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Day in the Life of a Nutrition Entrepreneur

Hi friends. Good morning and I hope you had a fabulous weekend! I’m still out in Chicago visiting my youngest sister, but I wanted to share a typical day in the life for me (when I’m not traveling, that is). 

6:30 Alarm goes off, and slowly make my way to the coffee maker. I drink 16 oz of water while I’m waiting for my coffee to brew. I’m trying to do this more regularly since we wake up dehydrated!

7:00-7:30 Some light blog reading, email clearing and light stretching. I eat a rice cake with PB for a pre run snack (recycled photo, so without the chocolate).

Day in the Life

I’m not able to work out in the mornings often (aka I don’t get up early enough and I’m okay with it), but my first client wasn’t until 10 am, so I figured I could start the day with a run.

8:00 – Head out for a light 6 mile run. This is actually the farthest I’ve run since the Ogden Marathon. It actually felt pretty nice. I’ve been taking running very easy, like 2-3 miles at a time lately. I was sore the next day from this longer distance.

Day in the Life

8:50 – Get back from my run, stretch, and take Tater for a light walk around the neighborhood. I then shower, make my lunch, and make an oatmeal bowl with protein powder, cocoa powder, peanut butter, blueberries, bananas and chia seeds and head out the door with another coffee.

Day in the Life

10am – 12pm Meet with clients. I make a few phone calls for new clients to confirm their upcoming appointments. I also respond to some emails for my BLT virtual clients.

12pm – I eat my lunch, which is a chickpea spinach salad with a side of cheddar mashed potatoes.

For the potatoes, I simply cooked and mashed baked potatoes, and added a little bit of milk, greek yogurt, salt, pepper, paprika and lots of cheese and broccoli and it came out superrrr delicious.

I go for a walk, start listening to Robyn on this podcast, and do some research before my afternoon clients.

3-7pm – Clients and charting. I snack on a sweet potato with peanut butter and some granola. Seriously obsessed with this snack combo right now, and this vanilla pumpkin seed granola has me smitten.

Day in the Life

7pm – Rush home after a long day. Luckily, the hubs made dinner! When I work nights, I come home starving! He made this stirfry dish from Hello Fresh and it was amazing.

And dessert never fails. I am SO into Yasso Bars right now – my favorite flavors are cookie dough and cookies and cream. If you’ve been reading this blog long enough, you may have caught on that those are my most favorite ice cream flavors and I alwaysss get them. I’m so predictable. I’ve tried the sea salt caramel once and it was good, but not like my cookie dough and cookies ‘n cream.

Day in the Life

I’m really trying not to do any work when I get home, which has been so nice. I love just hanging out on the couch. So, I ate my yasso bar while we finished Big Little Lies and we’re into Billions. I really liked Big Little Lies – I never read the book though. Thoughts?

What shows are you currently into?

Any tips for becoming a morning exerciser?

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  1. I love those Yasso bars! Whenever we’re in the US they’re one of my must buys!

    As for tips on becoming a morning exerciser, I don’t know! I have the most energy in the morning so it’s my favourite time to workout – otherwise I just feel sleepy and not really on the ball!

  2. I’ve seen those yasso bars at the store before and wondered how they are! Do they have that tart greek yogurt taste? The cookies n cream and cookie dough flavors both sound awesome!

  3. I love reading about other people’s routines! Mine are always evolving and I’m always looking for inspiration. Espcially from other RDs who are self employed as well!!

  4. I love reading about other people’s routines! Mine are always evolving and I’m always looking for inspiration. Espcially from other RDs who are self employed as well!

  5. I LOVE the meal delivery services. I haven’t subscribed in awhile, but you just made me think about considering it again. I really like Hello Fresh and Blue Apron. Also, I need to try those Yasso bars. I love the coconut ones and I haven’t bought any yet this year!

  6. I was really into Yasso bars early into this pregnancy because ALL I wanted was cold things and they curbed my cravings. I could have more than one without any guilt. 😉

    My biggest tip for becoming a morning exerciser is to just do it- force yourself if you have to! The hardest step is the one out the door. It’s easy once you start jogging or get to the gym. Do that for 2 weeks until it becomes a habit, then you’ll look forward to it every day.

  7. While I’m not a morning exerciser – actually not a morning person in general – I do like to go for a walk first thing. What helps me get motivated is reading a good book [or purposely saving good articles for mornings] while at it and knowing I’ll feel better moving before sitting at work for hours.
    Your lunch sounds delicious, particularly those cheesy mashed potatoes.
    Not a show but I’m itching to watch “Embrace” – have you heard about it before? It’s available on the US version of Netflix but unfortunately not ours yet.

    1. I haven’t heard of it yet but I’ll have to check it out! I love your idea of saving good articles for morning – it’s a great feeling to wake up and read inspiring, lovely things.

  8. I’ve been trying to get back the motivation to go on morning walks. I think what’s helping me is reminding me of my “why” –> to loosen my hips, feel limber and refreshed for my day. Not to burn xx calories etc. The reminder that I know I’ll feel good at the end of it also helps. Yay for hubby’s making dinner!!

    1. Totally agree with you on reframing – if you feel like you’re only doing it to burn calories, it can seem like a “drag” or more negative. Love looking at it from the perspective of how it makes you feel!

  9. “Billions” might be the most intriguing and clever show I have ever had the pleasure of watching. I almost can’t wait until the next season…
    I hope you had a blast with your little sister!

  10. Cookie dough is such a good flavor. I see why you like it so much. 🙂 And I love how you’ve taken such a long refreshing period of light running after your marathon. Have you taken Tater on a run? Would she be a good runner?

    1. I’ve taken her on short runs – I’m waiting until she’s 1 for the longer stuff. She does pretty well though – she’s got lots of energy! 🙂

  11. I think my biggest motivation for being a morning exerciser is knowing how hard it is to exercise later in the day! When I get home Im so tired and hungry, and never in the mood to work out. I leave for work at 7:15 which means I need to start my workout by 5:15 or so. I’ve never heard of Yasso bars- they sound really good!