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Currently…December 2017

Hi friends! I hope you had a great weekend! The highlight of ours was some snow which led to some lazy, yet productive days around the house. We also got some Christmas shopping done, and adventured into a baby store for the first time. Let me tell you, it is SO overwhelming stepping foot in there!

I thought it’d be fun to do a little post about My Currently’s… Feel free to chime in about some of yours in the comments.



I have this problem where I read multiple books at once. Right now I’m finishing The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Gut. I also just started The Gluten Lie. I can’t tell you how many clients come to me saying their doctors told them to go gluten free. Generally, doctors have minimal nutrition knowledge, and going gluten-free isn’t necessarily for everyone.  This book has been great so far in bringing clarity to some of the popular gluten myths. Maybe I’ll do a full review when I’m done?


I’ve made a pact with myself that come late December/early January, I’ll be focusing mostly on baby books 🙂 Finishing up my nutrition stuff now!

Working on…

Brand partnerships for 2018. I have a few longer term partnerships I’m excited to share with you guys!

Baby registry! PS – I never realized how hard and intimidating this would be – why does no one talk about that?! Fortunately, friends have been so helpful in recommending what is a necessity and what isn’t. My fear is that we’ll get way more than what we need and have to figure out storing it. We spent a good chunk of yesterday sorting between major brands and figuring out our main things.

Listening to…

Mostly podcasts. My favorites right now are:


Sunbutter on crackers. Sleeping in on weekends. I know that won’t last. This weekend we went to a new cookie dough shop that opened up in North Charlotte! The cookie dough is made with pasteurized eggs, meaning I can have it (and it’s safe for everyone). We bought a pint, and we split some red velvet and peanut butter madness cookie dough. Well, actually I ate most of it. Apparently, Ed is more of “an ice cream guy.” I don’t understand why you can’t just love both?


Also, loving on this picture we got with Santa at Petco this weekend. I did this with Tater last year, and look how much she’s grown in a year.



Also, loving this show lately. It was a Netflix find, and the episodes are only 20 minutes, so easy to breeze through.


Sushi and wine. I guess you know what I’ll be having after baby – I feel like that sounds SO CLICHE, but you guys, I really want raw sushi rolls dipped in soy sauce and a good glass of cab. Oh, and pizza. But, nothing new there. We had pizza twice this weekend.


Also craving some good workouts. Pregnancy has been interesting in practicing more intuitive exercise. Some days I just haven’t felt like doing a thing, besides walking. But after too many of those days, I’m craving some more intensity (relative to what intense looks like for me these days). I made it out to the gym for a weight workout this weekend that felt great.


Signing up for baby classes. We did our hospital tour last week, which kinda sparked me to sign up for classes in the New Year. Infant CPR, breast feeding and some parenting ones are what I’m eyeing.

Totally procrastinating some side projects. Also, I want to hire an intern, so I’ve started that process too.


I really have dreaded cooking for myself lately if it’s not something sweet. I have some upcoming recipes to share with you guys (two are holiday themed), but, it has not been easy to motivate myself to make them and photograph them. lol They taste good though, so I’m hoping you will enjoy them!


If it’s sweet, I don’t feel as bothered making it.

I made these cookies and these cookies (per recommendation of Patricia) this weekend! We realllly liked the brown butter cookies.

I think we’re just trying to get through Christmas, and after Christmas, I’ll do some of the meal delivery services I mentioned in the holiday gift guide to make cooking easier.

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Your turn:

What are you currently craving/loving/procrastinating/confessing?

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  1. My sister brought me a huge sushi spread in the hospital after I had Aubrey and it was glorious!! Didn’t have any wine for about a month but it was great when I did! I never felt like cooking much when I was pregnant either!

  2. Those books sounds interesting! My problem is I start a book and never finish it.
    I’m hoping to make some holiday treats this weekend! I still haven’t had any Christmas cookies yet this year.

  3. I absolutely detest cooking. Like it’s my least favorite thing ever. I will literally do any other chore! Luckily my husband likes to cook!
    And I am craving pizza too after looking at that picture. Veggie pizza is the 🙂

  4. A cookie dough store sounds amazing! Getting ready for baby can really be overwhelming but they don’t need tons of stuff at first and Amazon is amazing for ordering anything you didn’t think of. One thing I never would have thought of that nurse friend bought me before my first baby was the nose Frida, it is kinda gross, but works so well and I was so grateful to have it on the ready the first time our baby had some sniffles.

    1. I love being an Amazon prime member, I know that will be a life saver! We have the nose frida on our registry, a few people have mentioned how great it is!

  5. There’s a place in a town semi close to my parents called Cookie Dough Creations and you get a scoop of ice cream and then a scoop of cookie dough. SO GOOD! I may need to make the drive when I’m there next week…

    Currently procrastinating making some DIY Christmas gifts. I’m not sure why since I know they have to be done before we leave but I just haven’t felt like it.

  6. Oh god, stepping into a baby store at Christmas…… ya, I’ll be in the food court.

    I would be really, really interested in hearing your review of those books – the gluten lie and gut. Especially the Gluten Lie. Plus just a general post about your thoughts on gluten in general. I know I don’t have sensitivities, however I have been doing a lot of reading about auto immune diseases and the links with gluten. Just you know…when you have time ;). Also – what do you think of Kondo’s book? She’s um… pretty unique… isn’t she…

    I always have about 3 books going at the same time. Its just part of my “must do bits of all the things at once” mentality.

    Also. Um. A cookie dough shop!?!? This is new.

    1. I’m almost done with it! I’ve found some things to be very helpful, and other things not applicable to me. There are some gems in there though about finding joy in what we keep. YES COOKIE DOUGH SHOPS EXIST. Life changing.

  7. I really love the Magic Art of Tidying Up. I purged a bunch of stuff after reading it! Something I specifically related to was family members giving me stuff and then feeling guilty when I didn’t want to keep it.

    Love the photo of you guys at Tater!