9 Delicious and Satisfying Things I’ve Eaten Recently

  Jul 17, 2020  |  #Eats
Hey friends, happy Friday. I hope you’ve had a good week and possibly have some fun and/or relaxing plans for the weekend.
Just popping in today to share some fun and tasty meals we’ve had the past few weeks. Hopefully they can provide you with some inspiration!

So, in no particular order….

Pizza from the grocery store. We just got cheese and I added some veggies from home. We went and enjoyed it outside in a pretty part of the neighborhood. 

toddler smiling and eating pizza outside

My ideal summer meal! Corn on the cob, grilled barbecue chicken, a baked potato and some veggies. We enjoyed this on the back porch and it brought back so many memories from my childhood.

This was one of my favorite family meals growing up, and if you read Wednesday’s post, you know that nostalgia ties into food satisfaction!

blue plate with corn on the cob, baked potato, chicken and veggies

A salad with tomato chickpeas, raspberries, strawberries, and chicken salad on a kaiser roll. So so good. Kaiser rolls are my favorite right now. 

salad with chickpeas and fruit and chicken salad on blue plate

Made a honey soy marinade with some shrimp, paired over instant pot white rice.

And a broccoli slaw kit we got from Wegman’s this week! I typically buy one salad kit each week, 

blue plate with shrimp and white rice, chickpeas and broccoli slaw

The best part of recipe testing is eating the recipes! I made these peach crisp donuts this week and then ate two as soon as I took the photos. The crisp/crumble topping is absolutely delicious.

peach crisp donut close up

Another recipe I tested this week – these quinoa pizza bites/meatballs. These are SO GOOD. I originally tested them thinking they would be great for toddler snacks, but to be honest, they are fabulous for adults too!

Hope to have this up next week to share with you. We paired it with kale and some macaroni!

macaroni with lentil meatballs and kale

Snack plates! We did this for dinner one night – a little bit of what we had left in the fridge before heading grocery shopping.

snack plates with fruit, chicken, quinoa and hummus

Breakfast one morning – cherries, a bagel with half cream cheese and half peanut butter and some egg muffins with veggies. I made these for meal prep.

The recipe I followed was okay, but I find that I want them to be heartier, so I think I want to add breadcrumbs or flour or something. The egg batter isn’t satisfying enough for me, if that makes sense.

Anyone have any good egg muffin recipes?

blue plate with bagel with cream cheese and peanut butter, cherries and egg muffins

Lunch one day. Greens with pumpkin seeds and tomatoes, a kaiser roll with avocado and grape tomatoes, cheese and crispy bacon, and some crunchy dill chips.

I would eat this lunch on repeat if I could. 

blue plate with bacon and cheese and a salad with chips

We also made kale chips one night that Camryn LOVED. Who knew they would be a hit with toddlers?

What have you been eating recently?

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