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Day in the Life: October 2017

6:15 am – Wake up, head to the kitchen and drink a glass of water. I take Tater out and feed her breakfast.

It’s an early morning for us, but I have to drop her at Daycare for the day.

We go for a short walk, I pack breakfast to go (pumpkin pie apple oatmeal bake) and we load in the car.

7:00 am – I stop at Dunkin for some caffeine for this long day. I haven’t used my birthday drink yet so I use it today! I got a whole milk latte.

day in the life

7:15 am – Drop Tater off at daycare and head into the clinic early. She gets so excited for any car ride and my hope is that a day running around with other dogs will tire her out!

day in the life

8:30 am – We have a breakfast meeting with a financial company, talking about how we can refer to each other. Myself and our physician went and talked about our clinic, what we do and how we help people. We brought bagels, which I snacked on a little bit later in the morning.

9:30 am – I head back into the office and get ready for my 10 am client. We talk about ways to build muscle.

11:00 am – I do some charting and clinic paperwork. We have some networking things going on next week that I schedule and organize. I see one more client before lunch.

1: 00 pm – I run out to Target to pick up some things and stop at Viva Chicken on my way back to the office. One of my favorite lunch stops. It’s usually there or Whole Foods. I decide I want some red meat so I get a bowl with jasmine rice, canary beans, green onions, salsa, avocado, steak. Their sauces are so good.

I usually take myself out to lunch 1-2x/week and it’s one of my favorite forms of self care.

day in the life

1:30 pm – Get back to the office and finish up a webinar about making videos, led by dietitian Betsy Ramirez. She’s great with video and does a great job of teaching other RDs how to do video. I’d like to make one sometime soon, but I’m so intimidated about how to do it and how much time it would take.

3: 00 pm – I head home for a virtual client. We’re working through the book, Body Kindness. I grab a snack of an apple and some string cheese before meeting.

Body Kindness

3: 45 pm – Finish client session and do some noting. I then go for a quick run in the neighborhood.

Day in the life

4:30-4:45 pm – Shower and start prepping dinner (chicken tenders over a salad with a side of sweet potato fries – easy peasy), and settle back down to my computer.  I’m still kinda full from my big lunch, so this seems perfect. I dig into my inbox, I’m so behind on emails this week. I’m eating early tonight because I have a group call.

Day in the life

6:00 pm – Get notes ready for mastermind call. I started a mastermind group with some other bloggers. It’s mainly a way for all of us to hold each other accountable, and help each other. This is the second official one but we have some new faces. Since I’m kind of leading it, I want to make sure I have my notes and everything organized.

6: 30 pm – 7:30 pm – Mastermind Meeting

7:40 pm – Head back out to pick up Tater from day care. I could have picked her up early but didn’t know if she would be restless during my group call, so I left her there pretty late. They’re great – they feed her dinner and everything, plus she’s around other dogs. When we get home, we go for a short walk and cuddle up on the couch to catch up on This is Us.

Also, I clean out the kitchen cabinets because we are having them painted white this week! It’ll be an interesting rest of the week because no access to our kitchen.

house redone

9:45 pm – Lights out!

That’s a pretty typical day. This day was a little heavier in marketing and lighter in clients. Some days, I’m seeing 7-8 clients throughout the day without a break, so it’s nice to have some planned breaks, and a mix of in clinic clients and BLT clients. I love the mixture though.

Do you guys like these kinds of posts? I try to show snippets of life on my story, but can do more of these!

Are you a morning person or night person? I definitely used to be a night owl, but I’ve transitioned to an early to bed kinda girl. Still working on the morning person part though!

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  1. I love taking myself out for Fro-yo; but taking yourself out for lunch is a really good idea too; Viva Chicken looks like a really yummy place. I love that you found a place where you could take Tater; it’s wonderful how dogs can wear each other out. 🙂

  2. Love day in the life posts! And I totally agree that treating yourself to lunch a few times a week is a great form of self care.

    I’m totally a morning person, getting out of bed is hard, but once I’m up I’m go go go.

      1. Let’s just say that, when most people are still living out their previous night, I’ve already started the next day 😉

  3. I also find both cooking and taking myself out for lunch a form of self care. Also disconnecting from things or reading the paper instead of an electronic device feels good too. I am totally a morning person, even though the darkness of my 4AM wake-up could actually still be considered the night! I’m checking out your baked oatmeal now, looks delicious 🙂

  4. Sounds like a busy day! Your lunch looks amazing, I love that type of meal. I always enjoy these type of posts, it is so cool to see what someone else’s day is like. Hope your cabinets turn out beautiful!

  5. I LOVE these kinds of posts – I want to do one soon! I’m like you – I feel like taking my self out for lunch is a great form of self care. I try to do this at least once a week!

    Tater’s a cutie. Can’t wait to get a pup of my own.

  6. I love how your job seems to be a a real mix of client/group/office work AND individual/freelance/independent work. You seem to have a really nice mix of being able to make your own schedule to an extent in addition to office hours and meetings.

    Good for you for starting the Mastermind group! How awesome is that. It’ll be so beneficial for all of you, I’m sure.

    I need to see the latest This is Us! I’m excited its back.

  7. Taking yourself out to lunch is such a good form of self-care, and something I’d like to do more often. I got Body Kindness as a birthday gift and I LOVE all of the journaling prompts and exercises.