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Easy Eats Lately

Hi and hope you are having a nice week! I’m here to show some WIAW eats!

Figured it’s time to do a photo dump of food photos from my phone. So, here’s a collection of what I’ve been eating lately!


Waffles + banana bread with pb&j, bananas and bluebs with some unpictured eggs on the side.

Duck Donuts! This is when my sister visited last weekend.

Blueberry Scone (which was amazingly soft and so so delicious) and chai tea latte from Defined Coffee.

Coffee + 1 slice avocado toast + 1 slice pb toast with eggs. I could eat this combo on repeat alll day. This helps when I can’t decide if I want sweet or savory – I usually just do both. For some reason, I just always NEED peanut butter at breakfast.

Oatmeal with strawberries, banana, hemp seeds, blueberries and peanut butter.

Other Meals

Lunch is pretty much always a sandwich or random leftovers mashed together. Dinner is similar – I usually combine whatever veggies we have on hand with a form of protein and some grain.

Quinoa + kale + chicken sausage + avocado + cherry tomatoes. Similar rendition below, with a little rant about cauliflower rice.

Lunchdate sandwich from Great Harvest Bread. It was turkey, tomato, cabbage, avocado, pickled red onions and chipotle lime honey yogurt sauce (that pretty much sold me)

Sushi when my sister was here!

Cocktails and hush puppies from Hello Sailor. This was with a few girlfriends, when I really needed a night out.

Pizza (with tofu!) + steak salad when I was craving red meat

Veggie burger and fries from a brewery.

For easy week meal prep, I made quinoa + black beans + corn + beets + green peppers and snacked on it all week. 


Kinda like I mentioned in this post, I need ready made snacks when the hunger comes on. I often don’t have a ton of time to make/find something to eat if Cam’s hungry, or Tater’s barking or whatnot.

Hummasapien’s chocolate zucchini bread has come to the rescue.

For desserty snacks, I LOVE these coconut milk ice cream sandwiches. I first found them with I was trialing no dairy, and now just buy them every week because I’m obsessed.

This was a fun mid afternoon snack on a hot day – vanilla custard with oreo’s and cookie dough.

Fresh cherries!

Slice of toast with a hard boiled egg, cherry tomatoes and sea saltEasy Eats

What have you been eating on repeat lately?


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  1. Those donuts look amazing! Definitely want to try them one day. I honestly love seeing your various meals because it gives me such good ideas! Lately though I have really been loving kale based salads!

  2. I’ve been having banana bread and oatmeal with peanut butter for breakfast and it’s sooo delicious, but I think I seriously need to add some eggs into it because I keep getting hungry for my pre-lunch snack way earlier than usual. Great idea!

    The last few weeks, I’ve been buying a whole bunch of stone fruits and snacking on them throughout the day. They are absolutely delicious this time of year, so I’m trying to get my fill before the season is gone and they go back to either not being available or tasting not great.

    1. Sometimes I even add the eggs into my oatmeal for more protein! It changes the taste a little if you add the yolk, but when adding the egg whites, it just fluffs it up a bit! And stone fruits are sooo good in summer.

  3. Yum! I’m downing cherries so quickly I’m wondering if you can overdose in them. We’ll see I guess! I found the most amazing – soft – sourdough seed bread so I think every meal is revolving around toast. The best.

    1. I wonder too, because i’m in the same situation! lol I need that bread – seedy and sourdough sounds wonderful