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Day in the Life and What I Ate Wednesday

Hi friends. Good morning!

I’m linking up with the crew for What I Ate Wednesday. I haven’t done a Day in the Life in a while, so here we go! If you’re looking for past Day in the Life posts, check here and here.

6:25am: My alarm was set for 7am, but I’m starting to feel a cold coming on, and the sniffles woke me up at 6:25. I got up and started boiling some water for tea, and drank 12 oz of water. My new thing is that I’m setting weekly goals for myself, and this week is to start the day with 12 oz of water before I do anything else. I let Tater out, fed her, stretched and then turned on the news.  I drank my tea with breakfast, started up the keurig for coffee and snuggled with Tater.


6:52 am

breakfast bowl

I’ve been slacking in the veggies department, especially after eating out so frequently with my sister here. So, I started the morning with a sweet potato bowl rather than oatmeal. Guys, I may stick to this for a while. I added some yogurt, bluebs and sunbutter and it made life very very good. I also added a chocolate muffin for good measure.

I catch up on some emails and keep watching scenes from the Superbowl. Guys, that was such a crazy game! I’m a huge Patriots fan so you can imagine my excitement when we finally started playing football in the 4th quarter. Tater was excited too!


8:08 – Wash face, brush teeth, get dressed for the day, though I was it was a PJ’s all day kinda day.

8:31 – Leave the house for my first client, which is a home visit. We go for a walk because it’s beautiful out! She gave me some melon mochi (sp?) to try. I’ve never had mochi before, but I tried them frozen, and they’re like a little dessert. Chewy and refreshing.


10:12 – Head to the office for more clients. I snack on an apple and a little bit of dry cereal mixed with sunflower seeds (unpictured). We talk about nutrition label reading, how to pick a good yogurt and staying motivated.

12:45 – Lunch break. I packed a salad topped with lentils, sweet potatoes, roasted broccoli and carrots, and a hard boiled egg. I also had a string cheese along with it. It was actually quite the satisfying lunch!

lunch bowl

After lunch, I caught up on some studies I’ve been meaning to read and replied to some emails before heading out for a meeting.

2:35 pm – Business meeting at a local coffee shop. I opted for more tea to calm the sniffles. We sat in the sun which was amazing. Plus, bonus Vitamin D!

3:20 – Back to the office to meet with a client. I grabbed a 88 Acres Bar for a snack. Love them, especially the apple ginger flavor!

88 acres snack

4:35 Stop at the gym on the way home. I had a 6 mile run scheduled on the training plan and realllly was itching to enjoy more of the warm 75 degree weather, but my body just wasn’t feeling it, sadly. I listened to my body and settled on 20 easy minutes on the elliptical instead. It’s hard to give up a beautiful run day but I don’t want to stress my body out more.

5:04 Meet Ed at a local park to run around with Tater. She’s getting SO FAST and loves to run after her ball. It’s such a joy to watch her happily run around. Have you ever thought about the life of dogs – they have no cares in the world and are so carefree. It’s a happy thought!


5:50 Head home for a quick dinner. We made this chicken curry recipe twice last week because it was so good! Fortunately, we still have some leftovers. I eat and head back out to my last client at 7pm. I typically have night clients 2-3 nights per week. It really makes me appreciate the nights I can come home for dinner and stay home!

chicken curry

After the client, I come home and spend some time with Ed and Tay on the couch, watching Parks and Rec, before calling it a night.

Ever had mochi? Thoughts?

Do you have a morning ritual? What’s the first thing you do?

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  1. I love how many beverages are involved in your morning routine–I would have to go potty all morning! My morning routine starts with tea. Get out of bed, hit the bathroom, tea.
    The Patriots jersey is a good look for Tater. 😉

  2. I tried mochi once and, I don’t know…gummy weird candy like that tasted strange. Not my favorite texture or flavor. More for everyone else 🙂
    The first thing I do in the morning is drink water and then run. Best part of the day!

  3. That chicken curry looks so good! And my sister raves about mochi, I’ve never tried it before though. In the morning after my workout I like to catch up on some blog reading and watch the news with my shake and coffee.

  4. I love day in the life posts! I wake up about 15 minutes before I leave for the gym but once I get home I love to read while eating breakfast! And listen to a podcast while getting ready. It’s one of my favorite things about each day!

  5. WE LOVE MOCHI. Ok, I had to just say that. Mochi icecream is our favorite. Costco sells it, and we often get the mango flavor from an Oriental market in Denver. Also of the 88 Acres’ products, which ones are your favorites? I would love to buy a few to try!

    1. Is there a certain flavor you like? Mango sounds good! I love the apple ginger and chocolate sea salt for 88 Acres. Both are tied for my favorite and both are AMAZING!

  6. I’ve never had mocha but I’ve seen it at Trader Joe’s where the frozen desserts are. I still don’t really understand what it is! My mornings have been either chaotic and I overslept or I hit snooze 100 times then go through my social media channels. I need to get back to my morning routine of rest, coffee, and reflection.

  7. Love these kinds of posts. I like to start my morning by taking my vitamins and drinking some water. Most mornings I’ll workout first thing, some I just relax and do a devotional/sip on some coffee. 🙂 I love sweet potato bowls too. Perfect breakfast!

  8. I don’t think I’ve had mochi – but I see it all the time at frozen yogurt topping bars. Is it like a jelly thing?
    Also, have you seen “The Life of Pets?” Your comment about the life of dogs reminded me of it. You should watch it. Pretty cute. If only we could all be as carefree as dogs. Tater looks marvelous in football getup, btw.
    My morning routine is pretty set. I shower, brush teeth etc, drink warm lemon water while I listen to the news and put my lunch/dinner together.

  9. I had mochi a lot while in S Korea…I’m not the biggest fan of it but it’s okay. That bar looks really yummy–i love apple things! Hope you feel better soon I had a cold a couple of weeks ago! 🙁

  10. I would imagine its tough to go back out at night! Once i am home I like to put on my PJs and stay inside, especially in the winter. My morning routine involves about 30 minutes of coffee and blogging before starting my workout.