Cooking Demo + New Grocery Finds

  Oct 2, 2019  |  #Nutrition

Through my partnership with Sprouts Farmers Market, I had the pleasure of checking out the new Sprouts store in Herndon, Virginia last night and it’s such a beautiful place! 

I arrived early to get familiar with the store and products before starting to set up for my cooking demo. There were a bunch of people there for the demo, which made it a lot of fun!

I made three recipes for guests:

  • Pumpkin Chickpea Bars
  • Apple Pie Banana Smoothie – Recipe is 2 chopped apples, 1 frozen banana, 1/2 cup vanilla greek yogurt, 1 cup milk, 3/4 tsp cinnamon, 1/4 tsp nutmeg. Blend!
  • Sweet Potato Chicken Burgers (a spin on my sweet potato turkey burgers)


They were all a hit, and it was so nice to talk about nutrition in an easy-to-digest way. At least that’s the point I hoped to get across 🙂

Highlights From The Store

As their other stores are, this brand new store is open, airy and beautiful! Sprouts really does a fantastic job of keeping the concept inviting and open, which I love as a consumer.

Their Herndon store will be open daily from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m and offers a variety of fresh, natural and organic products at low prices. 

The employees are very friendly and helpful. If you’re curious about a product or can’t find what you’re looking for, just ask a team member! They will help you locate what you’re looking for or even help you sample a product right on the spot.

I’ve mentioned before how great the Sprouts app is for exclusive coupons. I was able to find so many extra deals, plus it’s easy to see in one spot. You can download it to see exclusive digital coupons and what’s on sale each week.

Bulk Section 

Also love love the bulk area. You have SO many choices, from bulk dried fruit, nuts, trail mixes, spices and more. It’s like a big kid’s candy store if you ask me.

Bright and Airy Produce Section

There are several fresh, natural and organic product offerings at great prices. Sprouts is meant to be affordable.

The store manager spoke to us all yesterday and said that people asked why this store wasn’t located in Ashburn. He said he wasn’t trying to compete with Whole Foods or Trader Joes, but instead, wanted it to be accessible and affordable for consumers. They also try to make healthy eating easy with a welcoming produce at the center of the store. 

I respected that so much. It’s nice to know so much thought goes into picking a store location. 

Plant Based Options

As plant based options become more “trendy” it’s nice to see a variety of choices for consumers. From tempeh, to seitan, to tofu, to jackfruit, to vegan cheeses and more, Sprouts has so many options in an organized fashion.

My Favorite Products

I found some exciting new products to share with you, too! Most are cookies and chips because I guess I was in a carb-heavy mood, but what else is new, really?

I’m a sucker for kettle chips. 

We ALWAYS have at least one frozen pizza in the freezer because we love pizza. Nice to know Sprouts has so many different options!

Too soon? 🙂

I love their pressed juice selection. I’m all about beets during training and this one was just beets, apple, carrots, lemon and ginger.

I could eat these all year long.

Love rainbow carrots and super fun to have them as baby carrots. Camryn will like these, too. 


Always a sucker for trying new coffees. 

Do you like grocery shopping and finding new products, or does the idea of grocery shopping tire you out?

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