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Family Time, Roadtrip Food + Taper Time

Hiii! How was your weekend? I got some much needed family time in. I hope you were able to get some R & R as well!

I spent the weekend outside of Savannah with my family (minus one sister). It was just what I needed – the weather was perfect, the environment was ideal, there was no worrying about cooking or working. This is me with my brother and youngest sister (the one who galavanted around Europe – she just got back!)

Family Time

We left mid morning Friday after some clients. We stopped at Chic Fila for some lunch because I love waffle fries for road trips. Any must have foods when you travel by car? Mine are something savory and crunchy and iced coffee! And usually cookies too.

We arrived in Savannah late afternoon and went for a long walk. I love the trees here!

We then came back and got dinner nearby. I went with the salmon with potatoes, veggies, and pineapple slaw. And a caramel chocolate cookie bar for dessert 🙂

Family TimeFamily Time

On Saturday, I didn’t get up as early as normal for a long run because the weather wasn’t going to be super hot -it actually felt amazing. It was glorious to relax with the fam (although Tater woke every up barking), have some coffee and watch the news. I started my run around 8:30, which was nice. I ran for a little over two hours, doing 16 miles, which will be my max until the marathon. From here on out, I’m in full on taper mode. I’m feeling much better since this week went much better than last week’s long run.


Tapering will include more cross training, running 3-4 days a week light, sleeping in, wearing my compression socks more, focusing on complex carbs and lots of hydration! I”m still working on decreasing that caffeine so I get a jolt for the race! Would love to know how you taper?

I got a lavender iced latte and had lunch #1, which was half of a bagel with cream cheese, and a 3 egg omelet.

Family Time

Everyone wanted to go walk around downtown Savannah, so we chose a spot for lunch (second lunch for me). We walked around and ate at Sorry Charlie’s! The pimento cheese cornbread was the winner of lunch, in my opinion. I also got a salad with some shrimp.

Family Time

I will say that I didn’t realize the Kentucky Derby was this weekend until Saturday morning. Saturday evening, we went to a Kentucky Derby Party to watch the race. It was a lovely setting, and there was so much good food – lobster, bourbon maple fried chicken, watermelon and tomato salad, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob (favorite summer food!), and some beef! Naturally, I tried a little bit of everything, saving some room for vanilla ice cream and a cupcake.

Family Time

The most fun part of the night was watching the Pig Derby. There is a company that provides pig racing, and they had 4 pigs race at a time, kind of simulating the Kentucky Derby. It was soooo cute and very entertaining.

It was such a gorgeous night, and I couldn’t help but swoon over the sunset.

Family time

Saturday night, we sat by the fireplace and listened to my brother sing and play the guitar. Check his music out here! He plays in local places around the Nashville area.

Sunday was another beautiful day! We went for a long walk, sat outside and read, and laid by the pool before hitting the road.

Family time

We got back to Charlotte around 7pm on Sunday, and I feel invigorated and rested – ready to take on the week! I’m linking up with Hoho Runs and Misssippipiddlin for the Weekly Wrap.

What are your road trip snack essentials?

Have you ever seen a pig race? lol

How do you taper?

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  1. I’ve only been to Savannah once and we took a detour to spend just a few short hours there. Really it made me want to plan a trip back! I too loved seeing all the huge trees with moss hanging from them. It’s such a neat city!
    I must ask did you have a mint julep at the Derby party? I missed out on getting one in Louisville and the bar where we went Friday was out of fresh mint! I was like it’s Derby weekend and your out of mint???
    I have seen pig races at our local fair and sometimes they have monkeys riding them!

    1. I had a few sips, haha – I really don’t like bourbon! I can’t believe they were out of fresh mint – must have been a hot commodity! Monkeys riding pigs? Now THAT I would like to see!

  2. Sounds like a delicious and lovely weekend! I love iced coffees, coconut water, chips or fries, and some sweeter bars for road trips. Cant say I’ve ever seen a pig race but I’d definitely go if someone invited me hahaha! so funny

  3. What a great sounding weekend! It is always a special time when you get together with family…
    The cornbread with pimento cheese looks great, by the way!

  4. I totally laughed and smiled when I saw the pig racing; it was so cute! And that Kentucky Derby party looked delightful. 🙂 I love family time, and I’m thankful you got to have some refreshing family time. Happy taper time! It’s exciting to think that you are so close to the race.

  5. Those TREES!! They are huge! And spectacular! Gah. This just told me how badly I need a little travel and getaway right now. I want to go to the south!! So glad you got some time away to relax and spend with the family. and eat amazing cheesy cornbread. Bliss.
    So how fast can pigs actually go…??

    1. The trees are truly breathtaking, it reminds you how amazing nature is! The pigs were pretty fast – although a short course, but so so cute 🙂