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Day in the Life: Summer 2016

Hello, friends. How’s your week going? Excited to be half way done? Since it’s Wednesday, I’m linking up for the What I Ate Wednesday party! Don’t forget to go check out some of the other wonderful eats. I love reading other day-in-the-life posts so I figured I’d do one with my eats from yesterday. You can see my first day in the life here.

6:30 am – Wake up and run head to the fridge for some iced coffee. I have to have coffee first thing. I’ve been making a large pot of hot coffee each Sunday and putting it in the fridge so I can have iced coffee everyday.

The goal is to save me from purchasing an iced coffee every day (Looking at you, Dunkin).

iced coffee

However, the goal has somewhat backfired right now since we don’t yet have wireless at the house, so I end up at a coffee shop buying more coffee and using their wireless. At least I have a back up plan?

6:52 am – Eat breakfast and normally catch up on reading my blogs. Today, it’s oatmeal with all the fresh fruit I can find and a big blob of peanut butter.

Oatmeal breakfast

We don’t have cable and I hate not being able to watch the news in the morning, but I listen to NPR as I’m eating and sipping my coffee.

7:21 am – Head to a coffee shop down the street for more coffee and to work (and use wireless) before my 10am client. It’s a cute little family owned shop that I definitely plan on coming back to.

Coffee shop

Also, our new house is 5 minutes away from my office – can we talk about convenience?! My office is also across the street from Whole Foods and Target, two lethal places for my wallet.

10am-11:30 am – Meet with my first client. She wants some recipes for her family (they have a bunch of food allergies and intolerances) and some information about PCOS. I have an intern shadowing me right now, so I let her ask me some questions after while I work on charting.

11:30-12:30 – Brainstorming with some coworkers about marketing for our clinic and some events we have coming up. I also snack on an apple with string cheese and an unpictured hard boiled egg that I take from my lunch

day in the life snack

12:30 – 1:10 – 5 mile run on the treadmill, per my marathon training plan. I felt pretty good after taking Monday off. We have a treadmill at the clinic, which makes things super convenient. I watched Grace and Frankie on Netflix, which helped speed up the time so I focused less on my pace. With the hot weather we’re having, if I don’t run in the morning or at night, there’s just no way I can run outside during the day.

1:25-3:30 – Quick shower and back to work, while eating lunch at my desk. I have an arugula/kale salad with zucchini, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, turkey and the remaining hard boiled egg. Forgot to take a picture! I also had some grapes and pineapple (hiding under the grapes).


I continue to check over patient chart notes and finish some education materials I like to have for patients. I also place a few orders on Wayfair for some much needed furniture items for the new house. I ordered a desk and a dining hutch – I can’t wait to see them, I’m so excited about them!

3:30-4:30 – Meet with another client. She has lost 5 lbs over the last month, so I’m psyched about this. We talk about current challenges she has and brainstorm how we can attack those next. I’m really excited with her progress and make sure to reiterate how great she is doing. Then I hop in the car for my last client of the day.


5-5:45 – I stop at Whole Foods to grab a kombucha and other essentials before heading to my other office for another client. Plus, I haven’t been taking my probiotics recently (still totally out of routine with the move), so I figure some extra probiotics never hurt anyone! I normally don’t mind seeing clients later in the day, but I pretty much schedule my Tuesdays to be a later day in general, so I packed extra snacks!

I have a few extra minutes so I enjoy a greek yogurt with peanut butter (does anyone else mix these together? Amazing!) and a rice cake with my PB/yogurt mixture.

day in the life snack day in the life snack

Before I head home for the night, I take advantage of the wireless and wrap up some loose ends for our Vancouver trip scheduled for August.

7:30 – Get home, pre-heat the oven and go change into comfortable clothes. Dinner is easy; a leftover sweet potato, chicken sausage, kale and broccoli, topped with olives, mozzarella cheese and nutritional yeast.


I did however put a little more effort into dessert. I  made these delicious little suckers, PB Oatmeal Lentil Blondies, using Ambition Kitchen’s recipe and munched on a bunch while rearranging the kitchen for what seems like the millionth time.


10:02 – Hop in the shower quick, and then some light reading in bed before lights out!

Are you a morning or night shower person? Night for me! I like going to bed feeling clean and more often than not, I’m working out later in the day.

Favorite flavor of chicken sausage? I love the Spinach, Garlic, Fontina Chicken Sausage from TJ’s! Staple item in our house.

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  1. That’s a good food day! I’d love to start every day with an iced coffee. Maybe I should be organised like you and make a big pot to refrigerate in advance! Normally I get my fix by putting a teaspoon of instant espresso in my smoothie.

    I’m 100% a nighttime shower person. I have a quick morning wash but don’t wash my hair. I don’t have the time or energy to wash and dry it in the mornings, and it always ends up damp and frizzy. I like to work out in the afternoon/evening, then shower and relax before bed.

    I’ve never tried chicken sausage. I don’t think it’s much of a thing in the UK, or certainly not the part I live in: I don’t eat pork, so a chicken variety would be great for me to have cold in salads. I like Linda McCartney sausages, probably more than I ever liked pork ones, but they aren’t so good cold.

  2. I’m always so impressed with you morning people. I’m fast asleep until 8a… but I do like to stay up working until 1a. Forever a night owl. 🙂

    As far as showering… whenever I workout. Usually that’s sometime around lunch.

  3. I think I’m more of a night shower person too! I don’t like going to bed feeling dirty. You have been super busy lately! You do a great job managing all of it though. That breakfast sounds perfect too. Nothing like a big bowl of oats in the morning and lots of coffee to kickstart your day! Hope you are having a great day Sarah 🙂

  4. Oh my gosh I’m so guilty of buying way too many iced coffee’s from Dunkin too! I recently just bought a french press that I can make cold brew in to try and stop myself from spending all my money haha. That’s so nice that you can run in the middle of the day too! Makes fore easy relaxing mornings and evenings 🙂

    1. Making your own cold brew? That sounds like a fantastic idea! Running in the middle of the day is ideal – however the heat makes it nearly impossible to run outside during the day hours.

  5. I am all over the places with my showers, if it’s too late one night I will just end up taking it in the morning!
    I love love love your day in the life posts, ahh, every time I read these I get so excited!!!!
    Awesome that you have an intern shadowing you, I’m sure she is quite lucky to be working with you!

  6. Your new home location sounds so convenient to your office and favorite stores! And your job sounds sooo interesting. How cool that you get to meet with patients every day!

  7. Woah those blondies look really good. I’m a huge fan of blondies. And I love that you just sneaked a run in in the middle of the day.

    You know what’s really cool? Reading about how many people you get to help everyday, and hearing about just how much it inspires you and energizes you.

  8. I’m a shower when I have time and am not going to get sweaty for the rest of the day person. When I’m working it’s usually after work, however on my days off I shower after my run.
    I haven’t been to Dunkin in a while, I need to change that

  9. I also go back in forth. I never used to shower at night, but this past year I discovered it to be a really really nice way to unwind and pass the time between eating dinner and then settling on the couch. Also started more since I began taking epsom salt baths. In the summer I’ve definitely been back to morning showers, but I think will return to the evening thing when the weather gets cooler. ay
    Your day is so cool… I love the sound of your job and the different things you get to do and different people you get to see in a day. And living across from whole foods and target!? Baha Girl that is troubblleeeee.

    1. I thrive on having a variety of things to do and each day being a little bit different, so I’m thankful to have that! Epsom salt baths – I can never get enough!

  10. I go back and forth when I shower at night vs the morning. It usually depends on when I plan to work out.
    That’s awesome you have an intern shadowing you! Are you a preceptor for a DI program?
    All the food looks great, especially that dinner.

  11. Thats really convenient that you can run at work during your lunch break! I am a morning shower person because I work out in the morning. I also don’t like going to bed with my hair wet and I feel like it takes forever to dry.