Easy Snacks and Meals Lately

  Nov 7, 2018  |  #Eats

It certainly is the busy season and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. I know people say the official start of the holidays is after Halloween.

This year, I truly agree with that. I’m scrambling to nail down our final Thanksgiving and Christmas plans. Oh, and I’ve already starting perusing for Cam’s Christmas presents. It makes Christmas WAY more exciting to be shopping for a baby, let me tell you.

Also, thank you for your kind comments on Monday’s half marathon recap post.

I haven’t done a recent eats post in a few weeks, so here we go!

Lots of these are easy, convenience foods, or foods you can make quick. I hope they provide you some inspiration!


Cinnamon buns – my absolute favorite. But you probably already know that.

Fage 5% creamy yogurt + peanut butter. I’m really into this peanut butter right now, so good. And have you tried Fage 5%? It’s amazing!

Chocolate Milk – perfect recovery fluid after my race!

Dave’s Killer bread + peanut butter + banana + honey. I’ve forgotten how much I love this simple combo.

Apple Cinnamon That’s It Bar. It was good, but left me wanting more of something. Maybe needed some protein with it.

Ina Garten’s Apple Pie Bars. These are soooo good. I want them every single night.

Duck Donuts. Sunday donuts ritual staying strong.

Pumpkin muffins. These are SO soft, go make them now.

Mmm another creamy yogurt I love. Siggi’s chocolate. I think I added pumpkin muffins into this.

Cookies ‘n cream and some sort of bread or muffin that I had made that week (lol).


Pizza. I throw whatever leftover veggies I have, add some sauce and cheese and it bakes for only 10 minutes. So so simple and one of my favorite quick meals.

Salmon + baked potato + salad. Wasn’t satisfied so had some halloween candy after.

Great Harvest Bread egg + cheese + tomato on Dakota Bread. If you live near Great Harvest, you have to get some Dakota bread – pumpkin seeds + sesame seeds + sunflower seeds on honey wheat bread. Soooo good.

My roasted garlic turmeric parsnip fries! I made these for Camryn and she really likes them!

Veggies + frozen shrimp + butternut squash + avocado. Easy lunch bowl I ate at the office.

Leftover steak that I put in a tortilla wrap with cheese and veggies.

Open faced turkey sammy with avocado and cheese + sweet potato fries + pumpkin cookie dough.

Not as good as I hoped. I do love Life cereal, but this one did not live up to expectations.

Hodgepodge of things from a taco bar. This was at a wedding rehearsal a few weeks ago, overlooking the city.

I presented a lunch and learn yesterday at a local company, and took myself out to lunch after! I couldn’t wait to dig in. I basically added every topping under the sun + hummus + tahini.

Tell me what you’ve been enjoying lately!

8 responses to “Easy Snacks and Meals Lately

  1. WOW now I’m starving haha! Breakfasts I’ve been loving hearty breakfast sandwiches, lunches have been lots of soups and stir frys, and dinners are chilis, soups, and pizza with grains, potatoes, or salad!

  2. I haven’t had a cinnamon bun in a while, but that sounds delicious. :O I haven’t tried Fage 5% yet but I’m gonna need to be on the lookout for it! <3

    Yay for Dave's Killer Bread! I'm glad I'm not the only one who's a fan of that + the PB/honey/banana combo! :]

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