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Day in the Life, At the Office and At Home

Every once in a while, I like to show you guys a day in the life post. Each day is so different, which is one thing I love about my job(s).

I’m not a 9-5er and pretty much knew that upon making my career change to nutrition. A desk job never really fit me. I like to be out and about, writing, seeing people, and utilizing some of my creativity.

I thrive with a different schedule every day. While part of me likes routine with some things, with jobs and work, I like different things every day.

I enjoy reading these posts, especially from other entrepreneurs because it can be so inspiring to see what others are doing and how they are filling their days.

It seems lately my days have been a little more relaxed, which I like and have organized it that way. I usually switch off by the week.

Anyway, here’s a mix of an office/recipe testing day from last week. Normally, I like to devote full days to recipe testing and photography.

It’s kind of a pain to get everything out, hope for the best light and retest recipes as needed, but sometimes, ya gotta do what you gotta do!

Last Wednesday started off with morning clients, the usual. I have some that I see weekly, and some that are on other schedules.

I’m not taking any new clients at this point (just because of pregnancy), so it’s nice to keep building off of progress with current clients.

day in the life

For breakfast, I reheat some kodiak cakes that I cooked over the weekend and top them with PB. With some eggs on the side for extra protein. I pretty much have eaten eggs every day during pregnancy (another post on that coming soon). I feel like a broken record but I love love breakfast so much because there are so many things I look forward to in the mornings. I’ve actually fallen out of my oatmeal routine (kind of sick of them right now), but all about pancakes, waffles, toast and bagels.

I stop for coffee at Dunkin on my way in to the office and snap this sweet photo of my new kicks. Hubby is spoiling me with new shoes during pregnancy and I’m A-okay with it. These are Altra’s – I ran my Utah marathon in their Escalante.

Saw clients up until noon, and then headed home. I love days where I can come home for lunch (I know I talked about this in last week’s WIAW too). When I don’t have afternoon clients, I usually come home to eat lunch unless I’m grabbing food out. I come home for lunch and make more eggs with toast. I’ve been feeling sweet and savory lately, so usually go with a combo of avocado toast and pb and jelly. Plus, a cara cara orange. You guys know my thoughts on citrus fruits during pregnancy – LOVE them. I feel like a broken record for how many times I’ve written that.

day in the life

After lunch, I test two recipes I am making for some freelance gigs. I also finish a freelance article on a local Charlotte baker. You can read the write up here. It was really fun to interview her, and learn about her past and more about baking!

A few hours later, I eat lunch #2. Sometimes, I snack more and sometimes I eat two lunches. Being home and having the flexibility to decide is really nice. This was just a bowl of leftover rice and veggies, topped with some tuna.

day in the life

I promised myself I’d be done working by 5 since it was Valentine’s Day. That can be the tricky part about making your own schedule and doing freelance work. There’s really always something else you could do. Since we had a dinner reservation, I wanted to stop early and spend some time with Tater. We went for a walk and then watched the beginning of the news. Tater, just acting like a human, as always.

day in the life

For dinner, we had reservations at Novanta Pizzeria, a local brick oven pizza place I’ve been wanting to try. We split a calzone and pizza. I wish the pizza had been much bigger, but the calzone was enough to feed us both. We got one with eggplant on it. I LOVE eggplant on pizza, though I much prefer it fried. This was grilled and it was still good, but if you haven’t tried fried eggplant on pizza, you need to try it! Report back and let me know what you think.

day in the life

We debated ordering the cannoli for dessert, but I was actually pleasantly full so decided to save that for another time. We came home, watched an episode of Homeland, and per usual, I was in bed before 10.

If you’re looking for some past days in the life, here are a few:

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Do you thrive on routine or do you like change?

Ever tried eggplant on pizza? What’s your favorite pizza topping?

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  1. I love having some parts of my day as total routine and others more spontaneous. For example, I always start my day off with coffee in bed because it’s a small luxury that just makes me feel so darn happy and just sets my day off on a good start. I’m hoping to go to PA school after I finish college and I’m excited to pursue a career where yes, you go to the same office and have some set sort of hours, but then you get different patients and challenges and you get to problem solve all day! Ahh so excited about that!

    Also, one of my favorite things to do is roast up a whole bunch of eggplant in the oven and then use it on everything throughout the week. It’s so delicious and I love the texture!

  2. I feel like I fall between needing routine and needing flexibility. I guess I kind of need a routine that includes flexible spaces so I don’t get bored haha

    Ive never had any kind of eggplant on a pizza so I need to change that!

  3. I totally agree with you! I absolutely love when my days are different. I like having a “plan” for my week, but being in a rigid routine and doing the same things in the same order every day kind of throws me into a rut. I’m a lawyer, so a flexible/varied job is hard to find, but I’m working on it!

    Also, all of your food looks so delicious. Especially breakfast!

  4. Hi Sarah….is that pillow beside Tater an overview of Block Island? My family vacationed there once and it was an incredible place!

  5. I think the people who are attracted to the life of an at home/self entrepreneur are those who are also extremely driven, passionate, and thrive on being busy. Therefore, I think the hardest part of this type of job for these people is setting that “when to stop” regiment. It can be so deadly easy to think you haven’t done enough in your day, because when you are your own boss, there’s always something else you could/”should” do! You did an awesome job with this – giving yourself an “end day” time, just like you would leaving an office, so that you could then enjoy your tater and date night. So important.

    I have never seen fried eggplant offered on a pizza. Something is apparently wrong with the pizza joints around me. I will seek this out and jump at the first chance I get – thank you

    1. You are so right – it is hard setting those ‘stop’ boundaries. I have loved your posts in the past about feeling productive vs enjoying downtime and I need more practice with the enjoying non-productive time!

  6. I love routine but changing it up every once in a while in nice too. Although my routine is definitely set by my job since I have set hours which is okay.

    Right now, I’m out of cara cara oranges and my grocery store didn’t have any (that I saw) over the weekend. I’m jealous of you snacking on one!