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  Apr 23, 2020  |  #Favorites

It’s been so long since I’ve done one of these, but I figure now more than ever, it’s nice to focus on some of the good things!

We are planning on making this fig and bacon quiche this weekend from the Run Fast, Eat Slow Cookbook.

I couldn’t be more excited. I had Ed buy extra bacon specifically for this reason. I am also enjoying crispy bacon on my sandwiches these days. 

fig ad pig quiche from Run Fast Eat Slow

We are loving walks outside right now. Camryn is in a phase where she dislikes sitting in the stroller and just wants to run/walk herself.

For Earth Day, we actually stopped to pick the flowers and look at the water/streams, touch the rocks and all that – things I never take the time to do since I’m usually running/walking in a hurry. 

She loved just stopping on the bridges and walking back and forth over them. 

toddler on bridge in spring

Other home activities we’ve been enjoying are:

  • chalk in the driveway (Camryn likes tracing me)
  • camryn “mopping” the floor with her play cleaning set
  • watching mickie and minny
  • having picnics on the floor
  • getting the mail
  • making recipes with mom (we use this stand daily)

Sweet Potatoes!

I did a Facebook Live with NC Sweet Potatoes yesterday and Camryn made a cameo.

We made this recipe live and now we have lots of meatballs to munch on.

Cooking Classes

Speaking of cooking classes, I’m looking to take this free class on sourdough. Figure I should attempt it once in my life and why not now?

I’d also really love to learn a knife skills class. 

What class would you take? A self help one? Cooking? Crafting? So many possibilities and it’s nice that these are free right now (or at least worth a free trial). 


I’ve heard tons of great things about this book so I just downloaded the audiobook to listen to on walks.

There’s a much better chance I actually finish it if I’m listening to it because I have more time to devote to that vs. actually reading.

Daily Harvest Flatbread Pizzas 

I’ve been a fan of Daily Harvest products for a long time. I love their smoothies after a run (I usually add milk and/or yogurt for more protein) and they just came out with flatbreads and sent some over to me. 

It’s a nice appetizer or side to a meal. I don’t think they are hearty enough for a meal on their own.

We made two one night and paired them with leftover homemade pizza. It makes veggies easy, plus helps introduce Camryn to so many new flavors I wouldn’t buy otherwise. 

Baby Shower

Question for the mommy readers out there – what’s the protocol on baby showers/sprinkles for subsequent kids? I don’t want to expect one – should we just order what we think we’ll need? Or is this a regular thing for a second child?

Hope you enjoy your weekend!


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5 responses to “Favorites Lately

  1. I’ve been listening to Brene Brown’s new podcast (so good), which Glennon was on speaking about her new book, and have also heard the most wonderful things. Also planning on getting the audiobook so it can be my next “on my walk” listen.

    Tv star!! So cool to be on NC Sweet Potatoes! You are definitely the sweet potato master in my books.

    Last night I made pizza using the 2-ingredient pizza crust… as I always do. I had been craving pizza so badly so it totally hit the spot. Pizza is the best.

    Hope you can continue enjoying the small little joys in life. Side walk chalk and taking time to see the flowers sounds lovely <3

    1. I’ve heard many people talk about Brene’s podcast – I need to check it out! Your two ingredient pizza is a hit. We love it! Miss you!

  2. Whenever I read a book from Reese Witherspoon’s book club I’m never disappointed so I’ll need to add that one to my list. My bread class that was supposed to be tomorrow got cancelled so now I want to try to find another class I could take. A knife skills class seems like a great idea.

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