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Easy Meals Lately and Other Favorites

I haven’t done a recent eats post in a little while, so today is the day! Dumping some of these photos from my iphone 🙂 As always, this is not to compare, but to provide some inspiration if you feel in a food rut.


Still going strong with oatmeal bowls over here. My go-to in the cold weather. Also loving this drippy peanut butter and putting it on everything. Love that it’s a bigger size so I’m not necessarily finishing 1-2 small jars/week.


Other Meals

Been loving more plant-based meals lately. Partly because we didn’t buy meat this week at the grocery store (trying to use up what we had) and partly because I was craving other things.

Chickpea chili + veggies + jasmine rice mixed with cauliflower rice drizzled with tahini dressing.

We got mexican one night at a local spot. I had fish quesadillas, Ed had a burrito, and we both shared with Camryn. Lots of chips and guac.

A bowl of everything yummy from a local restaurant that is similar to Cava. On top is pickled cauliflower (a personal favorite) and toasted quinoa, which is absolutely delicious. These are absolutely my favorite lunches – so many flavors!

Greens + quinoa + chickpeas + black beans + egg + tahini dressing.

Snacks and Such

Loving some tea and dark chocolate on these chillier afternoons. Endangered Species is one of my favorite Fair Trade brands of chocolate.

Still a recent fan of Perfect Bars. I buy them at Aldi, where they are cheaper than the typical grocery store. I love these bars. I especially love how they have more calories, and don’t try to promote filling you up with less calories, aka diet talk.

This was a hot chocolate cookie I got at Waterbean Coffee, a local coffee shop, one afternoon. It wasn’t as chewy as I would have liked, but still tasty!

I usually work from a coffee shop one day a week and always like to try a new goodie when I’m there.

I went to a blogger get together last week. We all brought a dish!

One lovely lady brought this beautiful and tasty smoked salmon platter.

Cannoli from a local bakery. I’m such a sucker for cannoli’s. Do you like them?

Are you a cannoli fan?

Do you like local coffee shops or do you prefer the big chains?

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  1. Sarah, your food dishes and meals always look so good…makes me hungry just reading your blog, LOL.

  2. I actually don’t think I’ve ever had a cannoli. Looks delicious, though.

    I can’t wait to settle into my new house so I can cook again and – most excitedly – get back to normal, routined breakfasts. Aka oatmeal bowls and actual groceries, aha. Living out of boxes and being on the go has meant a lot of weird leftover throw togethers.

    1. They must have them somewhere in Canada?! Is there a timeline for when you’ll be back in your new house? I feel so out of touch with your life now 🙁

      1. Oh Sarah even I feel out of touch with my life right now – ha. I am officially and fully in my new place as of tomorrow (Jan. 31st). Then I get to finally start settling and creating a new routine for myself. Sigh. This move has been never ending.

        What is your email address? I’d love to keep in touch and send you emails, if that sounds okay?

        Also. What is that pancake looking thing at the top of this post?

  3. Perfect bars are simply that; they are so perfect. And your Mexican night looks wonderful. Also that smoked salmon platter; YUMMM!

    Drippy peanut butter is so fun. I love swirling it into yogurt and oatmeal.

  4. I love cannolis!! The night before Thanksgiving this year, we went to a local bakery and bought 2 dozen mini cannolis haha.

    Also gotta love Kirkland peanut butter. It’s the only kind I buy now