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Easy Family Friendly Meals We’ve Made The Past Month

I’ve received some requests for “easy meal ideas.” Not necessarily recipes, but just put together meal ideas. 

So, I’ve done my best to take photos of some of our easy meals to share with you. Hopefully, this can provide some inspiration, but also display that keeping it easy is totally normal and practical right now. 

None of us is expected to be perfect. Remember that. 

If you’re balancing full time work, home schooling, childcare and making meals, all that matters is that you are feeding yourself. That matters more than the nutrition content you’re getting. 

Just do the best you can with what you have. 


An oatmeal bowl with frozen fruit, mango and hemp seeds

We’ve been eating A TON of bagels since we bought a few packages to freeze. Paired with eggs. So satisfying.

I love bagels.

You guys, these blueberry whole wheat donuts are so easy and wholesome for little ones. Rather than topping with icing, we topped with greek yogurt.

Camryn ate one and a half of these!

We used frozen blueberries, but use whatever you have!

Easy Meals & Recipes:

This was a chickpea coconut curry we made and really liked it (I used this recipe).

I actually wish I had doubled it to have more on hand for later in the week!

And leftovers paired with some crackers, hummus and greens.

Lots of pizza! But that’s pretty normal for us. This was a local takeout we got, but plenty of frozen pizza, too!

The sad thing was I really wanted BBQ chicken and they ended up giving us buffalo chicken, which was very spicy!

Homemade nachos for lunch – just melted cheese and turkey over the chips and topped with avocado, more cheese and salsa.

You can use anything you have on hand!

Paired with a nice juicy pickle.

All sorts of pasta because it’s so versatile. This is with greens and breaded chicken on top.

I think this was a breakfast or lunch. Eggs with homemade chocolate banana bread (used this recipe).


Picnic style dinner with baked potatoes, a kale salad and salmon.

Love these soba noodles. We find them in the ethnic aisle and they seriously take like 4 minutes to cook (we use our wok). Paired with veggies and a sesame sauce.

I actually have this recipe to share soon!

Turkey burgers topped with cheese and avocado. We were out of buns but made potato wedges as fries and also served with a kale salad kit. 

Frozen pizza slices paired with whatever was leftover from Camryn’s burger and random greens we hand!

I know none of these pictures are “pretty” or edited, but they are real life. This is what we have been eating. Nothing fancy.

Just practical. Just surviving and getting by. I hope you are holding up okay. Thanks for stopping by the blog today!


What are you loving right now?

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  1. Gonna try those whole wheat donuts, Sarah – Love the idea of greek yogurt as a “sweetener”…