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Drawing Room

Fabulous dinner spot caddy corner to the Vendue Inn. The Executive Chef, Jon Cropf, was recently nominated by locals for “Best Chef in Charleston!”

The Drawing Room is a little more upscale with prices ranging $30-$50 per dish. The quality of food is very good. The menu is not huge, but does offer a few choices each of seafood, steaks, and some other meat (duck, lamb). The dishes are a good portion size, unlike some other upscale restaurants, and more importantly, much of the food is locally grown and sourced!

We started with the Southside and the Skinny cocktails. The Southside was very good (tanqueray, lime, mint), but The Skinny was not my favorite – not a great balance of tart and sweet (I think too heavy on the pomegrante liquor and grapefruit juice).

Drawing Room-Charleston Drawing Room-Charleston
For dinner, we tried the scallops with mushrooms, farro, parma ham and arugula. Everything about this dish complimented each other so well and it was a delicious blend of flavors – the only thing I didn’t like was that there was a little too much oil.  The parma ham gave a nice crunchy texture to the chewy scallops and the LOCALLY GROWN cooked mushrooms helped bring out the flavor of the farro.

Drawing Room_scallops

We also had the spiced glazed lamb with apricot over cous cous. Normally, when dishes mention fruit flavors, the flavor is either too weak or too strong, but the apricot definitely gave the lamb a pleasantly citrus flavor profile. The lamb was cooked to perfection and very tender – having been braised many hours. You don’t want to miss out on this dish!

Drawing Room_scallops
I would recommend coming here for a special occasion or to celebrate an event. You’ll get a quality meal in a romantic, sophisticated atmosphere, and have top notch service.

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