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Copper (Indian cuisine)

We mosied on into Copper for restaurant week. I’ve heard great things about Copper but had never tried it, and while I like Indian food, without the Queen’s feast encouragement, I’m not sure we would have gone, which would have been tragic! I would definitely recommend it to those who are more verse in Indian food and enjoy the flavor and spice combination. Beautiful atmosphere, in an older house too. It’s so intimate and romantic, especially if you grab a seat by the fire with a bottle of wine.

Every person was a great representation of the restaurant – friendly and a pleasure to interact with. We were in an extreme rush, and they were very understanding with providing to-go boxes and trying to expedite service.

I started with the Cabbage-Black Bean-Asparagus “Tikki-Chole” – sort of like a bean burger. It was a good combination of flavors, lightly fried and crispy, but delectable in the middle.

We also tried the Chicken Chatka with smoked spices, zesty tamarind glaze, green mangoes and peanuts. Adding peanuts to chicken dishes is genius – not only do they provide some crunch to increase the depth, but FLAVOR. The salsa they created was so amazing.

chicken chatka_Copper

Next, I had the cod-bay scallop “caldin” – this was like a coconut curry soup with onions, snap peas, grapes, and baby scallops. This was delicious! I love coconut anything so it wasn’t a surprise that I would order and love this dish. The scallops were a great accompaniment to the curry, and the side of rice gave a nice starch to help soak up all the flavor. The coconut curry is a little thicker and really holds in those spices. I was craving this for days later.


The hubs had the Tandoori T bone lamb with red wine mushrooms and Indian curry sauce. IT WAS SO GOOD! We ate every last piece around the bone, not wanting to waste a single bite. The manager shared that they were thinking about replacing the lamb chops with this T bone option. I don’t think they could go wrong because it was so tender and flavorful. He mentioned they marinade it for 24 hours before cooking it. YUM!

Lamb T bone_Copper
I wasn’t crazy about the desserts – maybe because they weren’t super sweet like I usually gravitate towards. I had the cacoa-chili kulfi, which I would describe as a mixture between ice cream and sorbet. It wasn’t super creamy like ice cream, but had the texture of sorbet. It was more of a nice way to cleanse the palate, moreso than offer a sweet dessert.

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