Let’s be realistic. We eat sweets, drink beer, and skip runs too. The good life is a messy one #RDchat #runchat”]

I’m not writing these to scare you or discredit my expertise or services, but I’m writing to tell you that I’m not perfect. And you aren’t expected to be either. Yes, there are plenty of guidelines out there for healthy living and eating, and I totally support them and following them as often as we can. But not all of the time. Because that’s what they are – guidelines.

You don’t need to put exuberant amounts of pressure on yourself to avoid ever eating out or even avoiding fast food. A busy lifestyle may warrant fast food occasionally, and guess what, it won’t ruin your diet. Your body is pretty impervious and tenacious.

From a practitioner stand point, I think it speaks to the need to meet clients where they are. Take small steps, and set small goals.

What’s your confession lately?

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  1. <3 this! I love talking to patients/clients about restaurants I like or dishes I've just made… "healthy" or not. I want them to be able to enjoy everything that passes their lips so I set that example myself.

  2. I love it! As an RD, I can totally relate! I definitely feel like people are judging what I’m eating way more than me judging others. I love sweets and could eat chocolate all day every day; sometimes I eat ice cream or cereal for dinner; and I rarely get 5+ servings of fruits/veggies daily.

  3. I did runfess last month about how my recovery fuel from a long run one week was a Picky Bar & a big bowl of buttered popcorn. 🙂

    It does get much harder to indulge as much as you get older, lemme tell you. Being active helps . . . I was quite astounded to gain just a bit under a pound from my trip to NOLA — and I definitely did enjoy myself!

  4. My food confession is that I have been eating Double Dunker every night this week….and last week….while I watch tv before bed. 🙂

      1. TTurkey Hill Double Dunker ice cream….it’s mocha ice cream with chocolate chip cookie dough and oreo cookies inside…, I think fudge swirls.

  5. I confess that I can’t remember the last time I foam rolled anything besides my calves! I have the stick, and it’s gathering cobwebs in the corner. :/

    I also confess that last night I made pizza for dinner, using store bought crust, I looked at the serving that said 1/8 of the package, and LOL’d ’cause I mean, COME ON. And then the two of us each ate half. And we’re gonna do it again tonight!

  6. Love this and appreciate this post lots. I think its so important to emphasize the fact that no one is perfect, especially RD’s whose job is to council those on eating. Thanks for this Sara- and I’m write there with ya on loving to eat out at times 🙂

  7. Love this! I get in spurts where i hate cooking or thinking about meals and i end up getting more take out options. A lady needs a break every now and again! haha! Also, YES I LOVE white rice especially white jasmine rice–so fluffy!
    Peanut butter in your purse is pretty genius–i may start doing that! haha
    Confession? I’ve been obsessed with eating BBQ chips and today I ate way too many of them and then wasnt hungry for a real dinner until 8:30pm! 😀

  8. I love reading posts like this…thank you for keeping it real! Life doesn’t always have to be about perfect eating…its more important to try to find balance and enjoyment!

  9. CONFESSION: There are days when I eat zero vegetables. Reading this makes me feel really comfortable to share confessions where I don’t feel like I’ve been very healthy. Confession 2: I also really crave sweets a lot; so I often give into those cravings. Confession 3: I should meal prep, but it’s always kind of intimidating to me. Confession 4: I never foam roll. Maybe that’s why I’m so tight? Confession 5: I really love these confession posts. You are da best Sarah.

  10. Loved this! I’ve seen the change to mindful eating which is wonderful in moderation too! Just like everything else. I was finding a lot of guilt when not eating mindfully and this helped me realize it’s just normal to not do it at times too. It’s part of being human. I found myself almost rebelling against it at times-the same response to dieting!

  11. Thank you so much for sharing your confessions! It’s a breath of fresh air to hear from RDs how they eat all types of food. On that note, we should go to Sunflour soon! 🙂

  12. All I know is…. you know how to EAT. I see you as such a huge inspiration for being a normal, healthy, compassionate eater and giving yourself what you want. I am in SUCH a “don’t want to cook” phase right now. I went out three times last weekend – and each involved something deep-fried. And then on Monday my dinner consisted of sweet potato fries and onion rings I brought home in a doggy bag from one of the outings. It was delicious, and I want greens now. Still not sure when I’ll feel like cooking but I know it will come back at some point. You rock Sarah.

    1. I appreciate those words so much, Cora! I don’t know how much longer my “I don’t want to cook” phase will last but I think it speaks to the importance of taking breaks!

  13. I’ve had to stop reading SO many blogs lately, due to their triggering content and disturbing approaches to wellness. Your blog and insight are so appreciated – keep up the awesome work and inspiration!

  14. LOVE THIS! Dietitians or not, I think we often assume that live a certain way and that we should do the same. The more different kinds of people I honestly talk to and form friendships with, though, the more I realize that we’re all hot messes on the inside! That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive to better organize our lives…but that does mean we shouldn’t strive for the “ideal” image we have in our minds.

  15. love love LOVE this. i’ve been struggling and stressing with school lately and it’s definitely affecting my health and body. i know how to fix it, i just cant seem to bring myself to do it- because TIME.
    i beat myself up for not being close to as “perfect” as i like. but i do know that my imperfections during exam week are my comforts. and my routine may sway for a few days, but it’ll be back to normal the morning after the the last exam/project is over. (SATURDAY YAY)

    thanks again <3 love the balance.