First Road Trip with Baby

  Jun 11, 2018  |  #Baby

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Hey there!

I hope you had a great weekend! Ours was our first little lesson in parenting road trips. We had a wedding in Wallace, NC on Saturday, which is about a 4 hour drive from where we live in Charlotte. Obviously, we knew things would take longer with a 9 week old, so we tried to plan accordingly.

We left early and dropped Tater at daycare (which she loves) for the day/night and hit the road. We got iced coffee’s and bagels for the ride. I’ve always loved sipping on an iced coffee for a roadtrip – anyone else?

Road trip with baby

We figured we would stop 1-2 times to feed Cam, based on how she did. She actually did really well throughout. I sat in the back with her and there weren’t any crying fits. I packed copious amounts of snacks because I’m a huge snacker. Right now, I’m digging any sort of blondie bar (made these) + Rx nut butter packets. I’m obsessed! They have a little more protein due to the egg white, and I found some without tree nuts.

Road trip snacks

Stop #1

Our first stop was about an hour in at Sheetz gas station and I fed her in the car and we refilled water, etc. She’s becoming more of a snacker herself and doesn’t eat for “long” periods of time so we got back on the road. However, the exit ramp was blocked, so we had to drive south to drive back north which tacked on some more time. We also hit little bits of traffic here and there, and took a wrong turn, so it’s almost like the gods were against us for making efficient use of our time!

We stopped again when we were about an hour from the hotel. She didn’t really want to eat, even though I knew she was probably hungry. We’re in this phase where she is fascinated by EVERYTHING around us. According to the Wonder Weeks app, we’re past the second leap and she just loves looking around, is perplexed by patterns and has to see everything going on. That makes feeding her quite the challenge.

We got to the hotel around 4, and the wedding started at 5. We had left our house at 9am that morning (supposedly a 4 hour drive, remember)? But we expected that I guess. Ed and I just laugh at how long things take us these days as we still navigate this new territory.

I managed to feed her a tiny bit before the wedding while rushing to get myself ready and get Camryn in her wedding dress. Then, we got there and snapped this super cute photo of us!

Road trip with baby

The ceremony was at a country club and took place outside on the porch. OF COURSE, right as it was starting, Camryn started getting fussy and hungry. Fortunately, there was a large woman’s locker room area that I just camped out in and fed her. She still had some fussy moments throughout the wedding so Ed and I took turns holding her, dancing and walking around (again, she loves to be looking “out”). She eventually fell asleep for an hour or so.

They had a buffet with lots of southern food (hush puppies, fried chicken, banana pudding), so I loaded up my plate!

Road trip with baby

She woke up around 8:30, which was our targeted time to head back to the hotel to start her bed time routine anyway. We managed to get a little bit from the bottle in her before heading back. Getting her to drink from the bottle has been a major struggle lately! I’m wondering if any moms have any tips? We’ve tried a few different bottles, and I really want her to start getting comfortable with them so it’s easier to be out with her in public. And so it makes the transition to daycare easier, but she just doesn’t seem to want them much!


Sunday morning, Cam let us sleep until 7 (although I was up with her once during the night), and we had a relaxed morning before heading to Raleigh for the afternoon. Rather than packing up her whole pack ‘n play, we bought this Chicco Lullago which was super easy and portable for travel!

I have family in Raleigh and we met up with them for lunch before heading back so Camryn could meet everyone!

Road trip

By the time we got home Sunday night, everyone was ready for bed!

Do you have any favorite road trip snacks or drinks? I love to sip on something – usually iced coffee or a kombucha! And if we have time, I usually prefer Chic Fila for road trip food 🙂

5 responses to “First Road Trip with Baby

  1. Wow that’s a brave trip to take with Camryn; I’m glad the wedding/road trip went well. 🙂 My mom said that there was definitely a point when a lot of us were fascinated by what was going on around us and we didn’t want to eat as much either.

  2. Well, you made it!! And learned a lot for the next time, I’m sure.

    I’m the same. I have to have something to sip on for a road trip. It just makes it all feel so much funner. I’ll always grab an iced coffee in the summer, or a latte in the winter.

  3. She is absolutely precious. I just love seeing pictures! I find that I am very snacky on road trips. I am sure it’s out of sheer boredom but regardless I like to have lots of options. My absolutes are RX bars (I had no idea they had nut butter so thank you-that is on my list!), apples, bananas and Starbucks. If my husband is driving, I may pack a salad and eat that because it takes me a while and it’s something to do. 🙂 Everything else is up in the air depending upon where we are going.

  4. If it’s around lunch or dinner time and I see a Chick fil A, then I definitely stop for that. For snacks I like dried fruit or some cut up veggies. At least the snacks will be healthy instead of junk.

    Sounds like a great weekend. I’m glad Camryn did fairly well on her first road trip.

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