Ecliptic Brewing

  Oct 30, 2015  |  #Portland

Ecliptic Brewing has been on the Bucket List for quite some time. It has showed up on various Portland foodie sites, and there has been much talk about their burger. Being the burger lover I am, I ordered the famous Ecliptic Burger because I needed to try this thing. It’s $2 off if you go during happy hour, but still, a $12 burger – yikesssss.

Ecliptic Burger 2 Ecliptic Burger 1

The flavor was top-notch though. They add pancetta, red onion, melted gruyere cheese, and russian dressing – all on a potato bun. The flavor combination is amazing. Melty cheese. Pancetta that resembles bacon but gives a slightly different taste. A delicious burger.

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