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Crispy Crepe

I originally came in thinking this was a grab and go type place, but noooo, it’s sit down. We were there on a beautiful Saturday, right before the brunch busy time. We were very fortunate to get seated immediately on the patio, which overlooks the heart of South Blvd, one of my favorite areas. The service was quick and the food was good.

Per usual, I was so indecisive and had trouble deciding between a savory or sweet crepe. But alas, my sweet tooth always wins out and I got the cookie butter waffle and added strawberries! They were a nice touch, but be careful because adding strawberries adds like $2.00! The presentation is very beautiful, and there were so many flavors to attack at once. Anything with whip cream wins my heart. 

Cookie butter crepe

Next time, I have to try a savory option!

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